Tips To Be Prepared For Anything In Life (Building Resilience)

How do you teach yourself to always be prepared? No matter how bad the experience may be, there is still more that can go wrong. 

While everyone wishes they could predict the future, the only thing anyone can do is prepare for it. As the famous saying goes, it is best to be prepared for the worst. That way, when the best things happen, at least you’re taken by a positive surprise. 

While preparation for life is something that people busy themselves with, you should also try not to miss out on the good times. The fear of tomorrow will not take you anywhere. It will only make you anxious about the next step.

Even if you prepared for the worst, do not forget to stop and take a deep breath. 

Life is about living. It is not about worrying about what the future may bring. 

It is more about striking the right balance between being ready for anything and living in the moment. 

Let Go And Let Live 

The uncertainty of the future will always be there. Remember that in order to prepare for the future, you must have the right mindset for it. The key term to use is acceptance. 

Accepting that things can fall out of your control is quite a challenge, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot be handled well. Things happen for many different reasons, and there are more than a handful of factors that affect every situation. 

You have to be okay with the fact that life possesses an ever-changing nature. This is the same fact about life that teaches you to grow and learn. Amid all the chaos, prepare yourself by finding inner peace. Meditate or practice mindfulness. Once you find peace, you’ll get upset or angry much slower than before. Mindfulness also comes in handy when you are dealing with something you cannot fully understand. 

Get Your Finances In Order

In order to move forward with your life, you need to settle all your finances. It’s challenging to move forward when you are in debt. No matter how big or small your debt is or how long it takes you to ultimately pay for everything, take the first step to financial freedom today. 

How do you deal with your debt? Instead of worrying about the unnecessary things, sit down, and try to draw out a plan. What is your source of income? How much do you need to settle your bills? Which debt can you break down into smaller payments? Determine the amount of money you can save each month. 

Paying off debt is not about paying it off fast. Rather, it is about making a financial plan that would allow you to pay for it on a steady basis without incurring any more debt.

Instead, focus your attention on saving. After all, it is the foundation of wealth. Knowing that you have enough money to survive rainy days will help you sleep soundly at night. When you have a healthy savings account, you’ll never have to worry about where you can borrow money for your emergency expenses. Getting your finances in order is about freeing yourself from financial obligations while allowing yourself to live a debt-free life as soon as possible. 

Teach Yourself Survival Skills

How adaptive are you? Sometimes, life gives you lemons, and you’re able to make lemonade. However, the more important thing you need to teach yourself is survival. It is not even how to live comfortably. Rather, it is about living a good life

Put yourself in different environments, so that you can teach yourself how to survive. When you do, it will make you feel like there is nothing in this life that you cannot conquer. More than anything, you have to keep yourself alive. 

While most people enjoy the gifts of technology and the comforts of their modern lives, you still need to be able to change a flat tire while on vacation. Do you know how to change a light bulb? Who do you call during an emergency situation? All these may not be needed now, but it’s all practical knowledge. 

Stop and think of the other basic needs that you have. Not only does it mean providing better care and help for others, but it is also about picking your brain to unleash your creativity. Remember, the goal should be finding a solution in life even before the problem comes along. 

Create A Rough Plan In Your Head

Don’t wait until the last minute to make a plan on what to do. Make a list of both your short term and long term goals. Always make decisions based on your goals. If you can, work on a life plan. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Make plans based on those goals. Then, break them down further into specific steps. Next, you can turn the project into something doable within six months to a year. Make a separate list for all the things you want to try. However, don’t rush yourself into turning that plan into reality. Enjoy the journey.

Just look at it every now and then to remind yourself of what is essential. 

Teaching yourself how to be prepared is the best gift you can give yourself. It is about giving yourself the chance to live life to the fullest. It’s like every day is your last day. But at the same time, it also teaches you how to deal with what life throws your way. 

While living fully in the present is important, preparing yourself for what the future may bring can help in making you stronger than you ever thought you could be. 

Enjoy life. Live it like how you’ve always wanted to. Make mistakes. Fall in love and feel loved. All these will only make you a stronger individual. 

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