How to Use Your Orgasm to Manifest Your Desires

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The orgasmic peak of a sexual session is one of the most pleasurable experiences of life. During orgasm, the body relaxes, the senses open, and we can enter a state of connection with our partner. Orgasm is demonstrably beneficial for physical and emotional health and can relieve life's stresses as well as tension in a relationship. With all these benefits alone, we could be satisfied. Yet, what if I told you you could take it a step further? What if you collected and focused that orgasmic energy for other purposes?

Many esoteric practices and enlightenment programs speak to the power and even the necessity of controlling and harvesting orgasmic energy for spiritual purposes. The microcosmic orbit is a Taoist Qigong exercise designed to create a closed circuit in the body. By doing this, the sexual life force is built and retained for vitality and healing. Ancient cults and mystery schools have known and cultivated the power of sexual release since antiquity. Yet a lifetime of training or advanced techniques isn't necessary before you can reap the benefits of your orgasm. Anyone can use their orgasm to manifest the life of their dreams.


How Sexual Manifestation Works

'Sex magic' may seem far-fetched and mystical, but science can provide a foundation for why it works. Nick Drydakis from the Institute of Labor Research in Germany revealed some clues. Drydakis' work showed that individuals who had sex a minimum of four times per week earned higher incomes than those with less active sex lives. Once our basic human needs are met, the idea is that we can excel in the activities of the outer world as well. These needs include security, nourishment, and connection with other people.   

Anyone who has experienced orgasm knows that the sensation and release possible in the peak of a sexual encounter holds incredible power. With intention and discipline, you can learn to use your sexual energy to create the life you crave. Now let's take a look at some necessary steps to get your manifestation in motion.



Clarify your Intention

 What is it that you want to manifest? Before you get started, your intention needs to be crystal clear. Energy flows where attention goes. Focus and make it real by journaling or writing. Set aside some quiet and relaxed time alone to journal or write stream-of-conscious until you land on the most accurate description of your desired outcome. Perhaps your goals are specific, like the dollar amount you want to earn per year or a job you would like to land. Perhaps you are more creative in your thinking and prefer to visualize and imagine how you wish for your life to look and feel overall. Just remember that although you may practice sex magic with a partner, it is unethical to attempt to interfere with anyone else's free will.


Make a Plan 

It is possible to practice sex magic by yourself or with a partner. When you are just getting started, you may prefer to fly solo at first as you become more comfortable with the practice. It is also useful to ensure you can maintain enough control and focus during orgasm that you can keep your intention in mind. Once you are comfortable trying, sex magic with a partner can ramp up the results. While orgasm has powerful potential regardless of the participants, linking your energy with someone else's exponentially magnifies the power generated. Potent results are especially likely if the pair of you intend to manifest a shared vision. While it is not necessary to use your orgasms for the same purpose, it is essential to have consent before you decide to use a sexual connection magically.  


Prepare Yourself

 Now that you have a primary intention and plan in mind take time, and indulge in preparing yourself and your space. Your body is your temple, and the more relaxed, refreshed, and appealing you feel, the better foundation you are laying for your orgasmic manifestation. Bathe and cleanse yourself, taking care to let go of your thoughts and worries. Set aside your other concerns for the duration of your magic session. Present yourself in the most beautiful way that feels natural to you. This may include some yoga poses, anointing your skin with scented oils, styling your hair, or adorning your body with beautiful or magical jewelry. 

The same applies to your space. To keep focus and remain aligned to your intention, create an orderly, relaxed, and sensual environment. Tidy, clean, and set the mood with candles, incense, music, fabrics, or anything else that creates harmony.  


Hold the Focus

It is all too easy to be swept away in the pleasure of sexual connection. Yet to activate sex magic, you will need to keep steady and remain focused. Start your session with regular, deep breathing and try to maintain this breathing throughout the experience. In tantric sex practices, participants focus on the experience rather than merely the outcome. It is useful to keep these guidelines for magical purposes as well. As you begin to explore your own or your partner's body, relax and have patience knowing that the climax will come. The more patient and intent you are, the more energy you will be able to build.  


Use Visualization during Climax 

As the sexual energy builds within you, there are a few strategies you can utilize to make the most of your orgasm once the release occurs. First and foremost, we must acknowledge that this is all about energy. Our bodies are generating the power of orgasm, and our bodies are energetic instruments. By utilizing our energetic anatomy- the chakra system- we can direct the movement of the orgasm as it occurs.

You can try building the orgasm to higher and higher levels of intensity through edging. Edging is stopping yourself from orgasm when you are right at the brink of release and holding the arousal with breathing and focus until you can start again without having the orgasm. Each time you do this, the energy builds and becomes more intense. Once you are ready to give in to the orgasm and connect it to your desire, you can visualize the sexual energy flowing in an upward motion towards your heart and third eye chakras.

It is important to continue breathing fully and deeply so that you hold your control and focus. Visual and direct the orgasm going into your third eye center, where you will allow it to merge with the vision of your desire. Allow yourself to imagine the image to light up as the rush of orgasmic energy floods it with light. Remember to keep breathing throughout this process.  


Take a Step toward your Dreams

Research documents that our bodies flood with endorphins in the aftermath of sex. In the afterglow of orgasm, now is the time to start taking action. Generate even more movement for your dreams by taking at least one step that shows the universe you are willing to make it happen. Write out a step by step plan, sign up for that course, make the phone call, reach out to that promising connection, and watch your dreams begin to manifest!

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