5 Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame Union

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“A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks.” –Richard Bach

We’ve all experienced- firsthand or as witnessed the meeting of a soulmate and the joy, fulfillment, and pleasure that accompanies it. With the soulmate relationship, there is a magnetism of attraction, an understanding of one another, and a deep bond that forms. Soul mates can be romantic, platonic, or familial. Soulmate relationships can also end. What then is a twin flame? Many people may equate them to be the same type of relationship, but through more than mere nuance, they are not the same.

The twin flame takes on a distinct role and importance as well as relating to the timeline of our soul differently. Let’s take a deeper look at what the two things are and some signs that you may have met your twin flame.


Soul Mates vs. Twin Flames

Each of us exists as a spark of the divine light, as we branched off into the experience of physical reality, we each came forth woven into a constellation of other souls with whom we would traverse lifetime after lifetime, incarnating and reincarnating in a variety of relationships; These are called soulmates and can be platonic, romantic, or familial in nature. Further, when we split off from the One consciousness into the individual soul, we each were also mirrored or split into a pair of twins.

Different spiritual experts explain the process of soul twinning a few various ways. While some believe that our soul twins are an automatic feature of our existence, other teachers suggest otherwise. Tanaaz Chubb and Dr. Wei Chao of Forever Conscious, for instance, assert that while we all have soulmates, we do not all have twin flames. According to Chubb and Dr. Chao, a twin flame is birthed or split once the pool of our soulmates reaches a certain level of fullness or completion, at which point the twin flame spontaneously splits into existence. Because this genesis of a twin flame is based on the building up of soul experiences and relationships, it can take any number of lifetimes before it occurs.

Because soulmates are cut from the same cloth as we are, so to speak, these relationships will help us on our journey to awaken and grow and to challenge us to be better and overcome our emotional baggage. Your soulmate or soulmates are the ones who help catalyze your spiritual awakening process and when you meet or find one of these people, there will be a distinct pull and magnetism toward them, sometimes accompanied by the feeling that you have known or met this person before. Before you meet your twin flame, experts suggest you must first experience the initiations of soul mate relationships and awakenings.

Once your soul has been awakened by your soulmate(s) it is then possible to find your twin flame. While there is a pattern of karma present with soulmate relationships, this is in the sense of your evolution as a human while the twin flame related to your destiny to create something uplifting for the greater good of the world and humanity. Chubb explains, “When twin flames come together, it is often to achieve something on an energetic level to help expand the consciousness of the planet.”

Here are some signs that you may have discovered your twin flame:


1) The Connection is Psychic or Telepathic

With soul mate type of connections, there can be a feeling of having met the person before or ‘knowing’ them as soon as you meet them, but there will still usually be a strong magnetism that entices you to explore the other person.

There is certainly magnetism with twin flame relationships as well, but due to the spiritual nature of the relationship, twin flames can often have a deep unspoken communication between them, either telepathic or psychic in nature. Sometimes they can express thoughts, ideas, and certain feelings simply by looking into one another’s eyes. Even when they are not physically together, twin flames will readily send and receive information between them. While apart, one twin may suddenly feel that their twin needs them or feel a wave of love from their twin.

Similarly, twin flames will often be so close and alike that their physical appearances, such as eye color, can begin to match or they may notice that they mirror one another’s emotions and state of health, developing the same illnesses at the same time.

2) Years or Lifetimes have Led to This Relationship

Because of the profundity and passion signifying the twin flame type of union, one way you may identify it is by noticing that it seems many relationships or even many lifetimes have had this one relationship in the making.

As previously mentioned, we often work through soul karma and emotional baggage in our soul mate relationships and past lives prior to being in a state or condition that will allow us to attract ad connect with our twin. We may work through stages of healing and karma relating to trauma, wounding, or unfinished business with a soul mate, but these obstacles must be cleared in order to make space for the cosmic realization in the twin flame relationship. Because a fairly deep level of awareness and self-realization have occurred in order to meet the twin, your expanded state of awareness is more likely to have allowed you glimpses and memory of past lives.

Armed with this knowledge and perspective gleaned from many lifetimes, you will be better able to understand the significance of the twin in your life. It will be obvious to both of you that your togetherness symbolizes what you will give to the universe for the greater good of humanity, as opposed to continuing on working through personal issues for your individual development alone.

3) Shared Evolution and Shared Pain

Because twin flames are entwined at such an intimate and timeless level, their empathic connection is intense. If you have found yours you may find that the pain involved can be as intense as the love itself.

If your twin is in pain or anguish, you may find that you empathically feel the same thing in your own physical body and emotions, as your twin is literally a part of you. When you embark on a life with your twin flame, there will be a strong emphasis on esoteric knowledge,
soul evolutions, and spiritual living.

Some of the most powerful and otherworldly experiences can occur between twins as their union stems from beyond the physical realm and into the deepest meaning of the soul. Twins may often find union in joint practices such as meditation, journeywork, and of course, service to all of humankind together.

4) There is an Undeniable Magnetic Pull Between You

Though you may have lived years or lifetimes without having an embodied relationship with your twin, the longing for your counterpart may have presented itself over and over again as a conscious longing or even during ceremonial, meditative, or dream-time.

Once you have finally found and connected with your twin in the physical dimension, being apart from them can be challenging, and thoughts of them can be distracting. As two parts of a whole, so to speak, you may feel that you function more effectively and smoothly when with your twin. You may find yourself constantly preoccupied with the desire to reunite with your twin.


5) A Deep Understanding of the Meaning behind the Relationship

Though the twin flame relationship is defined in good part by the service twins will represent to the world and humanity, there is still an element of evolution occurring on the level of the individuals and their personal connection. After working through much karma in soul mate and other relationships and many past or parallel lifetimes, there may be still a final initiation or layer of healing to be completed before the union of the twin can truly be whole.

Twins accept each other unconditionally and if one twin is struggling to burn off a layer of final challenges or fears, the other twin stands the test of loyalty and love and is patient as the other twin works through these challenges. They understand that the relationship is to serve a higher purpose and both twins must be prepared to take that leap together.

Because the twin flame relationship is one of mirroring, any issues in the character or personality of one twin will be mirrored in the other and this insight into oneself and one’s hidden flaws can lead to rapid evolution and growth, readying both partners for their togetherness.

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