This Technique called "Scripting" will help you Manifest your Desires into Reality!

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How do you go about attracting what you want in your life? Although the law of attraction is an automatic feature of reality that we all live by, there are countless ways of working with the law as we so choose to shape our lives. One effective method for activating our ability to attract our life experiences by choice rather than autopilot is by Scripting.

Scripting incorporates the Law of Attraction

Using "Law of Attraction" with journaling and automatic writing. While it is a common suggestion that one can manifest 'anything' they so desire and the sky is the limit, this truth still exists within specific parameters such as the free will of others, karmic lessons, and soul contracts. Although these constructs can impact what we decide to create, it is still possible to re-write how one's story can play out.

For instance, it may be your destiny to meet a person at a particular time and place. But how much you will do together, and the type of energy behind your interactions are entirely up to the free-will of each individual. The same is true for karmic lessons and predestined events.

You can manifest things into your life from scratch, and you can manifest a different scenario or outcomes in already existing situations. Because this is true, we are able to manifest a variety of options in our lives to create and shape our experiences. For those clear on what they desire, Scripting can be an excellent method that engages both the imagination and intellect.

Scripting: Writing your Dreams into Reality

Scripting is a form of writing in which one's desired reality is written out in vivid detail as if it were a genuine journal entry describing events and situations that are already occurring in the present. In scripted writing, the writer works her- or himself into a state of active imagination where the emotional states and images associated with the desired reality begin coming to life in mind and onto the page. Indeed, this is the secret to powerful Scripting as a method of attraction: the Scripting must be sourced in inspiration or may even be considered channeled material.

While some may be thinking, "easier said than done!" in reality, we all have at least some familiarity with how to enter our flow state, and the flow state is what will be required to produce useful Scripting. For some, the flow state is on the dance floor with music that gets the body moving. For some, it's a run on a mountain trail. Others find flow in painting, singing, cooking, or any other activity that allows the participant to lose track of time and move into a natural state of peace, equilibrium, and creativity. When we are in a flow state, our channels are opened to the divine source, which fuels our creative ability to manifest.

In a sense, we are trying to write from the heart and the soul. If our writing comes from ego only, our manifestation may not blossom to its full potential because it didn't speak to the higher

A simple formula for successful Scripting and a deeper look at each ingredient is as follows:

Time + Present + Spirit + Emotion + Gratitude= Manifestation.


In our space-time reality, actual measurable time is necessary to affect the manifestation of our desires. To script successfully, you must do it often. Ideally, you want to put aside at least 5 or 10 minutes each day (ideally this is done in the mornings and/or evenings) to script every single day. Sit down in a safe and comfortable space with a journal and start writing about the things you want. You may wish to begin by getting engrossed in some activity that helps you access your flow state first.


As you write your dreams and goals, make sure to use present tense. You want to tell the universe and yourself that you have already received what you are asking for, which allows for quick manifestation. Rather than 'I will have a great career, relationship, or house.' Instead, write—‘My career is fulfilling; my relationships are healthy and loving; and I live in a house of my dreams,' as an example. The focus here is making the emotions and images in mind as real and palpable as possible in the present.

Spirit (Most Important!)

The biggest mistake people make when writing to manifest is writing from their ego. You may think you know what you want, but it may be a selfish desire stemming from your ego, or it may be limited in scope, and a higher version of the desire might be possible. If you know what you want from your soul, you will write using inspired or channeled writing techniques. This way, you are asking for your desires while also listening to the universal guidance about how it will be manifested. Here again, it is important to access your flow state so that your writing is inspired, and you can connect to your higher mind.


Another important tip is that you have to write with full emotion. Make sure to feel the joy of what it is you are asking for as if you already have it. What can sometimes happen is that wanting something for so long can make a person feel impatient, and therefore writing will come out rushed and inauthentic. If you focus solely on the feeling of not having whatever it is you want, that feeling will be magnified rather than feelings of joy associated with already having it, and this could block your manifestation. You want to get into a true creative flow and write with passion. Be sure also to use words that describe potent emotions such as overjoyed, happy, inspired, and grateful.


Speaking of gratitude, that is the last but not the least important part of the scripting process. When you are grateful for anything, you receive more of it because your focus on it increases it in your life. You have to write with the message to the universe to show how grateful you are for what you already have and for what is coming next. Gratitude is another cheat code to the flow state and to manifestation itself.

Putting these five aspects together and practicing until it feels natural can create a vortex effect in your life. Signs that your manifesting intentions are materializing are increased synchronicity, feeling light and positive, and sometimes even very quickly, your visions will begin to manifest.

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