8 Ways for Women to Use Feminine Magnetism to Manifest Money

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How would it feel if you could get more done while actually "doing" less? If you could double, even triple your income, by being more relaxed, incorporating more pleasure, and letting go of the constant "hustle til you die" grind?

It's commonly taught that to find success, whether that be with your business, your relationships, or well anything that we need to continually FORCE ourselves to do things that we don't always want to do. We glorify overdoing, overgiving, and overstressing to meet deadlines. We put force over ease, doing over non-doing, and stress over our inner fulfillment.

But how would it feel if you could let go of the stress of money running out or never having enough? If you could eliminate for good, this constant, nagging feeling of lack or never enough? 

With some simple shifts in your ENERGY, you can tap into greater financial abundance than ever before. Accessing your feminine magnetism allows you to access just that. 

Instead of being like a squirrel, constantly scurrying in stress trying to save for the Winter. You can become like the spider on its web waiting for dinner to come to you. By starting to incorporate more stillness and grace. By creating a space within yourself where all that you could ever need comes to you, for you and by you.

Which one sounds more relaxed and at ease?

There was a deep feminine mystery that is calling many of us. A frequency that goes far beyond the current linear reality we are conditioned to believe. I wanted to provide the best information I could find on feminine magnetism, that is why I decided to interview eight powerful women who I KNOW fully embody the potential of the magnetic woman.

I have watched them online, or in person, soar into abundance with ease and grace. I KNEW that their success was so much more than the hustle and grind.

Read on to hear these 8 Powerful Tips on How YOU can access your Feminine Magnetism!


Tip Number 1: Become a Self-Sourced Woman

One of the best ways that we can attract abundance is by becoming more self-sourced. In our society, we are taught to believe abundance is OUTSIDE of ourselves, whether that be with money or within our relationships.

When the money isn't there, or the man (or woman) isn't there for us to help us feel "valuable," our self worth plummets. Placing your power outside yourself does a number to our sense of inner security.

To be truly rich and abundant, we need to learn how to SOURCE that within ourselves, not create codependency in relationships, with money, or other things such as material possessions or food. 

The secret is recognizing that you don't NEED money to feel abundant, but instead, you can create that within yourself NOW!

Jocelyn's number one tip is to recognize that you are enough now, and you need to start with this concept FIRST before growing your bank account OR your dream relationships.


 Tip Number 2: Harness the Power in your Womb!

 When I interviewed Jedaya Barboza in the Feminine Magnetism and Money Summit on how to work with your menstrual cycle for unlimited abundance, and she shared some incredible tips.

The number one thing for us to recognize as women is that we do not work well in a linear space. We operate in cycles each month!

Frequently we are expected (whether that is from ourselves or people around us) to be "the same" all the time. When in reality, we bleed almost every month! And when this happens, not only does it take a lot of physical energy (therefore, we can't expect ourselves to show up the same each day of the month), but it also pulls us deeper into a shamanic state. 

When we are bleeding, we need to REST! When we are on the opposite side of the spectrum, we are OVULATING. Ovulation is our high time ladies! Which is when we have the most amount of energy.

One of the best ways you can optimize your cycle as a woman is to allow yourself to fully rest when you are bleeding. That way, when you are ovulating (when you have the most amount of energy), you can utilize that for more outward projects such as speaking engagements, retreats, videos, etc.!

Always plan your big public events around the time when you are most fertile because not only will you have the most amount of energy, but you will also be the most "attractive" during this time!




Tip Number 3: Tap into the Quantum Field 

If you want to learn how to magnetize abundance with more EASE, then it's not just about taking action but taking action from an ALIGNED place.

Stephanie Bellinger shares with us how we first need to take the time to go WITHIN and imagine our higher self that IS abundant, living our truth, has the dream home we want, etc. Then we EMBODY that version of ourselves NOW.

Let's picture it together: You are walking down the street, or you are showing up online as if you ARE that millionaire, sexy, boss lady Queen. Then once you are in this energy of embodiment, the actions that you DO take will be in alignment with that higher vision. Pretty cool, huh?

Stephanie shared with me how the first time she discovered this practice was when she went from broke and couch surfing to hitting multiple 10k months; the best part was that it was within a few weeks.

What she did was she imagined and embodied her higher self, as that abundant 10k a month woman. And low and behold, her results came QUICK!

So if you want to go quantum, energetically embody that abundant woman you desire to be!


Tip Number 4: Cultivate your YIN Essence

Nadine Lee shares with us that attracting prosperity isn't all action; one of her favorite things to do is to go into the "womb consciousness" or the void. Cultivating your Yin means spending more time in stillness, in nature, and connecting into the deeper web of life.

So often we are busy bees, scurrying around trying to get things done, but we don't realize that if we took more time to be in silence and go inward, we could become more intuitive and draw in what we need. When we spend more time in silence, we become so sensitive that we can literally tap in and only take the actions truly necessary rather than running around spinning our wheels on things.

It's always important for us to release tension within our bodies so that energy can move through us with more ease.

When we are more relaxed, it's easier for us to become magnetic to abundance. Because when we have an overflow of abundance, it's typically a whole lot easier for us to be relaxed. So, we must learn how to embody what we want to attract NOW and not wait for the money or the amazing love to give us that feeling of released tension.


Tip Number 5: Nourish Yourself with Self Love and Watch the Money Flow!

For so many, when it comes to money, it's not always the strategy that is the thing that will bring us more abundance. It's as simple as learning to love ourselves. You see, if you can't receive love from yourself, how do you expect to receive money? If you don't fully love and APPRECIATE the value that you bring to the table, how do you expect to ask for a raise? Or raise your prices with your private clients? Or sell your services with ease and grace? 

