Not-So-Advanced Meditation Techniques for Your Soul

articles Apr 04, 2020

The human mind can get easily distracted. One moment you are thinking about work, then another minute, your thoughts shift to thinking about the vacation plans you’ve always wanted to push for but just couldn’t. Indeed, the mind could think about a million other things in a matter of minutes with so much going on right now, making one’s thoughts more confusing than it has ever been. 

The thinking never stops. Even while at rest, the human mind thinks about a lot of things. For some people, their mind wonders about the possibilities that they find themselves in. Whether it is taking on the new job offer in another company or getting married and having kids, the mind hardly ever stops thinking. 

There are others whose minds wander in a daydream. They stop and take a break from the work that they do, thinking about what to cook for dinner or what it would be like just to leave the city and never look back. 

Whether you find yourself thinking about the day’s work or the events that have been happening throughout the week, you can gently remind yourself that you just need to pause. Take it easy, take a deep breath, and try to be still and calm. Here’s how you can do it. 


Draw yourself back to what you need to focus on. Meditate, and it will help quiet the mind. Morning meditation can help calm the soul before a new day begins. Find your spot or sit on your meditation chair and begin. Clear the head, and let go of the things that worry you. Think about the possibilities of just thinking about nothing. Help clean the mind from all the worries so you can let go and let it be. 

There are a number of things that you can do to prepare yourself for meditation. Each one is aimed at helping you calm the mind and settle down. In the morning, your thoughts are filled with what the day is going to bring to you. How is it going to be any different from what happened yesterday?

And yet, meditations in the morning also bring about new hope that all will be well. It allows the mind to breathe and think about what the day is going to bring without the fear that it might not turn out as planned. After all, there is a whole new day ahead, and lessons from yesterday have been learned. 

You don’t need to be an expert at meditating to help you clear your thoughts. Be your own meditation guide. Allow yourself to breathe. Put yourself in a comfortable position and allow yourself to let go of things that you cannot do anything about. 

Although it is highly recommended that mediation techniques be done in the morning, you can still opt to do yours at night. After a long day of work, meditation will allow you to relax and prepare for bed. Make sure that everyone who needs your care and attention will leave you by yourself for a good hour or two if needed. 

It is in silence, after all, that people find a way to reconnect with themselves. Whatever meditation positions they are in, the more important goal is to find peace from within. 

Manifestation Meditation

You know you need that quiet space for yourself. So here are three not-so-advanced meditation techniques that you could try to engage in:

First, make sure to sit yourself down and be at rest. Allow yourself to find your own meditation practice that will allow you to find comfort and peace. You may begin by setting the meditation timer.  Set it for a few minutes, or for an hour if you want a longer meditation session. You may increase it as you go on with your practice. You’ll soon find out how an hour or so of meditation can help you save yourself from drowning and for your soul to be at peace. 

You may start with a song. If singing is something that helps you relax, then go ahead and sing your heart out. Allow yourself to find concentration while you sing a song that puts your heart at peace. Focus on the lyrics and the melody of the song. 

Second, once you have found your peace, think of a set of words that will help you bring your mind back to focus. This could be your mantra. It is a short phrase that will allow your mind to wander and still go back to what you were supposed to be focused on. 

The phrase will serve as your guide to the wandering of the mind and the soul. While you’re on meditation, you are allowing your mind to think about a lot of things freely. It could be your worries or your aspirations. It could be practically anything. Remember that at this level, your focus is already stronger. The mantra is a reminder that despite being in a sea of thoughts, you will remain to be in control of yourself. 

Lastly, prepare yourself for some stretching. One of the biggest setbacks in meditation is that sometimes, people tend to fall asleep. As their mind reaches its calmest state, people are drawn into the tendency of falling in a deep sleep. To prevent this from happening, prepare yourself to engage in some Yoga poses. Do some stretching. This will allow the body to reconnect with its physical state yet still keep its relaxed nature. Be gentle with yourself. Slowly you will be able to return to the physical world feeling more energized than when you started. 

Smile and allow the world to see you in your happiest state. Be content that you have finally completed the meditation techniques you’ve always wanted. If it wasn’t your best meditation experience yet, then remind the self that there are more opportunities to put it into practice. 

It may take a while before you achieve perfection in this practice. What truly matters is that you started doing it and that you’ll be consistent in practicing it.

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