5 Things You Should Know About The Full Moon Eclipse on Jan 10th, 2020

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On January 10th, 2020 we have a BIG significant astrological alignment taking place.

Many of you are probably already feeling it!
Do you feel like life is speeding up?
Do you feel a little run down?
Are your emotions running hot?
Are you experiencing a lot of uncertainty?
If so, this is GREAT news!

I know how crazy that sounds by the way, but these are all symptoms that TWO things
have recently happened in your life.

Number One: Your Vibration has increased (substantially)... and this is why it feels like life is happening faster than you can manage. You’re revving higher and experience life
faster... and when you adjust (and you always do :)... your life on all levels will have
improved dramatically!

Number Two: As a result of an increased vibrational frequency... you, by definition, have been inundated with A LOT more “awareness.” That’s right, you’re... suddenly... significantly more conscious than you were, perhaps even yesterday!

THIS can lead to racy thoughts, and having so many insights about your life that,
though positive, seem impossible to implement. This awareness can also shed light on
things in your life that no longer belong... and are weighing you down. This in itself can
create a great deal of stress and uncertainty.

HOWEVER... the inevitable RESULT of this happening... this BLESSING of raising your
frequency and having more awareness is a quantum jump in your personal evolution,
life advancement, and overall pursuit of joy and happiness.



It’s like you upgraded your vehicle from an old station wagon to a Ferrari!

This is quite a jump, and yet the very first time you put your foot on the gas you may feel almost startled. Like, whoa! This is A LOT of speed... I’m not used to this. Even though I recognize this as an upgrade, I actually feel more x with the station wagon.

But.. once you settle in... and adjust... you will realize that you not only have a much
a better car, but you can get places much faster, with more joy, more excitement, and
more style :)

But, my friend... allow yourself time to adjust. Allow yourself a little leeway as you settle
in. Be kind to yourself. Celebrate your success! Most importantly, as one of my
favorite comedians, Bill Hicks always says...

”Remember, it’s only a ride.”

Okay, my friends, that’s a general overview of the present energies, which hopefully by
now you can safely label as extremely positive (in spite of some of the temporary
symptoms of adjustment).



I will now go ahead and break this reading down into 5 more grounded themes so that
you can soar into this amazing alignment with confidence, excitement, and strategy!


# 1. Positive Life Change

(as a result of your new level of awareness)

Last night before I went to bed I noticed that my thoughts were much racier than usual.
In fact, I usually meditate right before bed and chose not to because I wanted to just
pass out and shut off my mind lol.

That was a mistake!

I woke up several times throughout the night with those same speedy thoughts and
eventually chose to get up a couple of hours early because my mind was keeping me

I started the day feeling sluggish and a bit concerned. (I have a million things going on
today I am hosting a retreat in 2 days!)

After a cold shower, something I do every morning... I made my way to my little
meditation area and proceeded to “attempt” to mediate.

It was still dark out and I just sat there as my thoughts ran away with themselves.
Finally, after enough persistence and the decision to not allow me to get up until the
the timer was up... my thoughts settled.

I started feeling that undercurrent of peace in my body once again.


At this point, with a little clarity, I started contemplating why my thoughts were so out of control. This “problem” turned out to be a message that pointed directly to certain areas of my life that were out of balance.

At that point, I busted out my note pad and jotted down maybe a dozen insights about
how I could improve my life!

This was a little overwhelming in itself because it will take me some time to implement
all of the “downloads.” However, that’s perfectly fine. The important thing is...

My “inconvenient symptom” of racy thoughts... in the end... helped me see things about myself and life that I wasn’t seeing. The symptom was actually a necessary means of getting my attention.

In the end, as a result of this motivation to look at myself, inspired by the thoughts, my
life will improve substantially :)

So my friend... if you are having racy thoughts, or ANY other symptom that’s tripping
you up... I can’t recommend enough that you look into that... and ask “why am I
experiencing this? What is this symptom trying to tell me? What is this symptom
reflecting in my life?”

If you can do that...

Get ready!

You will likely get flooded with insights, downloads, and guidance from your higher self.

This brings me to point #2...

