The Secret to Living a Simple Life

articles lifestyle Jun 03, 2020

Do you find yourself rushing from one task to another? Do you often skip meals or grab ready-to-eat treats from the coffee shop on your way to work every day because you don’t have the time to sit and enjoy a nice tasty meal? 

If you find it seemingly impossible to live a peaceful life, then perhaps you have overcommitted yourself. Don’t fret just yet. You are not the only person who is suffering from handling too many things at the same time. 

While it may be tempting to work on several tasks at the same time, it could take its toll on your overall health. When you stop to look at life, you will see how it could be worth your while. 

It’s time to downsize, prioritize, and minimize. 

Though living a simpler life may seem like an impossible endeavor, pursuing it could help reduce the stress you experience each day. It could be the support that you need to live a happier and healthier life.

But how do you make it happen? How do you transform your complicated life into something simpler? 

The first step is to ask yourself what truly matters to you. Creating a simple life means asking yourself if you have enough time for those who are most important to you. If your answer is “no,” then this may be the cue that you need. 

Facts About Life

Like everyone else, you, too, must be wondering how to live a simple life and be happy. The road to it is not easy. Living a simple life is not about taking a step back so that you can have some space to breathe. Rather, it is about doing less, because you realized that even though you are doing more, you are not exactly happy about it. Here are a few important facts about life that you might find useful:

Living a simple life means finding joy in the simple things

Being content with what you have, enjoying the quiet in solitude, finding ease in contemplation, and savoring the moment you have of yourself are the keys to a happy life.

You create your own problems

The stress and frustration that you feel are created by nobody else but yourself. Because you are too busy rushing here and there trying to beat deadlines all at once, you have put yourself in a stressful situation. When you let go of the things that cause you stress, you learn to live. 

You mind things only when they cause clutter or complexity

For example, if you hold onto things with sentimental value, you will never be able to get rid of the clutter. If you are used to living a complicated life because you let others take control of your business, then you will never live a mindful life. Let go and let live. Remember, not everything that came into your life has to stay. You might be better off without some of them. 

Distraction could kill mental habits

If you find comfort in keeping yourself busy, then you better slow down. Look into what is causing you to give in to all these distractions. When you continuously shift from one task to another or perhaps use social media too often, then you may feel like you cannot live without any of these. But you can. Get into the habit of silence and meditation. Soon, you will see how unplugging can help improve your life

You create the space between things

If you are used to cramming, preparing for something to happen is no longer part of your personal dictionary. In fact, you are so good at cramming that you tend to forget the importance of proper preparation. If only you took a little bit more effort into preparing for a task, you wouldn’t find it frustrating to do it at all. Do you still have the time to stop and savor the space between the tasks?

Tips To Live A Simpler Life

A simple life is a happy life. In order to create a simple yet meaningful life, you have to give more time to the people who matter to you. Even when you are juggling multiple responsibilities while still learning to be committed to doing your best, you can still achieve a life of ease by following the following tips:

Tip 1: Learn to prioritize

One of the easiest steps to take to live a simpler life is to prioritize. Which of the things in your to-do list do you consider the most important? Create a list of the “Top Five” things. Not only will this help limit the things you consider essential, but your life would be simpler and more fulfilling in the end. 

Tip 2: Check your priority list every week

The big chunks of your life may always remain a priority, but you can always rethink the small ones that take up the time and space in your life. What you need to accomplish each week will vary depending on what you consider a priority. The key to making this happen is for you to adjust your priorities based on the realities in your life. 

Tip 3: Let go and let things be

You cannot be in control of everything, so let go and let things be. Maybe you can say no to things from time to time, but it won’t always be the case. Delegate if you must. Even though there are tasks in your life that you want to do yourself, for the others that you can entrust to someone else, you should. It will lighten your load and help facilitate building a strong and supportive relationship with others. 

Tip 4: Learn to un-schedule

You must admit that there are things in your schedule that you can do without. Don’t be afraid to un-schedule them if you have too. You need to relax too. Slow down a bit. Don’t be afraid to stop if you need to. Leave some free time for yourself to do the things that you want. It is only then that you will truly enjoy your time without feeling rushed. 

The secret to a simple yet happy life is this: accept that you cannot have all that you want all at once. Sometimes, you need to teach yourself to be patient. The small changes that you make in your life can bring about amazing results. 

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