Expansion of the Exploration of the Universal Laws

articles lifestyle Jan 15, 2020

Welcome back for part two of our Spiritual Universal Laws series. Haven’t read part one yet? Head over here and catch up on our exploration of laws 1-4 before you move onto part two!

In part one, we explored a selection of 4 Spiritual Laws, as presented in Diana Cooper’s Book “A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws,” as they apply to our lives and spiritual journeys. Also, how we could utilize their truths to integrate the many stepping stones on our inner journeys to wholeness and evolution. In looking at Spiritual Laws, we recognize that unlike human-made laws or rules, Spiritual Laws of the Universe are expressions of the intrinsic fiber of the quantum universe, unbreakable and unerring, and also neutral. These laws neither favor nor punish us but are. Therefore by understanding the dynamics at play, we can learn to use them to our benefit.

Today we will discuss the Law of Reflection, The Law of Projection, The Law of Flow, and the Law of Abundance.

The Law of Reflection

Just as its name suggests, the Law of Reflection speaks to the reflective nature of reality, wherein what we experience and perceive through our senses is, to a large extent, sourced from our own inner reality and is, therefore, an expression and reflection of us.

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of being told ‘you remind me of him/her!’ And realize you are being compared to a person you may strongly dislike or whose character you find repulsive or offensive in some way? This is perhaps the root of hypocrisy. Even as our inner nature is repelled by the actions of an institution or individual, we are often coming from a place of hating a similar aspect of the self. “The more a characteristic in someone bothers you, the more your soul is trying to draw a reflection to your soul,” Cooper says.

Conversely, the beauty we see in the world that touches us so profoundly that it draws a tear. Or That is an aspect of what we perceive resonating with something deeply true within us. Without the experience of that mirroring, how would we feel it and experience it so deeply and with such feeling and beauty? The sense of appreciation, acceptance, and joy is a match for the self-appreciation, self-acceptance, and joy we have created space for and nurtured in our own inner gardens.

While the intensity of our reaction to things seemingly outside of us that cause uncomfortable feelings or deeply negative experiences, we needn’t be afraid of these reactions within our own consciousness.

If we can instead embrace what is being reflected and digest the content and the richness being offered, the reflection can enrich us and deepen our self-understanding helping us to construct a better version of ourselves.


The Law of Projection

It could be said that The Law of Projection underpins the Law of Reflection because when we see something mirrored from within, we are also projecting from the content of our psyche in order to make that process possible. In reality, the experience is thoroughly an internal personal one:

 You can only see yourself
 You can only hear yourself
 You can only talk to yourself
 You can only criticize yourself
 You can only praise yourself

With this understanding, we know that anything being reflected is originating from within. We could use the image of an old fashioned film projector, except we are the projector with the images pouring out of us and onto a screen in front of us so that we are sending forth and receiving the image simultaneously. When we use phrases such as “YOU are, THEY are, HE is, SHE is,” we are inherently expressing judgments derived from the beliefs of our internal environment and the ideals we have adopted.

Both The Law of Reflection and The Law of Projection are aspects of the same concepts, with Reflection being the more passive and receptive aspect and Projection being the active expression. Awareness of these laws can be used to become aware of the aspects of the self that we are struggling with or celebrating, to assist us in accepting and transforming the characteristics we cannot accept and doing more daily celebrating and appreciating.

The Law of Flow

The law of flow speaks to both the active and creative aspects of our reality. As well as the passive and receptive element in that life is continuously flowing and changing. We can creatively collaborate with that process and also be soft and malleable and accept the unavoidable flow of transformation. When thinking of flow, the element of water instinctually comes to mind. The mighty ocean is a unified flowing force, unconquerable by man or animal, pulling all who inhabit or visit it with its rhythmic and cyclical movements. Water has long been associated with the emotions which represent a vast body of energy we are constantly dancing with, either harmoniously flowing with it or fighting it every step of the way. Just as flowing water can freeze and solidify, so too may our personal flow when we give in to fear or fail to release experiences stuck in our fields. When we do the work of softening and letting go, the current can return.

The Law of Flow bestows particular favor to those who give offerings of gratitude at its banks. In the face of stuck energy, old stagnancies, and a lack of movement or direction, flow can always begin to be restored when we flow in gratitude for what has been provided. For the beauty that is present and the compassion inherent in the moment rather than focusing on the lack. Those who flow with reality have genuinely found the cheat code to reality.


The Law of Abundance

We wrapped up our discussion of flow by noting that flow stops when we focus on lack, and this segues perfectly into the fourth and final law we will discover today, The Law of Abundance. They are laws perfectly placed side by side because when we find our flow, we have naturally tapped into a state of abundance. When we lack trust or are operating from deep or widespread beliefs of lack, our flow is hindered, and resources can’t find us because we are energetically clenched up. There is always an abundance of resources and energy available in the universe, and those who feel and know this reality are open vessels ready to receive.

Again visiting the act and attitude of gratitude, the magic of living in thankfulness is that our very state of being is an affirmation of abundance. When we approach life with gratefulness, the statement of our existence is “there is enough! Thank you!” We are already choosing to resonate with the enoughness, and in this state, we will naturally continue to experience it more and more. In our review of Universal Spiritual Laws 101, we touched on the law that Like Attracts Like and that truth is reflected here as well.

When we look through our glasses of thankfulness, we will always find more to be thankful for and reality with flow and overflow with goodness.

Spiritual Universal Laws to Enrich Your Reality

The lives we live take on a character as our journey develops. We engage in a moment-to-moment dance with our perceived realities, choosing each moment how we will respond, how we will define our emotions, and the state of being we will embody. We can choose to bring awareness of the reflective nature of reality and the projective nature of our perception, thus not only taking responsibility but a degree of autonomy and power in our reality. We can identify the natural flow of energy and life, choosing to dance with it rather than thrashing and fighting through it. In that state of flow, we become open conduits to all the various expressions of abundance existing in this wonderful world.

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