4 Law of Attraction Practices to Start Your New Year Off Right

articles lifestyle Jan 15, 2020

Common phrases in our human language often reveal more profound truths about our human reality than what is evident on the surface. Have you ever, for instance, referred to your ‘train of thoughts’?

When we say this, we are meaning a series of thoughts linked together and going in a particular direction-either a purposeful one or a subconsciously chosen one. Yet we refer to it as a ‘train,’ a reference to a substantial and forceful vehicle that moves powerfully in a specific direction, relentlessly and with much fuel.

Can our thoughts also become a vehicle of motion, bringing us closer to a destination of reality? The Law of Attraction is a universal golden rule of existence, holding within its unavoidable truth the simple understanding that like attracts like. Whatever we choose for our thoughts and their subsequent emotions will be magnified, and like situations and experiences will be drawn to us by the nature of our vibration. We are engaging the law of attraction constantly whether or not we like it or are aware of it. Our subconscious content is also shaping what we attract.

In this way, the image of our thought processes as a literal vehicle- a train- is accurate and vividly illustrates the importance of our choice to consciously cultivate and sift through our thoughts, beliefs, and emotional states so that we can more actively shape our reality.

So how do we do this? How can we measurably shift our beliefs, thoughts, and perspectives, shifting into a preferred way of being to attract a preferred set of experiences?

Here are 4 exercises and practices one may use to integrate higher, more useful thought and energy patterns to utilize the Law of Attraction to our benefit:

1 - Start With a Decision:

The universe inherently responds to our energy when we are transparent, and our intentions are distilled. Perhaps the most essential attraction practice, therefore, is, to begin with, a clear decision. This prepares us to receive the experience we choose and aligns us holistically with our desires. In order to manifest that which we want, we must make that clear decision of what we desire, no matter if it seems big or small- this is of no importance to the universal field of potential. Allow yourself to know that it is possible and imagine with all of your senses as if your desire is real in the now. Activating your imagination will open up your channels to receive.


2 - Practice Unconditional Love

One sure-fire way to block your desires from finding their way to you is to view yourself as not being worthy of receiving and not being in a state of self-love and acceptance. Deepak Chopra said, “The secret of attraction is to love yourself. Attractive people judge neither themselves nor others. They are open to gestures of love. They think about love and express their love in every action.” Consider this; if the law of attraction allows the entire complex reality of who and what we are to be reflected and attracted to us, that includes our deeply held beliefs and attitudes about ourselves.

Therefore, if we believe deep down that we are not worthy of our own or the benevolence and blessings of the universe, how will we be able to attract that which we truly desire?

At a deep level, feeling worthy, possessing a strong sense of self-love and self-esteem creates a matrix of energy that says to the universe that we are willing to receive because we are willing to receive. To receive goodness while simultaneously believing we aren’t good or worthy is incongruent to the mechanics of attraction. A vibration of non-judgment and unconditional love squelches doubt and allows a positive attitude and hopeful expectations to flourish.

3 - Open up to the Possibilities

Once you can shift your beliefs about yourself and your worthiness and shower your dreams with love and positive expectation, your emotions will react by matching your healthy and good-feeling ‘train of thought.’ Now you are becoming a vehicle of positive attraction. This energy dynamic allows your consciousness to expand its scope for you to become aware of the endless possibilities of the greater things to come.

To allow the law to work for us, we need to get out of the way of the good things that want to find their way to us. In order not to block the attraction of what we want, we have to be open to all the diverse ways things can manifest. By insisting that things must manifest in one particular way may block our desire from getting to us through unusual and creative pathways, we never could have dreamed of. Allow the universe to be the infinitely creative force that it is.

4 - Experience the Reality of your Desires

Regardless of if you have manifested your actual desire or not. If you have weeded the garden of your consciousness, planted a clear decision of intention, cultivated the state of love and acceptance necessary, blossomed into healthy emotional states, and opened your perception to the world of possibilities. You can now enter the gateway of “receiving mode” or what some call, “the vortex.” Here, your inner child comes back to life as you learn to live in your natural state, which is a state of flow and creativity. In this vortex, your experience of time bends. As you spend more of your energy in the moment, rather than focused on past or future worries or regrets. In the state of flow, you are outside of time because you are living in your true nature. When you live in your true nature, all the good that is inherent to your character will find its way to you.

To enjoy and magnify the Vortex state, here are some specific activities that you can try these ideas:

 Create a vision board - This will help keep you committed to your manifestation, and it will help you visualize what it feels like to have it. Every day you can look at your vision board and be reminded of what it feels like to have your desire in your life now!

 Make a gratitude list - This sets you up for success because it will put you in the right mindset to receive. This exercise is simple, write down everything you have in your life that you are grateful for in a journal. Start with what has already manifest for you so you can see the evidence of your well-being throughout the day.

 Do loving and kindness meditation - This type of meditation will help send out compassion to yourself and others. It is an excellent mediation to do to get into the right mindset.

 Scripting - This exercise is potent; for this practice, the goal is to write your life precisely the way you want it to be, script it as if your life was a perfect movie or book. This helps set even more clear intentions and helps break up the last of our limiting beliefs.

As you can see, engaging the Law of Attraction and getting into the right state to receive the desires of our heart requires taking a look at what is inside of us, cultivating our natural state of love and self-worth, and our perception of the possibilities in the universe. By using imagination, gratitude, and other practices, we can put ourselves in the state of receiving and get into the vortex. Happy Manifesting!

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