Mercury Retrograde Can Help You Grow

Each of the planets closely associated with earth has its energetic associations, astrological pairings, and affiliation with particular deities and astrologers have long studied and followed the movements and patterns of the planets in our solar system to gain insight into the human condition and to predict events and energies in the collective.

Mercury has considered the planet of communication, and many of us are very familiar with the popularly dreaded phenomenon of ‘mercury retrograde.’ This is a planetary event that occurs about three times per year, during which time the planet Mercury moves backward in its standard orbit, seemingly retracing its steps backward through time and space.

Many people and astrologers alike recognize that when Mercury moves in this reverse fashion, the energies under the influence of Mercury shift their normal flow and dynamic. Most commonly, many people report ‘communication breakdown’ both inter-personally and also in terms of the efficacy of the technology.

While many people tend to focus on the negative or challenging aspects of the retrograde, it can be empowering to acknowledge that all retrogrades occur to clear out a path for you. Mercury retrograde seems to point out very clearly any unresolved issues we are carrying with people that need reconciliation, as well as any confusion and unresolved issues in our minds.

Once addressed, you are sure to come out from the retrograde as a new person, refreshed, a better version of yourself than ever, and with the gift of clarity in your life. One important question you can ask yourself to harvest the benefits of the retrograde periods is, “What is this here to teach me?” By asking this question, you are positively directing the energy and thus positioning yourself to receive the gift that results from the challenge to benefit from the healing being offered.

After following the cycles of Mercury Retrogrades for years and analyzing their occurrence side by side with my life events, I have been blessed to see compelling parallels and insights gleaned from this planetary motion. Here are some of the most valuable insights I have learned. Perhaps some of them will resonate with you as well;

Technology Will Fix Itself

Before getting into more in-depth topics, it is a known fact that technology tends to act out during Mercury retrograde. Laptops, cell phones, and even cars may malfunction, glitch, and stop working. A lot of times, especially with smaller issues, all problems get resolved by themselves. So save yourself the trouble stressing out, and put your laptop and cell phone away when it does not want to cooperate. Chances are, they will start working again on their own.

If you can avoid it, it is best to stay away from upgrades and buying new technology, but you do not have to stop your life either. If you need to do something, do it anyway, make sure to triple check everything, take your time, and do not create a rushed decision. The things that truly cannot be reset or repaired are rare, and this occurs, perhaps these material possessions breaking down is part of the releasing and letting process inherent in your Mercury retrograde experience.


Relationships Will Be Transformed

One of the major aspects of life touched by the influence of the retrograde is undoubtedly our relationships with other people, and this includes romantic, platonic, family, business relationships, and everything in between. It is not uncommon to find during these times that being precise and conscious of our language, our tone, and our ways of communicating will determine the outcome of our attempts to communicate effectively. Misunderstandings and miscommunications can abound during the retrograde period, yet these misunderstandings often serve as a means of insight into our communication habits. To provide a renewed and unobstructed view of the state of our relationship dynamics and the habitual ways of relating that are causing repetitive outcomes in our relationships.

On a deeper level, what we perceive as miscommunications can often actually be old triggers experienced by those we are closest to, and our communications during this time finally allow them to reveal true feelings that have been hidden away. In this way, the truth can
surface, and issues can be resolved. When this happens, it is a unique opportunity to address the issue. When both people are open enough to explore the root of the situation and talk it through, the relationship between them will transform. In most cases, you both will feel better and more empowered. Either you will feel closer, or a feeling of relief from speaking your truth even if it led to the relationship ending.

What I have felt, and would wish you to feel after the retrograde is over, is a feeling of ease and freedom that all issues have been finally acknowledged, and nothing was left hidden. You spoke your truth and you grew to be a bigger person because of it.

Your Communication Skills Will Grow If You Let Them

When any challenging exchanges with people in your life pop up, breathing deeply and embracing your thoughts and feelings rather than suppressing them will allow your internal power, light, and ability to communicate from a place of maturity will grow. Like everything in
life, communication is a skill, or even a “muscle,” so to speak.

The more you flex your authentic communication skills, the more difficult conversations you will conquer, the easier the next ones will be. If you keep doing that, (and Mercury retrograde is a great teacher in this regard,) one day you will wake up speaking your truth and sharing your soul so effortlessly, that it will inspire others to do the same.

By honoring the authentic processes happening within you and communicating with honesty and integrity, the retrograde energies can serve as a powerful impetus to master our skills of

Radical Honesty Saves the Day

The idea of radical honesty has been coined by a psychotherapist Dr. Brad Blanton as a powerful self-improvement technique that he and other trainers now teach across the world. The concept of radical honesty is simple; it is the implementation that takes practice. At its core, radical honesty means sharing your whole truth, thoughts, and feelings with others in a kind, loving, and authentic manner without any agenda. Many times we speak with others to get a specific result. We want them to do something for us, change their mind on a topic, or an attempt to make the others understand our point of view.

Radical honesty is speaking from your heart purely to share your truth, and your authentic self—to show up in your conversations instead of sitting on the sidelines. Radical honesty means having zero attachments to how the person is going to react or which way it is going to go.

Instead, it is saying, there is something on my mind and in my heart, and I will authentically share it to be myself. Mercury retrogrades certainly deliver the opportunity for such radical honesty as the pathways for communication are wide open for transformation and the shifting of dynamics. Being radially honest is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to work with retrograde energy to improve your life and relationships with others.

Nothing is a Mistake or an Accident

Any conversation that happens during Mercury retrograde is not because you misspoke, miscommunicated, or did not wait until Mercury goes direct to have a meaningful discussion. Any communication issue that pops up during the retrograde is not random but is rather a useful signal of something that has been quietly amiss and needs attention. Therefore, do not stress out about encountering real conversations. Remind yourself that there is a purpose behind your confrontation with these difficult or long-ignored topics. Mercury retrograde is merely giving you a push to do so. Open your soul and share it authentically, and you will reap the rewards and wisdom inherent in Mercury retrograde.


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