Why Tantra Calls Sexual Energy Creative Energy

articles lifestyle Feb 10, 2020


Did you know that if you have blocks in your sexual energy, you are going to have blocks in your creative energy?

 The two go hand in hand. 

And when I talk about sexual energy free-flowing, this doesn’t mean you have to be having sex all the time. 

Sexual energy is a force; it is a pulse moving through us; it is essentially our life force energy. The energy responsible for keeping us feeling youthful, alive, healthy & happy. To allow this energy to free flow simply means having a clear vessel (body) for it to flow through.

The majority of us are only living at a small percent of our potential. 

Unlocking our sexual energy is the key to unlocking our greatest potential, our creator potential. 

Our sexual energy is the same energy that creates life itself, and when it is not creating life itself, we must ask - what else are we creating in our lives? Are we creating a life of unconscious destructive behaviors, or are we creating a life of abundance consciously and thriving creative potential? 

This creative power dwells within every one of us, and it is just a matter of unlocking it to its fullest potential. 

This is where the path of the Tantric Arts comes in to support us in this awakening potential. 

Our Sexual Energy is like water, we must open the flood gates to let it flow, and then we must learn how to channel it, so it doesn’t turn into a tsunami or flood and destroy everything around us. 

The Tantric Arts teach us this, and this was the path that helped me personally channel my sexual energy into creative energy - into a tangible form into creations that aligned with my passion + purpose. And abundance. And now, I support individuals doing the same.

Before I learned how to harness & channel my sexual energy, I felt I had so much creative energy, but it felt “stuck.” It’s one thing to activate the sexual energy; another thing is then to learn how to harness it, channel it, refine it, redirect it. 

What this means is creating with it because if you aren’t creating life - that force must be channeled into creative pursuits or creating your reality from what you know to be your highest alignment, passion & purpose.

This life force, creative juice, sexual energy is a force that wants to move through us through the physical body & express as form as creations. This energy is water & in the body itself, it moves; it is fluid. What blocks this flow in the system are stagnant energies, which are a result of suppressed emotions, old traumas & unconscious patterns & beliefs. These blockages are all stored in the body itself, in the very organs, not the mind. To unlock this force within, we must purify the blockages within the body. This process is and can be messy & painful because it invites one to feel

The Tantric Arts invite us & give us tools to feel, to heal & awaken. 

We mainly go through the body to liberate.

When we do this, we open up a clear channel within us so that this creative force can flow freely & we feel our most peak optimal self, creative, abundant, alive, juicy & magnetic. 

This is your divine birthright & you deserve it all and more. 

Nadine Lee is a Teacher of the Tantric Arts, Feminine Embodiment Mentor and Transformational Catalyst. For the past decade, she has been devoted to personal transformation and apprenticed with gifted Shamans, Tantriks & Spiritual Teachers. She is highly gifted in seeing others potentials & is passionate about Sacred Relationship, within & without, and creating sacred spaces for individuals to awaken to their fullest potential. She is the founder of the Tantric Alchemy School of Awakened Arts - offering Facilitator Trainings, Mentorships & Online Courses empowering female leaders in Sexuality & Spirituality. She also coaches couples to experience deeper passion, power & pleasure using the Tantric Arts. Find Her on Instagram Here!

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