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Art is something that is universal; it has existed since the beginning of time. Deep within each and every human lies many deep-rooted emotions and desires, thoughts and ideas, hopes and dreams. Many of which are conscious, and many of which are unconscious.

Art is one of the most potent ways for us to intuitively connect with our deep feelings within and express them outwardly in a means for not only ourselves to reflect upon, but others to do so as well.

When we create drawings, paintings, or any form of artistic expression during difficult times, it gives us insight and tells us a story as to how we are feeling about the circumstance. Not only that, but it helps us progress forward from unconscious distress, by bringing the unconscious to the conscious level where we can begin to promote healing.

The correlation between mental health and physical health has been very well documented. Art has been used in the healing process to relieve stress and develop coping mechanisms in an effort to treat both physical and mental conditions. Healing by Art has had great success in helping people with conditions such as Cancer, Lupis, Aids, and more.

Everyone expresses artistically in their own unique way. So don’t get upset if what you create doesn’t look like the Sistine Chapel. It’s okay, because the fact that it came from you, and by your own hands, means that it is your masterpiece. As you continue to express yourself, so too will your expressions evolve along with your understanding of what is happening within you.

Art can also be a very calming, relaxing form of meditation. There are many different ways that Art can be manifested, whether it’s writing, crafts, animation, music, dance, acting, photography, scrapbooking, quilting, knitting, crocheting, jewelry, beading, or even programming! The list is literally endless.

The point ultimately is to let yourself flow. Be free. Express yourself.

At the end of the day, Art is an expression of yourself. With countless research demonstrating its validity, Art is a powerful way to connect with yourself and show externally who you really are.

And don’t forget… Anyone can do Art.








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