Spirit Science 37_1 ~ Spiritual Money


“Money is a needful and precious thing, and when well used, a noble idea, but I never want you to think it is the first or only prize to strive for. - Louisa May Alcott


What’s the first thing you think of or feel when you hear that word? Is it Grief? Joy? Anger? Think about it. Does the phrase money inspire positive or negative feelings? Or, maybe you’re that one person in the bunch who's like “

I recently surveyed people who subscribed to the Spirit Science email list and asked a full number of questions, one of which was “what do you struggle most with in life?”. The number one highest response was you guessed it - Finances. This told me it was time, at long last, that we have a candid spiritual discussion about money. See if we can’t change our relationship with money. I mean, what would happen if there were like, a hundred thousand benevolent spiritual millionaires using their resources to make a massive and beautiful change in the world? 

Let’s talk about it! 

Money Blockage

To take any idea and make it real - it has to begin with the development of that idea. So allow me to start by asking you a question. What would you do with a million dollars? 

If you’re anything like me, you will go to work putting those resources to use benefiting humanity and the whole planet. I want to work with a big animation and video production team, to make a fantastic stream of content for Youtube and Spirit Mysteries, and maybe even one day launch a worldwide theatrical release of something extraordinary! 

But hold on, we can’t even do that at all! There’s a money blockage in the way. Gahhh, What is this block, you might ask? It’s a pretty big one, and it’s existed for thousands of years in the relationship between money and spirituality.

I discovered this blockage nearly nine years ago when I created this little cartoon series called Spirit Science. Of course, there was a lot of praise, but a lot of people also warned me with graven fear, “Spirituality and Money don’t go together. If you make money doing something spiritual, you are a sell-out.” 

Now, I very often take all the comments to heart even these, and for the past nine years, I struggled with this “spirituality and money” thing. I chose to avoid looking at the conversation in general sometimes because I didn’t want to upset my audience, but what I found was that adopting that paradigm forced me into a minimal box of reality. As Spirit Science grew, I had more and more responsibilities, but I didn’t have much in the way of resources to delegate tasks, so I just had less time to spend on making videos as a result. The next thing you know, people were mad at me for not producing more videos! Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!

The reason I’m telling you this story is that I know that I’m not the only one who has or will one day struggle with this problem. But I have good news for you, we can transform the entire dynamic, and it comes down to the relationship we have with money. This applies to anything really, and any problem can be healed and transformed if we understand it fully. If you are someone who has ever struggled financially, you’ve come to the right place! Today, everything changes.

Understanding money begins with a conversation, not about money, but God. You could also call it Spirit, the All, the Source Field, whatever floats your boat. You see, Spirit is found in ALL things; there is nothing separate from the eternal Oneness. We have this conditioned idea in society that God and “The Heavens” are above us, and beyond us in that way. But what about inward? What about outward? Or even downward? Oh - don’t think of downward, that’s the devil’s lair, right? Well, even the devil is not separate from the Supreme Oneness. At the deepest level - we have to understand that EVERYTHING is Spiritual because ALL things are connected, One with the Infinite Wholeness. That goes for Money, too. 

Now, I understand that it may be difficult to comprehend God or Spirit - that’s often the point. Hermetics describes God to be unknowable and indescribable - because the imperfect and impermanent cannot quickly apprehend the eternally perfected. But fear not, because with every day, every moment we have the opportunity to explore deeper the mysteries of life and the connection we have to the underlying substance behind reality.

The substance is an important word here. It will be critical in bridging the gap between this cosmic discussion - and money. You see, there is a spiritual substance underlying all things. We understand scientifically that when you zoom in close enough to bits of reality, we find a seemingly never-ending field of bits of energy. A continuous field of energy that is never depleted or empty, even if we are experiencing a lack in our lives, the energy substance that makes up everything is never lacking in anything!

The lesson here is that through the awareness that energy is everywhere and continually permeating all things, we come to know that there is this abundant foundational stability at the basis of everything. In a very spiritual perspective, we can perceive this as if the whole of God is present at every moment through all of space and time. Spirit is present, prosperous, and benevolent.

Therefore, limitation, as we know it to be, does not exist. What does exist, however, is a consciousness of weakness. There are pockets of poverty; there are victims of deprivation. And simultaneously, there is infinite and universal energy from which all things descend. We exist within this energy just as a fish lives in water. Can you ever indeed run out of ideas and opportunities for health, love, and prosperity? 

The key then to limitless wealth, is that this endless substance can move through you if you open yourself to being a conduit for it, and it can take so many different forms. It can take the way of creating happiness, health, food, money, or any other kind of unique experience that you want, or even all of the above. Generally speaking, we open ourselves to experiencing this abundance through our creative ideas, ingenuity, and will to do good work with a loving heart. 

So with all of that as a primer, What is explicitly money? Well, the simplest way to look at it is energy, a reflection of a value exchange that you can create in the world with others. As you create value, others are willing to exchange their enthusiasm for it, and money is the real reflection of that energy. But be warned, not all money is created equal. Payment can be created positively or negatively. You can have a thousand dollars of selling heroin to addicts, which is well, dirty money, or a thousand dollars of supporting people in creating profound personal transformation in their lives. Much cleaner money! 

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about Money lately has been that to start creating it. We have to be willing to shift our mindset, change our belief system about it, and look at it differently. Doing this, we open ourselves up to a new paradigm where we can exist with a spiritual fullness that creates financial wealth as well. You have to be willing to love money just as much as you enjoy other aspects of life - not that you’re making money into “the thing that you’re about,” but honoring it as another foundational aspect of experience along with everything else.

There’s a quote that is particularly resonant from Jesus here, who says, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” We must remember not to base our security on that which is physically manifested, but on the inner energy within you. When spiritually rooted, making money is not the end goal but happens as a result of one's good works in the world, and supports you in continuing the excellent practice at higher levels. 

Now - the conversation of money is a huge one, and I intend to keep this flow going with new episodes more regularly! So I’m going to call this one here for right now, and we’ll see you again very soon for yet another exploration into the world of money! 

If you want to get more into this in the meantime, check out the book Spiritual Economics! Much of this conversation today was based on Chapter 1! It’s brilliant, and an excellent way to start shifting your money mindset right now. You can find a link in the description of the book!

Have a wonderful week. See you again soon!

This video was produced by Team Spirit - with art and animations by Ariel Carpenter and Jordan River Join the Community!




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