Connect with Your Inner Child this New Moon in Pisces

articles energy updates Feb 21, 2020


Every 29.5 days, we are given another chance. A fresh start with a pattern we would love to break. This gracious opportunity comes right on time with each New Moon. 12 to 13 times a year, we are gifted with such a moment. February 23rd is the day this time around. It occurs in early Pisces.

Aside from the basic energetics of tidal pull and the ebb and flows of qi through our lives, there are more complicated approaches to understanding the nuances of each lunation cycle. We do this by looking at the Moon's aspects to other planets. For instance, if a lunar cycle begins conjunct/or with Saturn, we could suspect heavy gravity and leaden feels throughout the cycle. If it were conjunct Jupiter, it could stretch our horizons into novel terrain, changing our perspective significantly. With this Moon, there are many favorable aspects to consider:

* It's close enough for a high five with Mercury who is currently retrograde, about to begin his own cycle three days after the New Moon

* It trines Rahu (the North Node of the Moon in Cancer) acting as an enchanted snack for the dragon, and if it trines Rahu, it then sextiles Ketu (the South Node). Trines and sextiles are auspicious.

* It is sextile Uranus, uploading many ecstatic feels into the Great Server of Consciousness.

* And it is also sextile Mars who has recently joined the "Boneyard." All those planets constructing and destructing our lives in Capricorn. 

* ....trines and sextiles offer helping hands. They are allies. Even the conjunction with Mercury retrograde is helpful in my opinion. The Magi is trying to remind us this month that we don't necessarily need to practice magic to live magically. It's all in our approach.


.: Seeing in the dark :.

When the Sun sets on the 23rd, the Moon will do so with it. As with every New Moon there is no Goddess of the night to reflect with. The degree at which the luminaries will experience their union will be at four-plus degrees of Pisces. That is the Tropical degree. In Sidereal, it is placed in the middle of the solar plexus of Aquarius-also known as Ganymede to the Greeks. This beautiful boy was snatched by Zeus's eagle one day while whistling through the fields and given the role of pouring sacred ambrosia for the Gods. With all themes and aspects mentioned, it's hard not to be taken by the idea of the "puer aeternus" with this zodiacal location; The eternal child with his gaze towards Neverland. Our innocence lost yet yearning to be found again. Grace discovered in the strangest of places.



We've all got puer. It's just whether it overpowers its polarity with "senex"- the old man/woman in us. The puer despises limitations. Defecates on discipline and bad mouths boundaries while "senex" watches from the borderlands, waiting to lay the law down. I have heard many astrologers relate both Pisces and Mercury to the "puer" Archetype. Remembering as well: Mercury is with this Pisces New Moon. He is nearly as close as he can get to it because of his retrograde proximity. There is a giddiness which stirs in the month ahead. The early Spring flowers dance with anticipation for reconciliation between this polarity within. A time for some more fun. Within bounds, of course.

My guess is that we will be confronted with this eternal push and pull between puer and senex as the Moon becomes more full. Something childish in us, an old pattern will wash ashore to be looked over. With each and every lunar cycle, again, we are given another chance. We must find Pisces in our charts to see where we may expect the lessons to emerge. If you've never seen your chart, you can cast it here: ( and if you don't know how to read it, well, that's what Astrologers are for. Reach out to one you resonate with for some assistance. It will help tremendously in tracking these themes in the month ahead.



.: Enchanting the Mundane :.

The impulse of Pisces is to step into other realms. Dreams. Not too different than the impulse of the "puer aeternus" in us. With the support briefly mentioned above from Uranus and Mars, we walk with strong allies to both objectively see our childlike behaviors (Uranus) and train our wild child within (Mars) so that we can reach our goals without getting lost with youthful folly.

Uranus supports (sextile) us this month by offering another perspective around the mundane as well, perhaps infusing a touch of innovation into our possessions and relationship to money. Technologies are blooming in the world of blockchain that can help.

Mars supports (sextile) us this cycle by offering ample energy and strength of will to persevere. The puer needs discipline, and senex needs a little fun. This month we try to walk between two mountains like Parsival of old on his Grail quest. We try to understand the middle path between our inner child and their relationship to the outer world. Rules and regulations have their place. So too does a good time. This month we must become interested in building a structure for all our epiphanies.

It is my prayer that something from these images appears in your real-life experience this month. If it's so wyrd that you must share, don't be shy in reaching out. I love hearing stories.

Here's to yet another cycle of Light.


Wyrd blessings,

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