6 Tips to Meeting Other Conscious Singles

articles lifestyle Feb 21, 2020


Has dating been an exciting journey for you or more of a wild runaway train? While many people call it 'the dating game,' still others lament that it has become a hopeless lineup of frogs who never turn out to be princes (or princesses). Dating can be a complicated world, and being a conscious person doesn't necessarily make it any easier.

While, as conscious people, we spend years and lifetimes refining and developing our spiritual awareness and sense of well being, taking the high road in life can often make dating uniquely challenging. Conscious folks are often aware of many dimensions of reality and have come to realize that connecting with a partner will affect their energy field and life force in an intimate way. As a conscious person, you probably won't settle for just any suitor who comes along, as you are likely to be seeking profound, authentic, and elevated relationships.

Meeting conscious singles requires openness and willingness, self-awareness, and a few skills in your pocket. So whether you are ready to start dating for the first time, are beginning to date again after a relationship ending, or have a rough past with dating relationships, take a look at these five tips for meeting conscious singles.


1. Define what Conscious Means for You  

If you're here reading this article, you have a sincere interest in connecting with other conscious people. Since that's the case, it's time to iron out the details of what conscious means to you and how an aware partner looks. I'm not suggesting you make a list of acquired qualities for a future mate, but rather, giving some overall definition to the quality of connection you are seeking and the way you'd like to see consciousness expressed.

For example, are you looking to connect with someone who has done inner child healing? Perhaps it's important to you that a potential partner commits him or herself to self-development as a lifestyle. Maybe you want someone who has explored the spiritual realms enough to hold an engaging conversation with you. The point is to feel into the kind of person with whom you wish to spend your time. After all, what starts as a casual date can easily lead to a love affair before you know it.


2. Review your Beliefs about Dating

As a person concerned with growth and awareness, you probably already realize the impact of your beliefs on your reality. Input from our culture and experiences, positive or negative, likely shaped your views about dating and creating relationships. What beliefs are you carrying?

Do you believe that 'no more good men exist in the world' that 'finding conscious singles is almost impossible,' or 'dating is just a game I have to play?' If you have beliefs such as these, dating is likely to turn out similarly for you. How about weeding the mental garden and planting some new ideas? 

-Dating is fun!

-Dating is an opportunity to explore and learn more about myself and the world.

-Dating allows me to grow beyond my comfort zone

-Dating brings me closer and closer to a great relationship



3. Make an Agreement with Yourself First

When opening up your options to other single conscious people, promise yourself to protect your boundaries and values no matter what. When navigating the dating world, be prepared to listen to and to heed your intuition. If red flags start going up, don't ignore that voice. Though things may seem permissible on the surface, if your body is reacting negatively or something feels off, you can avoid many pitfalls by just listening.  

Protecting and expressing your boundaries is an essential way to start any interaction, even if that means a couple of dates and nothing more. Whether it's a date that never repeats or the first step towards a beautiful relationship, boundaries ensure safety, respect, and healthy interaction. 


4. Strive for Conscious Language

How can you tell if someone else is conscious or not? The easiest way is to pay attention to their language and conversation. If a person is putting in the work to grow from the soul level, they will reveal it in how they express themself and interact with you. Do you notice your date describing every situation in their life as being the fault of everyone else? It's mom's fault, dad's fault, their boss' fault, their last relationship failed because of the other person, etc. A blame mentality reveals that they probably haven't advanced to taking personal responsibility for their life yet. Not a good sign for a dating prospect.

There may also be some keywords a conscious person includes in their vocabulary that show what track their mind is on. Do they use words such as aware, awake, spirituality, self-improvement, healing, explore, discover, surrender, etc.? The words a person uses reveals plenty about a person's thoughts and energy 



5. Go Where Conscious People Go

Going where you feel conscious singles will be can be obvious, such as spiritual workshops and seminars or yoga retreats. However, self-aware people can be discovered in less obvious places as well. Nature often calls to soulful people, and peaceful places outdoors may be an excellent place to find a like-minded person. Similarly, conscious people will often be very interested in knowledge and learning. Try striking up a conversation with someone in a bookstore, at the library, or a poetry reading.  

If you are around other people with shared interests or values, be willing to open up, engage in conversation, and share yourself. Ask engaging questions and be open-minded with others. Although casual dating may be a game of dodging and ego-games, conscious dating need not be. If you want to be fully met by someone on the same page as you, it's appropriate to be forward about your motives, desires, and requirements. You don't need to expose your life marriage plan on the first date. It is appropriate to discuss non-negotiables and values over the first several dates so you can either proceed or not wit the knowledge of if this person may be a good fit.  


6. Enjoy the Journey

The journey of dating is different for each person, and for conscious people, there is an emphasis on spiritual growth and integrity. You may have to look in unconventional places to discover people dedicated to self-development, but they do exist. Be open, be transparent, and be willing to express who you are.  


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