Work/Life Balance Tips For Entrepreneurs

articles Mar 10, 2020

Are you an entreprenuer? Someone who decided - intentionally or unintentionally - to accept your abundance through a business of your own?

If you are, then you know the challenge of finding balance.  There will ALWAYS be ways to improve your business, and it's exciting.  But, you want to have creative endeavors outside of it!  You want the business to assist in expressing who you are, not hold you back.

Seeing portions of our lives as separate and apart from each other creates the paradigm of separation, which gives rise to a competitive dynamic - a this OR that mentality.

Here is the problem that many people are facing when creating balance. Your aspirations for business success and your desire for more time and ease with personal and family life are NOT separate, yet we treat them as such. Truly, they are not, and both are simply perspectives of the same life / lifestyle. When we can move from needing to pull time / energy away from one thing in order to give time / energy to another thing in our life into an integrated perspective that all parts of our lives are actually the same thing, experienced through the now moment, THIS is where we will find that balance.


You have access to an unlimited amount of energy and resources to fulfill your desires. The illusion that this is not the case is the idea of your ego attempting to control your life's experience in a very narrow way. It is certainly a noble idea to want to have a work/life balance - and one that is beginning to shift into putting yourself first - however, it is still fundamentally a mental construct, and really an extra step in the process that is not necessary.

JUST BEING - actively finding your presence and peace with every moment - is a perspective where your mental body is no longer filtering your unlimited-ness and giving you the illusion of constraint. When you operate from the perspective that there is an abundance of energy and resources for you, there are simply more opportunities that will come into your awareness relative to your core desires.

In-the-moment utility

Conceptualize and emotionally connect with your job / your work as service, not solely as an activity that provides benefit to you in some form in the future. If you view the way in which you earn money as something that you need to do in order to earn money, and it is only through the earning of money that you will find what it is your desire (i.e. you can purchase things with money and that makes you happy), then there is a consistent theme being played out that gives your power away to the idea of money.

Instead, begin to view your job as service, as something that has an intrinsic benefit to you because of the activity, not because of the outcome of the activity. What we are really trying to do in this perspective change is to bring us more into the present moment, and it is in the present moment where we FEEL the idea of balance.

With spiritual entrepreneurs, many times it is the idea that you need to be of service to others, while completely not being honest with yourself about what you desire.  This manifests into giving away your services for free and not asking for enough money in reciprocation for the generous gift that you are providing.  We feel out of balance in complete service, as well.

You are not actually desiring balance

You are not actually desiring balance, but rather the idea of balance is representing some more fundamental feeling or experience. The attempt to manifest balance in some ways is simply perpetuating the idea that you operate in a world of scarcity, limitation, constraint and effort as a necessity for desires fulfilled. This is NOT something that we imagine we mean when we say we want "balance."

So, what is it that we actually want? What is the feeling of balance for you? Does balance represent something that is very specific?

For example, if you say that you are desiring work/life balance, primarily because you want to spend more time with your family, then ask yourself how does it FEEL to spend time - and be fully present - with your family? Joyful, fun, playful, expansive, loving, caring, nurturing...? The idea then is to simply hone in on what feeling feels more accurate to your desires, then to simply focus on BEING in that vibration more of the time.

It does not work to simply desire something that is outside of your current vibration. If you desire more time with your family and it feels joyful when you are fully with your family, then CHOOSE to experience THIS MOMENT as joyful. This will bring you to a state of being where the experience of having more time will create itself in your life.

Replace balance with harmony

While balance compels us into a relative analysis and a this or that perspective, harmony can actually be sustainable, as it is more in tune with our true nature.

Think about the idea of creating harmony in music versus creating balance in music. Imagine the process of creating a solo piece of music, starting with one instrument and added another instrument one at a time. If the intention is to create balance in the piece, each time an instrument is added, each of the previous instruments must be re-calibrating to account for the new addition. This is a perpetual cycle that does not end.

In contrast, creating harmony in a musical score does not involve recalibration, and instead involves evolution and NATURAL flow.

Balance is a relativistic perspective and is static, while harmony is omnipresent, and this omnipresence allows for a natural unfolding to occur. This may seem arbitrary but it is not.

We have a Spirit Science friend that operates a service business with a physical location that has a large amount of seasonal turnover. This requires the employment structure to either offer more long-term employees the ability to shift their roles as the economic seasons change OR find new employees each seasonal change. The business operated under the idea of balance for a long time - recruiting, training and managing the employees with this perspective. The result was a lot of inefficiencies and unnecessary turnover. The owner - in the last few years - have more completely made the shift to a harmonic perspective, which led to employees being able to fill different roles throughout the year, and a more peaceful, self-sufficient scheduling procedure. This increased efficiency and led to much happier, knowledgeable employees.

The main idea here is to go deeper and get more direct with what you want. Focus your attention and intention on what you desire and remove the idea that one thing is constraining another in your life. You are a limitless being of energy experiencing the illusion of time. Moving more so into our harmonic identity - our more authentic expression of our selves - is really the goal.

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