3 Things You Should Know About The Pisces NEW Moon (February 23rd, 2020)


New moons typically represent NEW beginnings.

The New Moon happening on February 23rd represents that, PLUS a lot more.

It reminds me of when I was working as a personal trainer.

When a client would lose a significant amount of weight (25 pounds or more)…

I would take them through a little ritual to bring their accomplishment to their full awareness.

I would invite them to go pick up a weight equivalent to the amount the lost and carry it around for a few minutes.

After they displayed signs they were getting tired, I would have them place the weight on the floor.

I wanted them to FEEL the significance of what they’ve done.

I wanted them to EXPERIENCE just how far they’ve come.

I wanted them to swell up with pride and joy.

Their face would always light up! 

The reason I shared that is because this New Moon is a lot like that experience.

Sometimes you don’t know how much you’ve transformed because change happens gradually.

There are, however, moments in life where you get to really feel it!

The New Moon occurring on February 23rd is one of those SPECIAL times.

And you’ve lost a ton of “weight” and have much to celebrate : 

Now, as I always do…

I will get into some more specifics about this astrological cycle and how it may affect your life.




#1. “Purifying Your Consciousness” (& Holding More Light)

Tune in, Turn On, & Drop Out

Back in the 60’s a man named Timothy Leary… one of the world’s first psychonauts was known for this phrase.

The government didn’t like it very much!

However, what he was actually saying is something you might find yourself… doing…Naturally.

Mr. Leary was suggesting that for the sake of our own freedom, sovereignty, and personal power, we…

Tune in… to ourselves… our truth… our light.

Turn on… our magic, our power, our divine connection.

& Drop out… of the herd mentality, perpetuated by the mass media.

As the rebel soul that you are, you do this naturally.

You can EASILY & effortlessly detect lies and deceit.

You naturally gravitate away from heavy energy, negativity, and especially anything that you sense imposes upon your freedom.

Fortunately, even for the masses… the 3D syntax that we exist within is becoming more noticeable. 

However, you, as a sensitive soul, may find that you’re going through another phase of taking it upon yourself to “Purify Your Consciousness.”

None of what I said is news to you, but you might find yourself seeing this situation with even more clarity. 

This is excellent news because it will spark inspiration within you to seek even more significant alignment with your truth, light, and magic.

So, long story short, you might find yourself taking back control of your life… and creating habits where you only fill your mind with content that is healthy, empowering, and designed from the light.

This natural rearrangement will have a powerful effect on your consciousness and life.

This New Moon will help you feel more spiritually connected than ever before… which often leads to more energy, clarity, and even some “good luck!”

Tune in…

Turn on…

Drop out...



#2. Releasing What Was Never Yours 

The brave souls on the planet right now, doing “the work” and elevating their consciousness…

i.e., YOU :) have agreed to transmute some of the burdens of the ancestral lines they incarnated into.

What that confusing sentence implies lol…

Some of the emotional turmoil you’ve felt your entire life… was never yours to begin with.

Much of the fear and emotional heaviness you’ve felt is simply energy that you agreed to carry…

For a time… 

Because you could handle it. 

Now however is time to let it go… and liberate yourself from those energies.

This isn’t always easy, however, because, for a time, you may think those burdens are actually yours. 

The fear, the paranoia, the worry… can seem so real. 

It can seem so deeply ingrained to the core of your very being.

But this New Moon and the year 2020, in general, is creating enough space within your consciousness where you’ll be able to easily differentiate those inherited patterns of emotion… from yourself.

This will create a natural falling away of those energies, giving way to SO MUCH happiness and such a strong sense of inner freedom and expansiveness.

This is HUGE, my friends!

This is truly game-changing.

Imagine gliding through life with ease, confidence, and faith…

How much could you accomplish if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Those very energies that I speak of have caused you to live your life in an illusion that you weren’t enough, but as this facade begins to peel away, you will wake up and remember your power.

& when this happens…

Watch out world!

Here you come!

Now… something to bear in mind…

As this metamorphosis ensues… be patient with yourself. As many of us right now are going through a “spiritual surgery.” 

These emotions coming up right now can feel intense and uncomfortable.

They may feel like they are holding you back from things you want to do right now.

However, just know…

What’s coming up… is being released… forever! 

Go easy on yourself. 

Allow yourself to take time to just be… journal… and heal if you need it.

Just as if you were receiving from an actual surgery. 

Hold onto the vision of the new you, being born.

Stay focused on the vision of your new life created by your beautiful blinding light.



#3. The Separation Has Begun (3D to 5D)

Dear one...

You have come here... to Earth... at this unique time in history... to experience something genuinely magnificent.

You came to EXPERIENCE an ascension... the Earth’s ascension... YOUR own ascension into a higher dimension... a new plane of existence.

Where we are vibrating ourselves to at this time is another version of “here.”

The difference, however, is the frequency... it’s higher... faster... and LOVE is more present.

Spiritual connectedness is more prominent. 

Empathy is the norm.

With that said, lol... what we are going through now... currently more apparent than ever...is the separation. 

It’s like the New Reality is peeling away from the old one. 

The wars, the fear, the suffering, is staying back, and you are heading out.

In fact, right now, you might have times when it feels like you’re straddling two worlds.

Even within your own life, there will be periods of feeling trapped into the old reality...

But also times when you feel like you’re suddenly not in it.

There will be times where you see the distinction... and how far you’ve come.... and how protected and unaffected you are from that old reality.

You will have times when you notice how grounded you are.... in this new frequency.

The really cool thing is... as this happens, you’ll also realize...

5D is not better than 3D... it’s just a different channel on the same TV set.

As a soul, you’re just getting bored watching reruns lol...

You’re becoming curious about the other channels.

So, you’re gonna check out this new 5D one that everyone’s talking about.

Not everyone is interested in 5D at this time... and that’s perfectly okay.

We are all still connected... part of the same TV set... eternally strung together in the tapestry of God... of LOVE... of eternity. 

What’s even more interesting...

This process of changing channels very slowly is fascinating to your soul.

You get to really wave goodbye to this reality and welcome in the new one at a level of appreciation that is unique.

This is a special time my friend and you are moving to a new level.

This is a time of healing...

This is a time of transition.

& this is a time of celebration.

 This is a time where YOU get to put down the heavyweight...

And EXPERIENCE... how far you’ve come. 

Good work :)


Much love to you all,




Victor is a guide, coach, and mentor for people going through a spiritual awakening. He has helped thousands of awakening souls accelerate their process so that they can go off into the world and shine their light! He is most concerned with raising the collective frequency of the planet and doing his part to help heal and uplift humanity.

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