3 Key Signs You Are Overthinking a Decision

articles lifestyle Mar 10, 2020

 Whether it is a significant decision to make about your career or just simply choosing what to wear on a date, it seems that you are unable to decide which is which. It is somehow considered as decision paralysis. You are left hanging and thinking over and over again on which one to choose. Most likely, you have a fear of making decisions. Overthinking inhibits you from moving forward and makes you unproductive, especially during the day. It can also cause serious health issues such as anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, and harmful coping mechanisms like excess eating. Women overthink more than men do but the same effects are found for both genders if they tend to overthink.

What is Overthinking?

Overthinking definition - as the word implies, "over" and "thinking," you are thinking of something too much for too long. You can't decide whether or not you will choose one over the other. For example, you want to buy new shoes, and you have read all the reviews from Amazon. And you have asked Google so many times and still the same answers. That's overthinking. What you can do is make a list of questions like price and quality of the shoes. Try to do some research, and once you answer those questions, put an end to it. You can now make your choice.

Here are the three vital signs that you are overthinking.

1. Stuck in a Loop

Thinking about the problem all day long won't help you out, but instead, it will just keep you hanging and stuck on the loop, just like decision paralysis. When you are trying to sort out which option is right for you and you discover that you are back on the same pattern again and you recognize that you are familiar with the choices that your mind is giving you, then you might want to consider telling yourself to stop. If you keep those ideas, it will not only pile up to a mountain, it will just take you to the same point of view repeatedly. 

Writing down your ideas and sharing it with someone else might help. Talking with your friends will help you not to overthink the whole day. Whether it is minor or a major one, you can discuss it with them and share your ideas. They might have a different perspective about it, but you can compare it with yours and ask them for insights. In that way, you can see if there are differences and similarities, and it will help you decide and move forward. Being with others in times like this not only gives you options about what they think, but they can also divert your thoughts for a moment and have fun for a while. 

2. Loss of Time

In a grocery, for example, you have been in the same area for ten minutes or so, just deciding on what you will buy for dinner. Or you are sitting for a couple of weeks now if you will accept a job offer and leave your current job. Those times or days in between are significant. Thinking of choosing something for an extended period will cost you a lot of time and will end up not finishing on your other responsibilities. It can make you less productive and end up piling on your tasks.

Schedule a specific timeframe. Simple issues should take up to 10-20 minutes for you to decide, while significant decisions will take a couple of days. You can also assign a particular time of the day when you would like to think. During this time, you can let yourself worry and think of whatever you want. If you feel you are beyond your scheduled thinking time, just remind yourself that you can think about it next time. You can also indulge yourself in playing games or physical activities. You might want to consider a mental game and some immediate social contact.  

3. Fear of Making Decisions

The main reason we are overthinking is fear. We are afraid of making the wrong decision, so we postponed and made some ways to delay it. In that case, we will not have to face what will be the consequences since we are not yet deciding or choosing. Another reason is that you don't trust yourself to make that big move. You are not confident enough, and as a way to hide it is that you just let your options hanging in front of you. You are worried that your decisions are not right. Worrying is not the same as solving a problem; it will lead you to unhealthy choices.

It is normal to worry if you are making the wrong choice. Somehow, one way or the other, everyone has an awful decision that we once made. But don't be afraid to make that wrong move, everybody has been there. Mistakes and innovation come together. It molds you into a better, more experienced person. 

So go ahead and decide whatever will make you happy! What you must do is trust yourself. You will just laugh and say, "What is overthinking? Never mind; who cares anyway." Move forward and take a step ahead. 

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