3 Things You Should Know About The FULL Moon (March 9th, 2020)


The Full Moon happening on March 9th is an "adjustment period."

Albeit... a VERY powerful one :)

You are now adjusting to the NEW frequency... that you've cultivated in the recent months... (& that's why you're feeling this way)

A lot of people are feeling...potent emotions at this time.

Some of these emotions might not even make any sense... or seem to have a logical place in your life.

A lot of people are feeling a nudge to make a big shift in their life... but where... when... and how?

In spite of this... parallel to this powerful transformation is a growing awareness that you're doing it!

Sometimes life will stretch us out of our comfort zone to reveal to us a very special sensation... a tangible feeling and recognition that...

"I got this!"

I know you have emotions coming up... and perhaps stressful "life puzzles" you'd love to solve right now... and of course that unsettling feeling of complete uncertainty!

& yet...

Here you are my friend... perhaps enjoying a cup of coffee or green tea... and reading this blog post :)


Because in spite of ALL of what you have going on...

you got this!

& THAT is the main message this Full Moon is attempting to transmit to you.

You are a POWERFUL being... wise, experienced, and READY.

Ready for what?

That's what this article is about...

Here are 3 things you should know about this extremely POWERFUL & pivotal Full Moon... 


#1. Adjusting To Your NEW & Much Higher Vibrational Frequency

The collective vibration is rising quickly... and YOU are going through all of the necessary personal shifts to keep up the pace.

That's why you're feeling this way.

That's why so many STRONG emotions and patterns once locked away tight in your deep subconscious mind are coming up.

Make no mistake... this is a very uncomfortable experience.

But that's the point:

We are being shown... clearly... what we've been harboring... and unconsciously attaching to.

We are being shown just how consequential these energies are and how they directly influence the manifestation of our life experience.

Old emotions of guilt, fear, unworthiness, and resentment are like cancer in the things in our life we hold most sacred.

The other day I was hiking in the Red Rock mountains with my wife...

The whole week I was riding high... feeling good... and for the first time in a while... in a state of total ease, trust, and peace with my life.

Then suddenly I felt a pit of anxiety in my stomach.

It was to the point that we had to stop hiking and find a spot to lay down and "process."

All of a sudden some of my most dreaded emotions came roaring up to the surface like a geyser...

It was such an uncomfortable "dark night of the soul type of experience" that caught me completely off guard.

Opposite of what I was hoping...

Those emotions stuck around for a time... (several days).

I had a period of about 5 days feeling TOTALLY off my game... very stooped in fear, anxiety, and worry.

The emotions... as strong as they were... didn't make much sense.

As often the case... my exact life situation, even with all the fine subtleties seemed to perfectly mirror my emotions and consequently, hold them in place. 

I tried and tried to "figure them out" and release them but was unsuccessful. 

I was just spinning my wheels and knew I had embraced the experience and ride it out. 

Last night, the fog started to clear... and it all started to make perfect sense! 

This morning I woke up feeling fantastic... clear... aligned... and GRATEFUL for that recent emotional purge.

I feel like a new person with more clarity, direction, and inner balance than ever before!

I shared that story with you because it's a good example of what I feel a lot of people are experiencing right now.

& the reason it's happening isn't because you've taken a wrong turn.

It's the opposite!

It's because you've done so well... and successfully raised your vibration so high that even those DEEP subconscious, dreamy-like emotions (probably picked up during early childhood) need to be released.

They can no longer exist because the NEW you... isn't a match.

So... what results is what I like to call it a "spiritual surgery."

It's a somewhat prolonged process of emotional release that you, unfortunately, have to sort of sit through lol...

Like a surgery that you're awake during...

You sense that you're getting fixed up (and in this case you most certainly are)... but to witness it, none the less isn't very fun!

But... the surgery was a success!

& that wound... you've been living with for many years is finally healing!

Life from this point forward is going to be a heck of a lot better!

AND... you get to have yet another one of those moments in your life where you realize...

That you just did that!

Your confidence going forward will be through the roof!


#2. You're Being Asked To Take A "Leap Of Faith" Again!

Making big life decisions based solely on intuition isn't new to you.

You've done it before.

& now it's time to do it again.

Have certain "structural" aspects of your life been breaking down, not working properly, not resonating, and maybe even draining your energy more than usual?

Ordinary thinking would label this as a problem to be fixed or a cause for concern.

But it's not.

It's another example of you adjusting to a new frequency.

You've done a lot of inner work and now your life reflection is changing to match.

In other words, whatever is breaking down in your life is in the process of being replaced by something maybe similar... but better!

More in alignment... more satisfying... less draining... and just more ideal in your mind in all ways.

But spirit doesn't just come out and tell you what the new thing is and how to get it does it? lol

No... spirit will nudge you gently through your intuition...

That gut feeling... that sensation of resonance with a particular idea or direction... 

It's a time of moving on to bigger and better things but this will require some faith. 

What new idea in your life lights you up with excitement?

What new idea in your life causes your inner self to scream... YEEEAAAAS!

It's okay if that same idea scares you... or feels premature.

This Full Moon is going to help you by increasing your sensitivity level so that you can perceive those subtle messages from your spirit...

Now is the time to follow that feeling my friend.

It's time to take another leap of faith.

You can TRUST those feelings...

You can trust your intuition.

& you can trust your ability to rise to the occasion :)

You're not alone and heavily supported by the celestial allies that have been assisting you this entire time.

This Full Moon is a HUGE opportunity to "level up" your life situation to match the beautiful frequency you've worked so hard to cultivate. 


#3. The "Collective Cleanse" Has Begun 

This is not difficult to see... it's everywhere.

The collective is... in a sense... experiencing the same thing you are.

The only difference is...

You can handle it.

You have a certain connection to spirit that allows you to flow gracefully... upward... and experience whatever adjustments necessary to continually align with the new energy. 

But, you can imagine what it's like for billions of people that aren't aware... that don't know that there's a divine intervention taking place attempting to lift them up out of fear and into freedom.

That's why you're here.

You... existing... on this planet... NOW is helping to ease the collective transition into higher consciousness.

The collective has reached such a boiling point however that it's energetic cleanse can be easily felt.

At this time it can help to remain mindful of where you place your attention.

Fear is blowing in the breeze right now...

But it's not yours...

& it's a symptom of the beautiful transformation taking place.

Your job is to hold space... to remain calm... and in a state of trust.

For you KNOW what's really taking place...

These collective scenarios are just a macrocosm of the same uncomfortable life situations that trigger growth and expansion within you.

They are serving a divine purpose and in actuality, giving the collective exactly what it needs...

A release...

You are here as a way-shower... 

You are here as an example... that it CAN be done :)

You are here as a light...

And even though you're just one among the many...

It only takes a small candle to illuminate an entire room :)

You are important.

May you all have a beautiful... up-lifting... and empowering Full Moon experience :)

See the full video here.

Much love,



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