If we struggle with deeply appreciating our worth, it's tough for others to do so as well. One of my favorite practices that Gemini Ferrie offers us in the Online Summit is mirror gazing. This practice can make all the difference if you are struggling in the self-love category

P.S. I did this 1.5 years ago, and LITERALLY attracted my now partner that I am still with today!

All you have to do is find your favorite mirror and say ALL of the things that you would want your lover, your mother, your father, or ANYONE to tell you that never did. 

Then, you RECEIVE your own love. 

It's a powerful practice, and I invite you to try it!



Tip Number 6: Speak your Abundance into Manifestation!

Manifesting money - "there is more where that came from!" Many of us in the spiritual community may have tried a money manifestation practice or two, but I invite you to take another look at Kristen. She is very talented when it comes to manifesting money, so during our interview, I asked her what her top secrets were.

One of the most powerful things that she does to manifest money is affirmations when she is spending money.

It can be easy to instantly go into lack when you spend money. How many of you can relate? When you have a significant investment to make, and then you freak out or instantly go into scarcity? I know I have done that multiple times!

But what Kristen Jenna shares is a fantastic way to open yourself up to the flow of abundance instantly.

Your intention is everything. Next time when you SPEND money, repeat in your head, "There is more where that came from," and let yourself relax into the feeling of MORE than enough. If we are spending money with the intention of lack, that is what we will attract. But if we spend it with LOVE and EXCITEMENT, then we will attract more of that back to us.

So pay attention when you spend money! And make sure that you have a clear intent.


Tip Number 7: When we Learn to Truly Recieve we Open to Abundance

When I first started on my entrepreneurial journey, I was INCREDIBLE at giving but terrible at receiving. I was a Yoga teacher at the time, and I loved offering value to my clients and my students but would freeze when it came to asking for payment.

It was challenging because I had this crippling fear and anxiety that it was wrong to charge for my spiritual services. However, I soon realized that after spending ALL of my time giving, I was slowly and surely depleting my energy and resources. I realized that I had a major block in RECEIVING.

You see, receiving is a very vulnerable action, especially as a woman. When we make love, we are always in the state of receiving. And when we receive, it means that we have to let go and surrender fully. If there is any sort of resistance, we can't allow our selves to fully take in the gift that is offered to us. We put up energetic walls when it comes to receiving because we don't fully trust ourselves when it comes to taking things in.

One of the best ways that we can learn how to receive is to become present at this moment. 

When you walk past a flower, do you quickly walk past and ignore its radiant beauty? Or do you stop and allow yourself to take it in fully? When we slow ourselves down and genuinely allow ourselves to RECEIVE each moment, it becomes much easier to receive things such as gifts or money.

Another amazing example is to receive compliments. When someone offers you praise, do you instantly offer them praise as well? Or do you allow yourself to breathe and take in their words sincerely? You can see how this becomes much more vulnerable because you are fully allowing the attention to be on you. 

Every time you receive money, whether that is a paycheck or a penny you find on the ground, make sure you genuinely allow yourself to receive it and accept this precious gift. 

The more grateful you are, the more you will amplify this experience. 

The same with yourself. Every time you walk by a mirror, genuinely receive and love yourself. It activates your magnetism when you can become this full, embodiment of pure love! 

The words that you say to yourself do make a big difference!




Tip Number 8: Open to your Orgasmic Manifestation Gifts

Aislinn Walton spills the tea to tell us her deepest feminine abundance secret from the summit. 

Life isn't meant to be stressed out, tense, and painful ALL the time. When we are in a more orgasmic state, we raise our frequency and therefore become much more magnetic to abundance. 

Now orgasmic manifestation doesn't just mean to have orgasms all the time. It means to be in a more orgasmic, erotic STATE and invite more pleasure into the present moment!

Pleasure doesn't just mean sex; it means deep fulfillment and enjoyment. And there is SO much of that available to us when we allow ourselves to be present to that.

When we are in a more relaxed state, it is much easier to be and receive more pleasure. Think about it! How much easier was it to have amazing sex when you spent the day at the spa versus the day at your work desk? I know for me, the spa was juicier!

It's essential to bring ourselves into this relaxed, pleasurable state often.

But here is the secret, when you are IN this state, it's vital to EMBODY and VISUALIZE whatever it is you want to manifest!

Maybe that is an extra 10k a month; maybe that is a new partner but allow yourself to RECEIVE the energy of what this new reality would offer, at this moment, now!

SO, ladies, it's not just about aggressively using your vibrator until either your yoni or your vibrator breaks! iI's about creating more ease, relaxation, and pleasure into your everyday experience. 

Try it and see how it goes!


Okay, so now to get to the goodies! Would you like to see the full interviews from each of the ladies? Read on below...


One of the things that I have recognized during these interviews is that if a woman is truly in her magnetism, she can attract all that she needs! It's about having deep trust, alignment, depth, and embodiment. There is a lot more under the surface than what we realize. 

It's not always a linear journey; there are ways in which you can collapse timelines and quantum leap into your prosperity. Of course, this does not mean that you are not supposed to take action or have any sort of masculine structure. It means that when both the masculine and feminine within you are in unison, a potent alchemical process occurs. It's like a relationship; when the two polarities come together, there is a chemical reaction that is undeniable. The key is to cultivate both of these polarities within ourselves so that we can dive deep.

Now listen, these women interviewed in this summit usually charge thousands of dollars to work with them privately. And you get direct access from them and get to hear all of their secrets on how they were able to create financial and spiritual prosperity for themselves!


Want access? Click here to see all of the exclusive interviews in action!


Don't settle for anything LESS than what makes your heart sing and know deep in your heart and soul that it is possible!


P.S. don't forget to tag me or send me a private message on Instagram (@mollykubes) about which interview was your favorite! I love hearing your biggest takeaways!


Much Love and Aloha,



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