The Secret To Improving A Mindful Focus

One of the critical factors that help people become successful is their ability to focus. A person's ability to put his mind to completing a task is what allows him to succeed in his endeavors. Mindfulness activities not only teach you how to focus. They also help you achieve a total understanding of the task at hand, as well as the implication of its completion to all the other tasks you need to finish. 

Did you know that most people consider their focus as the most crucial part of their success? Without this consistent attention, they wouldn't be able to complete their responsibilities, learn from them, and perhaps even develop more efficient processes.

Focus acts as the gateway to all the thinking mechanisms that a person has. These include memory, learning, decision-making skills, and even perception. This is the reason why a person needs to increase their focus if they want to achieve success. 

Why Do You Need To Learn To Focus?

This is the generation of multitaskers. They are the people who can carry out multiple tasks all at once. Sometimes, they are not aware that they are already multitasking. Because it has become a habit for them, they end up multitasking even in situations that require their utmost focus. 

There is nothing wrong with multitasking. If you can, then go ahead and do it. It can save you a lot of time, though it could use up your energy. However, you should always ask yourself, "Does multitasking affect my productivity?" If it does, then you need to reevaluate.

No matter how cool it may seem to multitask, if you fail to focus your attention and complete your responsibilities, it isn't doing you any good. For example, you might be talking to someone over the phone now, but your mind is wondering about doing something else today. 

You end up getting through the call, but not connecting with the other person. Concentration meditation exercises would help in these situations. If you are doing two things at the same time, you may end up missing important aspects of both. 

Sadly, this could lead you to miss out on the tasks you have to complete during the day. What if you miss out on an essential part of the conversation? What if you missed out on the job because you didn't give the interview your utmost attention? The quality of your work is affected. 

You will have to bear with the consequences, right? You are not the only one suffering from that. There are many others like you. Mindfulness exercises for groups are available for people like you. Believe it or not, no matter how fluid you may think you are, we are all prone to making mistakes when we are juggling too many things at a time. 

So, in general, do you think multitasking saves you time? The answer is a big NO.

How Do You Achieve Mindfulness For Increased Focus?

When there is a myriad of things going on in your mind, mindfulness breathing exercises are one of the best things you can utilize. It is so hard to focus on one thing when you are thinking about a lot of things. 

For example, you are doing something, and then suddenly, a thought pops in your head. This thought might not be as critical as the task at hand, but it could take your attention away. It could pose some problems or distract you for an extended amount of time, but what can you do?

Why is mindfulness important? Because it is the key to achieving full awareness of the task that needs to be done. It helps you live in the moment while also allowing different thoughts to come into your mind without distracting you. Here are some mindfulness activities you can try.


Exercising your hands puts your mind in focus. All attention is on your hands. Tightly clasp your hands for 10 seconds and release them. Now, focus on your hand and stay still. Do this until the feeling of imbalance goes away. What this exercise does is that it reminds you that your hands are useful for doing things, but they can only do so when they are fully coordinated with what you have in mind. 

Mental Exercise

Get an object that you can stare at for a good few minutes. Put it in front of you and look at it. Stare at it for as long as you can. Take into consideration the time when your mind begins to wander. Acknowledge the thoughts that come into your mind, then direct yourself back to focus on the object in front of you. The longer you can concentrate on the object, the more your mindfulness skills will increase. This could also help enhance your ability to focus. It could help regulate your breathing too. 

Music Therapy

Play a song that you really like and listen carefully to the lyrics. Pay careful attention to how the music makes you feel, how it affects you, and the emotions that it brings about. If some remarkable memories of the past begin to resurface, allow yourself to feel how it once made you feel. No matter how painful the memory may be, feel it. Stick to that moment. Engage in the emotions that it brings about and allow it to bring you where it's going to take you. 

Smelling Exercise

The sense of smell is strong. The smell of coffee beans or perfume grounds you. It puts you in a position where you can only pay attention to what your nose smells. What feelings do these smells evoke? What kind of memories does it bring back? All these could help you focus on one object at a time. 

These mindfulness exercises will help you increase your focus and attention span. Make them part of your daily routine, and you will see how they can work wonders in your life. 

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