Four Steps that Combine your Breath with Crystals to Powerful Heal

When healing occurs, through whom or what is it conducted? Is the person, place, or being receiving the healing responsible? Is the healing tool, or is the healer? We could say that the magic of a transformative healing dynamic occurs when the person or party being healed is willing and participating and present for their healing. When the healer is committed and open for healing to flow through them, and when appropriate tools are used properly with integrity. Many times it has been said that regardless of all the remarkable healing tools available to us today, the healer him- or her-self is the true instrument of healing.

This philosophy seems to be reflected by the famous and groundbreaking work of crystal healing innovator Dr. Marcel Vogel. Dr. Vogel was a renowned researcher who worked at the IBM San Jose Research center, his life of intensive research earning him an honorary title of Doctor and his unique and groundbreaking research into the use of quartz crystals for healing created a legacy of brilliant therapeutic crystal technology.


Although he worked very intensively with specially shaped ‘Vogel’ crystals which were used for precision work, he still advises crystal practitioners to be aware of the profound importance of their state of being to the successful use of Vogel crystals, explicitly saying, “One important aspect of working with a crystal is the breath. Breath and life are synonymous. When you breathe deeply, you invigorate the body with a vital charge,” Vogel said. Breath animates life, though usually unconscious and automatic, this process not only ensures our survival, it is also a technology and practice unto itself which can be worked with and honed to bring us into states of awareness and wellness. This is conducive not only to our health but to the benefit of those we are healing. While breathing in a rapid and shallow pattern can lead to scattered thoughts, scattered energy, and erratic results. But deep, slow rhythmic breathing brings one deeper into their center, opens the human organism’s channels for power to flow through stably, to stay present and deeply aware.

Let’s take a closer look at the four stages of breathing outlined by Vogel to become synchronized with a crystal healing session:

The Four Stages of Breath

1. Incoming Breath: As you breathe in slowly and steadily, you build a coherent pattern of thoughts and thus create intention. The first stage of incoming breath is used to program the crystal with your formulated intention of how you request it to assist you in healing.

2. Indwelling breath: the space in between the deep inhale and the complete exhale is where the intention you have created and are infusing into the healing crystal is solidified and confirmed in your thoughts and energy.

3. Outgoing breath: Now that we have drawn in and conjured that which we intend and are holding that intention, we consciously release both carbon dioxide on the physical level but also any lingering distracting or negative thoughts, stagnant energies, and resistance with the out-breath.

4. Breath held out: This is the space in between the inhale and our next exhale: re-center within the self and prepare for the next cycle of breath- repeating these four steps.

Crystal Breath Technique

According to Dr. Vogel, the crystal can be utilized as a tool to collect the energy of the etheric or vibrational forces and to shape the intention then and finally to project it from the crystal. Dr. Vogel’s crystal process holds that with more equally cut sides or facets of a crystal comes more precision and more intensity and power. True Vogel cut crystals can have up to 16 sized surrounding their termination (point).

Why Crystals and Breath?

Crystals, even outside of the energy healing realm, are known to have the master capacity of information storage and energy magnification. Because of their highly organized internal structure, they excel at bringing order to chaos on the cellular and energetic levels of thought, emotion, and vibration, making them ideal healing companions. As outlined in Dr. Vogel’s process above, the crystal is infused with specific healing frequencies meant to cleanse or transform the energetic and health patterns of the person. By directing the energy held in the crystal into the field of the person asking for healing, their energetic field can then be infused with the energies of the crystal, and they can shift into new patterns of vibrating and thus of being. Receiving the new frequencies can allow the person to identify, break, and heal unhealthy patterns stored in the body and the field.

An Overview of Vogel’s Crystal and Breath Method

A session begins with the practitioner aligning his or her energy to going through the breathing process described above, whereby the crystal is attuned to an intention. Both the healing vibration and the healer is centered and attuned with the energy of the crystal. Practitioners of the Dr. Vogel methodology will reportedly move the crystal in an up and down motion hovering above the patient’s body to make a connection with their energy. While doing so, the practitioner makes sure to synchronize her breath with the patient, thus aligning the crystal: the breath and the people involved in one synergistic healing dynamic.

The practitioner moves the crystal with her hand in a clockwise direction in the space between herself and her patient, specifically over the being focused on or areas needing attention. Intuition and guidance are used to follow the energy to more specific locations where the energy can be best utilized. While doing this work, the practitioner must remain grounded by keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground, thus maintaining a grounding cord. In a grounded state, the practitioner is present, strong, and without fear, allowing the patient to relax and receive. In Dr. Vogel’s own words, “take on the entire experience.” Presence is a must.

In Dr. Vogel’s words, “If we become attached to a thought, which has a high emotional content, that pattern will be locked into the energy field around us. Eventually, the physical body may manifest this in a distortion such as the slumping of the shoulders, a twisting of the muscles of the eyes or mouth, contractions in the muscles of the legs, etc. If this continues for an extended period, these distortions can become chronic and locked into the physical body, not just the energy body.” Once the energy is linked as described, and the flow of energy is being established, the four stages of breath are the primary focus. And the practitioner is now the instrument of healing for energy to move in and out through the body of the crystal and the body of the patient. With each inhale, unneeded and harmful energies are drawn out, and with each exhale, the designated intention of healing is sent forth. This process is repeated as long as necessary for the energy change to occur. Intuition will inform the participants as to when this part of the cycle is ready to close.

Finally, the openings made and wounds discovered must be closed. The practitioner holds the crystal in her dominant hand and using an up and down motion; she will stitch up any etheric openings that were made to pull out any final negative energy and seal the work. Practitioners will follow up with a general chakra balancing and then officially close the connection of energies between the practitioner, crystal, and patient over the heart center. In this way, dynamic and intentional breath has facilitated an entire session of intentional healing, making the practitioner the conduit of healing with the crystal a very worth ally.

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