# 2. MAJOR Downloads!


As I explained above, sometimes life will “shake you up.” Nobody enjoys the shaking lol.
Let’s be honest. I think if we’re honest, most of us prefer a consistent balance and
comfort. But in that predictability, we tend to function on autopilot. There is less
opportunity for NEW ideas and growth.

So these powerful astrological alignments come in and shake us to the core!
People respond with, “OMG what’s happening! Why am I feeling this way? Something
must be wrong.”

If you can allow your foundation to shake a little...

 If you can pay attention to where you’re being shake up.. you will discover a treasure
chest of (insights, downloads, and life-changing ideas).

A lot of people ask me,

”Vic, how do I know I’m getting a “download” sounds fancy & mystical! Lol”

A download, for most people, is a very natural happening and experiencing obvious
mystical phenomena is simply unnecessary.

So basically, whenever you get an idea.. that seems to come out of nowhere... from
within... and that idea LIGHTS you up with excitement, passion, and enthusiasm...

When that idea resonates deeply... like, YES! This feels right!

That’s a download.

During Full Moons and especially Eclipses.. in spite of the shaking... you’re far more
likely to get downloads. And my friend... ONE implemented download can literally change EVERY area of your life.This is a time to take notes :)

# 3. Take Time For Yourself

(Extra Self Care Is A MUST)

Raising your vibration is ultimately a VERY positive thing. However, having all of that
"spirit" energy flowing through you, though great, does take a toll on your physical body unit you get used to it.

So, basically anytime you experience a spiritual breakthrough or a good amount of
spiritual progress, you might notice yourself feeling fatigued.

I use the term fatigue as a blanket term for physical signs that you need rest. Some of
you may feel achy, some of you might feel brain fog, there are many ways this can
manifest, and I trust by now you have a sense of when your body is telling you to chill

It's important to have some tools or methods that are effective for helping your body de-stress, heal and regenerate. I LOVE float tanks, hiking, and yoga. Maybe you feel great after painting, or dancing, or going for a nice long walk around your neighborhood.
I know some of you are thinking...

"Vic I would love to have time to do some of this stuff, but I am so busy!"

I say.. make time.

It's time well spent my friend, and often times when you do this.., you'll get even MORE

I've had many of my most significant "business ideas" during a long walk on a day where I really should have been working. Sometimes that one idea, as I always say, is
all you need to drastically change your life for the better.

If nothing else, your body will thank you :)

#4 Divine Support

I know some people feel like they just don't "preform" well during Full Moon Eclipse
cycles. Trust me, I feel the same way!

The good news is, you don't have to have a flawless performance or do everything
correctly, you're not alone.

During Full Moons and Eclipses, you are more "tapped in"  to the other side than usual
and can benefit from an increase in synchronicity, divine nudges from your spirit guides, and also perfectly-timed opportunities.

A lot of times, your "spirit guides" will speak to you through dreams and even other
people. I had a friend just yesterday call me up to tell me that he recently spoke to his
clairvoyant advisor. She told him... to tell me... that I need to learn to manage my
stress better.

This advice was so perfectly timed I can't even explain!

Her advice, and the way she told him to phrase it to me was absolutely spot on!
So remember... you're never alone my friend. (especially during times like this ;)

#5 The Coming Of Spring! (In the Northern Hemisphere)

I am using Spring as a metaphor for the spiritual season you're entering. Right now,
many people are wrapping up in a "spiritual winter". Winter is a time of learning, organizing, and re-grouping. This winter cycle is very similar to the effect Mercury Retrograde has on us...

However, winter is ending and spring is coming!

Spring is a time of planting new seeds (applying the downloads you're getting right

Spring is a time of stepping out into the sunlight, expressing yourself... your NEW self to
the world.

It's a time of joy, excitement, and forward progress, not only spiritually, but in your life.
Your career, relationships, living situation ALL will soon begin reflecting the hard work
you've been doing this winter.

It's a GREAT time to be alive my friend.

Much love,
Victor Oddo

Victor is a guide, coach, and mentor for people going through a spiritual awakening. He has helped thousands of awakening souls accelerate their process so that they can go off into the world and shine their light! He is most concerned with raising the collective frequency of the planet and doing his part to help heal and uplift humanity.

You can find Victor at his Website, YouTube or Instagram

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