The Powerful 2222 Numerology of February 2020


Throughout the month of February 2020, we have several dates with a profoundly significant!

Numerology Code!

The first was 02.02.2020…
Then comes 02.20.2020…
And finally 02.22.2020…


The combination of 2’s and 0’s in these dates point to the entire month of February, the second month of the year 2020, being a window of opportunity for accessing heightened intuition, and masterfully co-creating with Spirit, blessings of light into your life.

This is significant in terms of the opportunity available in the month of February, but also shines an extra layer of insight into the opportunity available to us all throughout the year of 2020 as a whole.

The way I came to this conclusion, is through a combination of intuition and looking at the numerology

meaning of 2, and 0.


Numerology of 0

Zero represents pure potentiality. Zero represents the One Infinite Source of All That Is and the infinite potential that is accessible to you through connecting to the underlying Oneness inherently present in All.

Zero points to the Core of Divine Presence and Truth that is at the center of everything, and that resides within your core too.

Through tuning into the stillness within, you’re able to access the Zero Point Field of Infinite Possibility.

This direct connection is always available within, and can be accessed beneath the surface of your ordinary mental consciousness, and beneath the thoughts of your lower ego-mind.

Dive into the stillness within your clear mind and open heart to access the Oneness at the heart of everything, and the Divine Presence, present within All.


Numerology of 2

The Number Two is a powerful number of intuition, sensitivity, partnership and diplomacy and creating harmony. 2 energy reconnects you with your inner strength and supports you in manifesting harmony in your life

and in the world.


Zero and Two combined equate to a powerful numerology influence of creating an alignment with intuition to manifest blessings in the world and in your life.

The number two is the number of peacemaker and the diplomat. Zero is the connection point to the greater All.



And 02.22.2020 all carry a symbolic message and hidden call for humanity to create harmony in the

world and in our lives as individuals now.

To connect directly with the Oneness within, with our innate intuition, and to access our inner source of guidance, knowledge and wisdom in order to create peace, positive change and harmony in the world in the highest interest of All.


The Opportunity Here And Now

The opportunity is here… To reconnect with the Divine light and presence you’ve always carried within, and yet may have had buried beneath the surface of the lower ego mind for some time.

It’s time now… To clear your mind and allow your awareness to enter within. Remember that you can choose to return to a place of peace and presence. With this, you can then allow the infinitely powerful force of peace, harmony, and presence to ripple out beyond you to manifest positive change and blessings in the world.

I hope this was helpful for you!


With so much love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler


Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed author and clear channel of the light. Melanie is passionate about sharing the empowering messages and the elevated frequencies of Archangels and Ascended Masters. Her work revolves around helping others to remember the truth of their magnificent light and infinite personal as divine beings in physical form. 

Melanie is the founder of and is committed to serving humanity and Earth, through sharing the ever-unfolding and expanding guidance, love and uplifting energy that flow through her as a result of her direct connection with the realm of angels.

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