Top 5 Archangels to Call On When You Need Assistance

articles lifestyle Jan 21, 2020

Recent surveys report that up to 85% of American adults believe in the existence of angels. Imagery and lore of angels span many cultures, and angelic energies interweave many religious stories and texts.

Archangels mainly stem from the Abrahamic religions and are written about repeatedly in the Christian Bible. Coming from the Greek, the prefix “arch” means ‘ruling,’ or ‘chief,’ references the elevated status or powers of archangels as being direct extensions of God and heavenly influence.

Dawn Demers of says, “the exact number of archangels is unknown (…) many traditions and faiths reference seven archangels. Who these seven are is also a source of debate varying from faith to faith. Many scriptures tell of the archangel's great abilities as healers and guides, intervening with assistance in many of life’s challenging situations.”

Modern Western interest in the archangels has not waned. It is a natural human inclination to yearn and seek love, whether that be in the quest for a soul-mate or twin flame or in merely wishing to improve a current romantic relationship. Many find that intentionally working with the consciousness and guidance of the archangels can facilitate or speed up this process.

Each Archangel has a unique ability and a unique mission to help you in every aspect of your life. They are beings of light, formed of and within a much higher level of consciousness than our current earth experience. Thus they have access to realms of energy and light, which can facilitate the manifestation of soul longings. Ask, and you shall receive, as they say.

Here are five main archangels to start working with to bring success in your love life.

1. Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is the Archangel of Protection. His name reportedly means, ‘he who is as God’ as he is considered the most powerful of all the angels and is the Archangel of protection.

Archangel Michael protects from any harm and alleviates fear and doubt in uncertain situations. He is also known to closely support those who are in the professions of healing and spiritual teaching. When it comes to relationships, he will make sure that you are in a healthy one. If you are ever in an unhealthy romantic connection, you can ask Archangel 

Michael to cut the cords with that person. Michael is often depicted in warrior attire and with a strong and capable body. He is truly a strong ally to call upon to attract the people who are right for you and to you and protect from those who are not.

2. Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of Healing, and the meaning of his name is literally “God heals” with the root of his name ‘Rophe” meaning ‘to heal.’ On the path to love, he can help you let go of any past hurts, traumas, and heartbreaks. Many of us know from experience that or past heartbreaks, betrayals, and traumas can cause us to create emotional and energetic walls that can, on the one hand, keep us feeling safe, but can also block us from experiencing new love. Once the heart is healed and renewed, it can open to new love and connections. This is where a connection to Archangel Raphael can help us on our quest for love; He will open you up to love again.

He can also help heal existing issues. Misunderstandings, or hurt in a present relationship. If there is a conflict between you and another, you can meditate and imagine both of you facing each other. Ask Archangel Raphael to clear out any hurt feelings and bring positive feelings back into the connection. Often in long-term relationships, little and bit hurts and misunderstandings or chronic dysfunctions can build up and warp the love dynamic between two hearts. This can also be true of non-romantic relationships that span years, such as family ties and friendships. Working with the expertise of this Archangel can help clear and realign a misdirected connection of love.

3. Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel is the patron saint of artists and beauty; her name means “beauty of God.” About innocence and purity, our ability to see and experience beauty in the world, and others depends mainly on our ability to understand our innate beauty and worth. Calling upon the guidance of this Archangel can help wash away the veils from our eyes to impart a renewed perspective of life. Once our vision is cleared, we can see ourselves and others clearly and increase our ability to attract authentic love to ourselves. If we can acknowledge our inherent beauty, we will reflect that self-love in the love from another.

As the Archangel who presides over art and creativity, Jophiel is the perfect helper when we need a boost in our ability to act as the creators that we naturally are. When we are in a state of creative flow, we are connected to the divine essence, God, or our higher self. Jophiel, therefore helps us reconnect to our intuition and higher self. Once we allow ourselves to flow in this stream of higher consciousness, we will be in the ideal vibration to attract lovers and partners who resonate with us on this soul level.

4. Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel’s name means “he who sees God,” or “he who seeks God” Chamuel is the Archangel of pure love, loving relationships, and spiritual illumination. He can assist in opening and activating the heart chakra to deepen all relationships one may have and to also
teach about unconditional love.

This will also be a wonderful guide and helper to call upon in times of stress and anxiety as Chamual can help to raise the personal vibration in times of distress. The experience of anxiety is replaced by love. As the connection between this Archangel and love is so strong, so is this angel associated with the color pink as the embodiment of God’s love and great compassion here in our earth plane.

In terms of Archangel Chamuel’s assistance with relationships, he focuses on the development of higher emotions. Once we have found a mate to share our love and life with, the most significant challenge will be to overcome our selfish ambitions and to have empathy for the other. We must develop our higher and more spiritual emotions to guide us to truly love unconditionally, rather than dwelling in lower emotions that disturb love connections such as jealousy or apathy.

By working with Archangel Chamuel to open our heart chakra and experience unconditional love, we can not only find our place with another beloved soul but also experience profound spiritual growth along the way.

5. Archangel Raguel

The name Raguel means “friend of God.” Archangel Raguel is known to be the angel of both justice and harmony, working to uphold the will of the divine as it plays out in human relationships in order than humans may experience justice and peace on earth. As it relates to love and relationships, Raguel can be called upon for support to overcome issues of mistreatment or abuse in relationships, to cultivate or repair respect, and to bring resolution to conflicts.

In relationships, Archangel Raguel can be of assistance in helping to find or create a relationship with a partner who will respect and honor your energy and path. For those who have found themselves in a relationship lacking in honest communication, respect, or integrity, Raguel can assist in moving on to healthier relationships.

How to Work With Archangels

The Bible famously asserts, “Ask and it shall be given,” and this directive is a wise approach when you wish to call upon the assistance of the Archangels for your love relationships. To begin, you may make the audible request “Archangel (name), please make your assistance present to me now,” and you may continue by voicing your specific request. Asking for what you want frankly and being open to receiving is genuinely the best recipe.

Other approaches may involve a more physical or visual focus, such as a printed image on an altar with candles, fresh flowers, or other objects and imagery that are pertinent to the request at hand. You may wish to include an image of your beloved if you are working to heal or improve a relationship that already exists.

Over time you may begin to sense the distinct vibratory resonance of the various Archangels, and thus you may be able to feel when an archangel is near or has influenced a situation in your favor.

Working with the archangels can be a beautiful and grace-filled experience that lends a connection to the higher-vibrational realms. These experiences and can thus connect us to our own higher selves and accelerate our ability to attract the love that is in line with our soul’s truth.


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