The Energy Download You Need to Know for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this Friday

articles energy updates Jan 07, 2020

The Full Moon is a powerful time to tap to come together with the collective with a specific intention. This Full Moon is not for the light-hearted because this is not only a Full Moon (in the emotional sign of Cancer no doubt) but also a Lunar Eclipse!

The Full Moon energy charges the yang or more active energies of the subconscious while the Eclipse energies surface what has been hidden in the darkness. The Full Moon will be in the zodiac sign of Cancer, which is the natural ruler of the Moon. The lunar energies will be particularly strong.


Think of how the Moon is able to control the waters of the ocean through the tides. Water in the elemental kingdom is synonymous to the emotional realm. This time expect to feel like there is an internal magnifying glass on your emotional world! The combination of the Eclipse energies will most likely unearth what needs to be cleansed and healed within you.

This astrological configuration is a perfect time for utilizing "the perfect storm," so to speak. You can use this time to clear your auric field and fortify the new energy of this new year that you would like to amplify into more significant solidification together. This astrological configuration will create the most transparent path to embodying your highest soul essence!


We will be much more emotionally transparent than usual and more sentimental. Cherish what is important to you, and don't be surprised if you are called to release deep-seated feelings from the past. The sign of Cancer is stationed in the fourth house, which rules the home! This astrological convergence is a great time to access whether your home-life is advantageous to your growth. Allow yourself to sense into what is in alignment with your home life and what needs tweaking. To make sure that your home is your sanctuary to connect with the deepest parts of who you are as a person.

On this "Wolf" Moon, you may find yourself in tears, screaming at the Moon or on a rollercoaster of emotions. And I must say just to offer a positive perspective to this influence; it is not every day that we get the opportunity to find out what gets under our skin or what still needs tenderness and presence in our system. The Cancer Lunar Eclipse can be a great time to connect with yourself deeply and even more so to allow yourself the cathartic release that your emotional body may need for a fresh start!


This time astrologically will make us feel more sensitive, meaning your intuition will be higher, but you are also vulnerable to deception. The intensity of the emotions that you will be feeling having can paint your perspective in ways that they usually are not. For some that have more positive emotions amplified, this energy can bring a false sense of idealism. For the ones who have negative emotions amplified, these energies can damn a portion of your life or person that generally would receive a kinder judgment from you. Because of the exaggeration of the emotional realm, you may be tempted to act out in spontaneous ways. I want to bring a word of caution that whatever is being brought to your attention at this time should be thoroughly looked at and deeply considered before acting. This eclipse is a time to become hyper-aware of reckless behavior; it is a period where your shadow may come out to play!

But keep in mind you always have your freedom of choice, your ability to create in whichever way you choose. The planets have no dominion over your free will, although many of the rulers of these planetary realms may want you to think that the stars have power over your destiny. You are the ultimate creator of your fortune!

It is essential to keep in mind that because of this magnification of emotions that everyone will be dealing with more of the internal mess than they are accustomed. You may not be able to communicate your perspective as easily with others, and others may seem a bit more self-centered than usual. Be sure to understand that people in pain lash out in pain. This time frame may be filled with many people acting through confusion and pain. But in knowing that others are struggling as well, perhaps you will be able to offer more compassion in this situation.


Now let's talk more about what this lunar energy is good for, shall we?

Since your psychic senses will be accentuated during this astrological period, you can use these energies to look deep within yourself. There will be deep emotions, whether joy and elation or sadness and despair that surface. If you use this time to question and observe each of these emotional reactions and why also where they arise, you will learn more about who you are, which can help you on your journey to knowing and healing yourself.

I will be using this astrological configuration for greater inner balance, a time to cleanse and fortify my auric field through specific invocations and visualizations. I will use it to clear out any energy in my field or even physical habit that wants to be released. I am also using this time to reset and drop back into the connection of what I do want to create from the massive amount of energy that will be provided in the collective field.

This coming Sunday January 12th at 4pm PST, I will be holding a Live Streamed Auric Field Cleanse and Fortification to the members inside The Spirit Mysteries online mystery school. If you would like to be a part of this transmission on this powerful astrological convergence. Click here to sign up for Spirit Mysteries 

No matter how intense the energy becomes, remember that you are a powerful creator. That no matter what the circumstance at hand, YOU have the divine right to transform the meaning. Keep connected to your heart and the fact that you are alive! You get to play a role on this amazing planet at this extraordinary time in history! What kind of story would your life be if there was only one note of happiness to the entire journey? Ups and downs create deliciously vast variations and contrast to catalyze profound realizations on Earth. I wish each of you a blessed Eclipse.


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