How to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

articles Mar 28, 2020

Personal expansion requires continuing to advance yourself in a meaningful way every day. It is within this development that learning happens, and wisdom is gained. Wisdom (love in action) is what allows leaders like you to share and assist others in their journeys, authentically.

Complacency is many times confused for flow or ease. These are not the same things. A bit of friction in your life - challenging your beliefs, being flexible with your schedule, and being ruthless in your priorities - can bring about greater fulfillment.

Challenge your beliefs

We've all seen the preponderance of reasoning to, and methods for, changing beliefs. The rise of Law of Attraction has brought about an abundance of individuals inspiring us to do so, right into our social media streams.

Despite how overwhelmed we might be with so many people looking at our beliefs through different lenses - scientifically, spiritually, intuitively, historically, collectively...the facts do remain the same.

So much of what we do (like, almost all of it) is dictated by what we believe to be true.  So, the idea here as a step outside of your comfort zone is to just be willing to challenge your beliefs. Be intentional about whether something that you believe is actually there to help you.

Be flexible in your schedule.

We have a Spirit Science friend - an editor - who was being far too rigid in his life plan and processes and did not allow for change. This person was managing a digital media company's operations, including nearly all of the editing. He was always challenging his beliefs and, therefore, continually recognizing new opportunities. He would then apply rigid timelines for completion of projects but was not balanced in the feasibility of these things getting done well. As a result, there were a ton of projects that were started that were never seen through to completion, and the work that was produced was subpar. It was only when he allowed himself to be free from the military-style execution blanketed on all projects that he was able to create content and events that aligned with what his audience wanted, and was done in a way that was personally sustainable for him.

This was way out of his comfort zone because he was taught to go go go; produce, produce, produce. Slowing down and re-adjusting scheduling plans was way out of his comfort zone. What others labeled as "work ethic," he interpreted as working relentlessly, and that is what got him to the plateau he was on. As strange as it sounds, he was complacent in his relentless work so much that he did not advance until that was released. He loosened up. His business' revenues shot up in just a few months of making scheduling and process changes.

Be ruthless in your priorities.

It is about to prioritize your preferences, not about NEVER changing your priorities.

Do you have a list of priorities in your life?  "I don't need a list, I know what's important to me."  We hear that all of the time in our Mystery School.  

Listen up!

Writing something down anchors it in.  There is a counter-intuitive nature to the way of thinking that says, "Something that important does not need to be written's just with me all of the time."

To that, we say, "If it is that important, then you will take the time to write it down MORE!

In addition, things are changing so quickly now in each of our lives that writing things down is a sure-fire way to remind yourself of what matters when things get a little out-of-hand...

Show your human-ness to others.

It's not about being the strongest as compared to others.  It's about transcending your own internal limitations.  If you really want to be of service to others, SHOW them how to do it by doing it yourself.  

This includes the struggle, the heartbreak, and the self-love and healing.  This is part of the vulnerability that will allow people to trust you more, and for you to trust yourself.

Final thoughts

Recognize the area of your life where your comfort zone has become complacency by being honest with yourself. This can be done by getting clear on where you want to be and why you are not there right now. There is a perspective change to see that everything is in alignment, but then there is the reality of allowing yourself to push the boundaries into the unknown. Your constant review of priorities keeps you grounded.

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