How to Channel Your Higher Self Through Automatic Writing

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Have you ever felt stumped in your efforts to solve a problem in your life or understand an issue that is troubling you? Have you perhaps burned with curiosity or a desire to understand the processes of life and existence or the meaning and purpose behind events? All of us experience this from time to time. For those who consider themselves on the spiritual path, it is common and natural to seek guidance from sources of intelligence and power beyond our physical realm.

There is a plethora of sources on the internet, in published materials and out in the world on topics ranging from the archangels, spirit guides, various gurus and spiritual leaders spanning many cultures and religions past and present, as well as plenty of options for the many spiritual technologies available to us from meditation to crystal grids and beyond. All of these sources share one thing in common- they are sought by individuals seeking guidance and meaning.

One particularly useful way to contact the non-physical and draw an expanded sense of wisdom into one's everyday life for guidance is through Channeled and Automatic writing. So, what I Channeled or automatic writing?

What Channeled Writing Is, What It Is Not.

Before we dive into three distinct types of writing that we are all capable of, we must briefly discuss the role that our mental state plays in our ability to access information beyond ourselves versus simply writing from our prior knowledge and understanding.
Here is a brief breakdown of the levels of brainwave activity and how each one can allow us to achieve specific abilities and results:

 Gamma waves bring a heightened perception, high performance, and a fast going mind
 Beta waves are the state of being awake; the mind is active
 Alpha waves mean relaxation, lucid dreaming, and a clear mind
 Theta waves happen with deep relaxation and meditation
 Delta waves bring deep sleep without dreams

While normal conscious, intentional writing is achieved in Beta brainwave state, inspired writing, which goes beyond the mere scope of mundane understanding, would occur during theta brainwave activity. Finally, a delta brainwave state would be necessary to achieve legitimate channeled writing wherein information and guidance can flow from a distinct source outside of the self.

Conscious, intentional writing is the most common type of writing. We do it in everyday life. During rituals or meditations, if you are asked to write your list of intentions or list of things to let go of, most often, you do it entirely consciously, thus using conscious writing. This is done in the  Beta brain state or the active state of mind, which you spent most of the day in. Inspired writing is the next level of writing, and it is done partly in a trance state.

This type of writing can combine channeling with your thoughts as you are still conscious of them. To get into this state, it is most natural to begin with at least a brief practice of meditation. That way your conscious mind steps back, and the subconscious mind comes through. Your conscious mind is still there and is observing the whole process but is not interfering as it would be with conscious, intentional writing.

In this form of writing, you can remember the general ideas of what you just wrote, but maybe not the specifics. A lot of automatic writing happens in this state. It is the most effortless automatic writing.

You are not consciously thinking about what to write at this point; the information is coming through easy. In this state, thoughts and ideas will often arrive faster than you can even write them down. That is an excellent intermediate sign that you may be opening to channel thought forms from beyond your usual ordinary state of consciousness.

Channeled writing in the dissociative state is the last type of automatic writing and represents the deepest level of channeled writing from the perspective of our discussion. True automatic writing is done by getting into a real trance state, which uses Delta brain waves, while you are awake yet relaxed. This is the state used during hypnosis. In this case, the 'hypnotist' is you as you take yourself into a trance.

When you write in this state, you will not remember anything you just wrote until you go back and re-read it. Your conscious mind will completely step aside to give full power to the unconscious mind and to open the channels to inspiration and input from sources such as spirit guides, the higher self, or other benevolent or wise entities who may come through if you allow.

Mediation is necessary for getting to this state, but practice is needed to be able to go deep enough into it to access the trance state. Anyone can access this state; it just takes practice.

How to Practice Automatic Writing

Intention and Protection

Inspired writing is the easiest and the safest way to experiment with channeled writing for beginners. Since your conscious mind is still there, you do not necessarily need to worry about any negative influences becoming involved, which may be a source of concern for novices. Intention is an important aspect to begin any form of channeling process or any process where you may be intentionally allowing the energy of another entity to connect with you.

While there is some inherent risk of opening up the channels of your consciousness to receive input in an expanded state, one must understand basic practices of intention, grounding, and protection. In reference to practicing protection, what is meant here does not imply a focus on danger or malevolent forces, but simply that there is a whole spectrum of energy in this universe, and some energies would be experienced by us as negative, misguiding, draining, or destructive.

The first step is to be clear on what type of energy you wish to bring through.
Some are attempting to channel may wish to ask for the guidance and input of their own higher self, guides, or angels. Once you have declared your intention of what you are willing to bring through, some essential energy clearing and protection techniques such as smudging with herbs, the informed use of crystals, or simply prayer can be employed to protect your space and practice. Please note that the topic of protective and grounding practices is beyond the scope of this article and be encouraged to seek out sources and practices to achieve this as there are plenty available for free online.

Meditation to Shift Brainwave Patterns

To write inspired or channeled material, you will need to discover effective methods to shift out of your everyday thinking patterns. A great place to start is by meditating in a safe and comfortable location, breathing deeply, and practicing whatever form of meditation is most preferred by you. You have to have zero distractions; even one word from someone passing by can break you from the connection. You need to stay in one place and not move to not awaken your conscious mind. The whole process may feel like five minutes but may take 1 to 2 hours.

Successful Automatic Writing

Successful automatic writing can best occur once you have covered all your bases from making the boundaries of your space and energy feel secure, setting an intention to receive only the purest and most benevolent inspiration from the source of your channeled writing, and then preparing body, mind, and energy by taking your time in practicing effective meditation techniques to shift into alpha, theta, or delta brainwave states to make various levels of automatic writing possible.

Have a pen and paper ready, or a keyboard if that is more natural for you. Some may even wish to have a friend assist in their channeled writing sessions to feel more secure and to have assistance in recording what is channeled.

Beyond these steps, the best advice is not to overthink it. The process is straightforward. It may take a few attempts at automatic writing sessions before you discover a method and groove that works for you. Keep a journal of your automatic writings, and after each session, take some time to ground yourself and get hydrated and back to your normal state as soon as you are done. Come back to the writings later and have an open mind as to what has come through.

Messages from the Beyond

With so many pathways and options for connecting to spiritual guidance, many feel drawn to automatic writing because this practice requires very little expertise and very few supplies. Although channeled writing may aim to bring through the wisdom of the higher self or one's guides, one must acknowledge that these sources are a direct extension of the self. Therefore, automatic writing is an excellent discipline to use when there is a desire to draw knowledge and resources right from the most trustworthy source- oneself.

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