7 Signs Your Third Eye is Opening

articles Mar 11, 2020

Tingling sensations between the brows? Seeing repetitive numbers everywhere? Feeling an unexplainable urge to adopt a healthier diet? If you're experiencing any of these, they could be third-eye opening symptoms.  

The third-eye is synonymous with the Ajna Chakra. This energy center sits in the near center of the head slightly above the eyebrow level. Since ancient times, cultures across the globe have included icons of the Ajna Chakra to imply an ability to 'see' and sense beyond the traditional five senses. Our third eye, when properly activated, taps us into our intuition and to information that might otherwise escape our perception.

Here are seven third-eye opening symptoms you should be aware of:

1) Increase in dream intensity:  Because your Ajna Chakra deals with perception and intuition, it's no surprise that your dreams become more memorable when you are opening your third eye. If you've been practicing third-eye meditation, have you noticed that your dream recall has improved? Maybe you've also seen that your dreams are taking on a prophetic or even lucid nature, allowing you to realize you are dreaming.  

As you open your third-eye, your mind is opening and expanding. So, your subconscious works in overdrive during your sleeping hours to process the new awareness you're experiencing. 

2) Tingling between your eyebrows: We're not talking about a headache or an annoying itch. After a third-eye meditation or anytime your intuition flares up, you may feel a burning, tingling, or pulsing sensation around the center of your forehead. These sensations occur because your third-eye chakra is an actual plexus of electromagnetic energy. When it is thriving and actively managing perceptual input, you may feel the electrical or vibratory sensations. 

3) Shifting dietary habits:  Certain foods containing heavy metals or fluoride can interfere with the healthy functioning of the third eye. Likewise, dense, overly-processed, and chemically-laden foods may slow down your vibration and hinder the third eye from vibrating in its fundamental frequency. If you begin to crave a diet more abundant in plants and whole foods, this supports the activation of your intuitive abilities. Green foods like cilantro, spirulina, and chlorella can help detoxify the pineal gland- the gland correlated to the third eye center- and remove heavy metals.

4) Light sensitivity:  As we touched on previously, the physical organ associated with the third-eye is your pineal gland.  Researchers found that light-sensitive cells in the pineal gland allow it to carry out necessary biological functions such as regulating our circadian rhythm. The awakening process of your third eye may cause you to be sensitive to light as features of this energy center are waking up that have perhaps been dormant previously.

5) Increased prophetic ability:  Prophesy, or seeing the future, is a hallmark sign that your third eye is awakening. Professional psychics, healers, and clairvoyants most likely have very active third eye centers. It is the part of your energetic anatomy that allows you to access information outside of your present location and time.

6) Headaches:  A sudden onslaught of headaches may imply your third eye is opening. It may take time to regulate the extra energy running through this energy center. One of the dangers in opening your third eye is to overdo it. Avoid this by taking some time off from your third-eye meditations and be sure to ground yourself effectively. You can do this by simply standing barefoot on the earth.

7) Seeing yourself transform:  By opening one energy center, you inevitably spread those benefits across your whole energetic network. If you're opening your third eye, don't be surprised to notice that your entire being begins to shift. You may start to feel more at peace about life and more able to let the small stuff roll off you. As your vibration increases, things in your life will begin to transform to accommodate your new patterns and abilities. Outdated habits, relationships, and lifestyle choices may fall by the wayside.  

Opening Your Third Eye Safely

As with any spiritual practice, do not throw caution to the wind. The dangers in opening your third eye mostly apply if you're moving too fast, forcing it, or not heeding your body's signals. If any uncomfortable symptoms or sensations occur, you may want to perform activation meditations less frequently or curb any other practices to that effect. As your diet may shift to lighter plant-based foods, make sure you are still covering your nutritional bases.  

Opening your third eye is a journey that can reward you with new and exciting abilities and insights. Take your time, look for the signs, and enjoy the experience.

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