4 Tips for Being in a Loving Relationship With a Pisces

So you think you might be falling for a beautiful, whimsical Pisces? Play your cards right, and a relationship with a Pisces can be a fulfilling and intimate connection like no other. Pisceans are creative, compassionate, sensitive, and loving beings.  

Symbolized by the image of two fish positioned head to tail, this sign embodies the complex interplay between heaven and earth, life, and death. Like the aquatic symbol, those born under this sign tend to be mysterious, complex, and concerned with the nature of life beyond the mundane surface level.

To love a Pisces well, you will need to be aware of their deeply spiritual, go-with-the-flow tendencies and their need for positive attention and affection, tempered with enough space to be themselves.  Here are four tips for being in a loving relationship with a Pisces:

1) Appreciate their Visionary Nature:  If your past relationships have centered around Netflix series and nights out at the bar, you may find yourself taking a deep dive with your Pisces lover.

While a Pisces man or woman indeed loves to cuddle up and enjoy cuddles and relaxation, you must remember that the realms of dreaming and spirit call to his or her imagination. Being the last sign in the 12-month Zodiac and symbolized by the circular image of eternity, these folks can usually intuit deeply into the spiritual nature of things. While their bodies are on earth, their minds can be in the ethers.

Be willing to explore philosophy, spirituality, and the paranormal with your Pisces companion. These individuals crave positive attention and validation. Lavished with enough acknowledgment and affection, they will open up and blossom. 

2) Reciprocate their Loyalty and Affection:  Those under the last sign of the Zodiac will be some of the most generous, compassionate, and intuitive lovers around.  

You must accept that for a Pisces, love is not just a physical, sexual attraction but a profoundly emotional and soul-level bond. These folks only enter relationships that promise deep, authentic connection that goes beyond surface conditions. They believe in seeking and committing to their soul mate. Do not expect this person to enter into casual relationships or many one-night stands.

Once you've engaged the heart of a Pisces, they will likely shower you with generous expressions of love, affection, and compassion. In return, offer them physical warmth, genuine compliments, and total loyalty.

3) Create Space for their Intuitive and Moody Ways:  So you're falling for a Pisces? Time to loosen up on your rigid thoughts and schedules. Remember, the Pisces laying claim to your heart was born under a sign symbolized by two fish. These folks are elementally similar to water.  

A Pisces individual is often a bit wishy-washy as he or she is very driven by emotion and imagination rather than the rational demands of the mind and the world. They will intrinsically go with the flow in life, choosing to follow their interests and adventures. 

To live in harmony with this lover, you may want to think about adjusting your expectations for totally rational behavior and learn to enjoy and appreciate their dreamy and freedom-loving habits.  

4) Allow Them Plenty of Solitude: In any relationship, alone time and autonomy are keys to a healthy connection. This balance is even more delicate for the Pisces who thrive on connection yet whose natural habitat is daydreams and the arts.

Alone time provides essential nourishment for the psyche of the Pisces, who is often only half present anyway. The world can feel harsh and crude to this creative being, and solitude is the only cure. But don't take their solo retreats personally. By allowing your partner space and resources he or she needs, you will enable them to be a healthy expression of themself and to share that expression with you.   

Now that we've explored a few ways to nurture your connection to a Pisces let's take a look at which Zodiac signs are likely to be most or least compatible with them.  Here are some compatibility insights for Pisces and Virgo, Pisces and Cancer, Pisces and Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius, and Aries and Pisces connections.

Pisces and Virgo:  These signs are opposite to one another on the zodiac chart. Their polar natures potentially create a dynamic of balance and compliment. While Virgo is honest and down to earth, Pisces is sensitive and paired; these dispositions can create an atmosphere of trust.

Conversely, the dreaminess of Pisces can conflict with the practicality of Virgo. The creative nature of Pisces may be turned off by the sometimes rigid nature of Virgo.

Pisces and Cancer:  As they are both water signs, Pisces and Cancer will feel at home in each other's emotional depths and sensitive tendencies. They are both seeking emotional security and a deep connection, yet this focus on feelings can also be their downfall.

With neither partner overly grounded or practical, a long-term life partnership could be unstable and wrought with financial woes. Though they are both seeking security, they may neither be able to find it in the other's wishy-washy nature.

Pisces and Gemini:  Often, these two signs experience an immediate spark of sexual attraction, but the success of any deeper connection may be more challenging to cultivate.

While Pisces feels deeply and requires tenderness and security to express it, Gemini is a master of communication but not always an intimate vulnerability. The sometimes flashy and outgoing antics of Gemini may be a turnoff to the deep-thinking and security-loving Pisces.  

Pisces and Saggitarius:  Between these two signs of fire and water, there can often be a steamy and passionate sexual attraction. There may also be a substantial similarity in their appreciation for art, intellect, and good conversation. Yet, in many ways, they are as different as night and day.

While Pisces is living in a world of dreams and spirituality, Sagittarius exists firmly in physical reality. This difference can cause misunderstandings and difficulty in connecting on essential issues. However, the robust nature of Sagittarius may serve as a protection and encouragement to the more delicate nature of Pisces. Likewise, Pisces may be able to expand the Sagittarian's awareness of his or her emotions and intuition

Pisces and Aries:  Here is another fire that meets water connection. As you might guess, the Pisces-Aries connection thrives on sexual chemistry and passion. Yet once they have satisfied this curiosity, they are quite different, which can create their downfall or their relationship success.

If Aries can learn to appreciate and engage in Pisces deep emotions and Pisces can learn to tolerate Aries's fiery outbursts, they can learn a lot from each other and develop a very loving reciprocal bond. While Pisces can tend to live in his or her dreams, the action-loving and inspired Aries can show Pisces that he or she can manifest those dreams into reality.

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