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Previously on our exploration of Spiritual Money, we discussed and explored the wealth archetypes. These six unique archetypes that are, generally speaking, describe the most common money themes that people face in our modern world.

The idea of moving to a resource-based economy, and transitioning into a new way of global wealth is one that we are moving to, both as a species and also even inside of this series. But to get there, we have to evolve our understanding of wealth, which takes each of us discovering what it means to be able to create wealth in all of the ways that wealth can show up. 

In my spiritual wealth journey, learning from many books and amazing mentors, I have found that creating money all boils down to one simple thing… Are you ready? Here it is - Wealth is a by-product of value creation. Let me repeat this because this is important. Wealth is a by-product of value creation. Creating value generates so much more than just wealth; value creates meaningful experiences, deep connections, authentic transformation, and much more!

You can see this in several ways in the world, both in how it works and how it’s broken in society, stemming from our understanding individually and collectively. We often complain about these rich people ruling the world, and yes, there are people with massive quantities of resources and influence in the world in whatever direction they want, and it's not always heart-centered. If we were to put the lack of heart aside - let’s look at this from another perspective - how did they earn it? 

In the case of all those super-rich oil-men, they provide the global human society with a source of energy, and it’s in very high demand. They are creating value for billions of people, and are like this some of the wealthiest people in the world. Of course, we know that there’s a better, cleaner source of energy, and these people may even fight to suppress those industries - of course, however, if we’re looking purely at how these people got so wealthy, they created value. Same with any other massive company, Apple and Microsoft, Mcdonalds, Wal-Mart, they all grew to be these billion-dollar industries by providing some kind of service, whether it’s healthy or not aside - that’s how they did it. They offered something that millions or billions of people want to buy.

But let’s not purely focus on all of these large mega-corporations that often have negative influences on the world, is it possible to create value in a healthy, positive way? Certainly!

How about J.K. Rowling, who, through her passionate writing, inspired and influenced generations of people with her incredible storytelling. The results? She almost became a billionaire. Same with Oprah, who used her ability to communicate and listen to others and explore the unknown, inspired tremendous wealth, which she still uses today to influence the global conversation in the direction of love, wisdom, and spirituality. We can also look at Vishen Lakhiani, the creator of Mindvalley, who supports a massive community in the awakening process, helping people connect deeper with themselves and each other… Hey, just like Spirit Mysteries! Vishen, we should team up! 

So, if we can understand the relationship between value creation and wealth, we can plant the seeds of new industries, and establish a new generation of spiritual business - or at least establish for ourselves a method of working and creating resources in the world that is in alignment with our spiritual centers. 

You can see the big disconnect when you ask the average person, “Hey there, how do you make more money in life?” Most commonly, you’ll usually hear the response, “Well, get yourself a better job, put in overtime, get more shifts, and work harder!” 

However, what you will find is that the results of this mentality are, like the approach, diluted. If you are working 8 hours a day and getting paid minimum wage and struggling to get by in life, the solution is not working 12 hours a day, that’s just a recipe for becoming burnt out, stressed, tired, and maybe even a little neurotic. 

Think about it - instead of working harder at a low-income job, the key to solving your financial problems is by creating work for yourself in the world that offers higher value to those in need. How can you be in service in a higher capacity? And - if you genuinely want to be in spiritual alignment with yourself, can you do so and also do something that you’re passionate about? 

Now, let’s explore a practical example here… If you’re working the checkout at a grocery store, the value you’re creating is not very much. That job is easily replaceable, it doesn’t take much training, and so the companies who are hiring checkout people are not going to pay you very much, because that’s how much it’s worth to them. And please understand - if you work at a checkout in a grocery store - this does not mean YOU are not valuable, just this particular skill is lower on the value ladder.

But imagine a good programmer, artist or animator, or a specialized skill that is less common in the world. These are skills that are in high demand and low in supply. Companies will hire quality skilled individuals and pay them very high amounts for producing quality material for the company - in fact; sometimes companies are based around it - like Apple being started from steve job’s garage. Spirit Science was started in my parent's basement, built off of nearly ten years of personal practice animating and learning, which purely stemmed from my interests and passions. So the question you have to ask yourself is, what value are you adding to society or your community?

In my wealth journey, perhaps one of the most practical perspectives we can learn to make this understanding real, in how to bring value and create wealth in the world, is that it all does boil down to skills.

Now, in the past, I’ve spoken about Dan Lok. In my experiences of Dan, he is like a fusion between a Taoist monk, a kung fu master, and an ancient Chinese military leader - if you were to merge all of those in a soul and make him a very compassionate businessman. Dan's mission is the elevation of wealth and financial confidence in the world, and he does it by helping people to elevate their minds and supporting them in being in service to humanity in all manner of ways.

The reason I bring this up is that Dan often speaks on the subject of High-Income Skills. He explains this dichotomy of skills, value, and wealth creation. He teaches that if we want to generate more resources in our lives -  for the use of making life better for both ourselves and society at large - we must learn skills that are high value, and doing so provides you with financial confidence. Knowing that you have the skills that you can generate wealth by offering high value, even if something happened and you lost your money, you’d have the skills necessary to produce more because you are a valuable person with valuable skills.

Everyone is valuable in life - but some skills are more expensive than others, based on how easy they are, what they take to learn, how much effort is required to get good at it, and so on. This, in my understanding, is the bridge to the creation of wealth - can you pair your inner value with a valuable skill - to become an instrument of service for the world?

Speaking of value, there is something else that is tremendously valuable, even more valuable than our money. Please take this super seriously if you want to shift your financial reality… Your time is more expensive than money. Time is - in this dimension - a limited resource. And while yes, we are striving to evolve into a species that exists beyond the limits of time and space, we haven’t yet crossed that threshold - so we must be mindful that in our existing state, each of us only has a limited amount of time. In life, you really can make as much money as you want, and all that’s required is putting in the effort to see it done. 

This is where it becomes a challenge for many people working those 10 hours a day at minimum wage, and they feel like they can’t escape the wheel. Their current job or jobs takes so much energy that they are exhausted and thus drained from being able to pursue their passion or learn a new skill. 

This is especially important to know, more than ever, right now in 2020, with the change of the economic landscape of the world. Now is the time, the opportunity, to create massive transformation in our lives and the world, by taking some time to learn new skills and implement them in the world through our work and our intentions to be in service to humanity. 

So if you want to generate more wealth, the first thing you have to look at is how much value are you creating in society? Is the job that you have limited in how much value you can create? 

Now, looking at this entire discussion, there is one essential aspect of it we must explore. Sometimes the value of a skill rewards you in other ways than just in money, and this is a significant factor we must weigh in the equation of wealth creation. In some instances, for a variety of factors, some specific jobs may pay quite poorly. For example, maybe like working at a daycare or a low-income teacher. Teaching is a particularly challenging situation in the world, because the education systems are out of date, based on the models of the industrial revolution of the 18th century. What’s more, some teachers really care about their students and are amazing, and other teachers are just doing the job for the money. They don’t care about the success of their students - so there’s a part of the conversation here that needs to go in the direction of the transformation of our global education systems. 

As it relates with money, for a low-income teacher, we find that part of the value and wealth that is returned is not financial, but the reward of enriching the lives of children, or creating great emotional and mental value, even if there’s not a ton of economic value. Now, this is probably a result of the imbalance of our masculine and feminine energy as a species. And so if this is the case in your life - you have to explore for yourself if there is an opportunity within your circumstance to increase the financial value while retaining the emotional value at the same time. All it takes is honoring both the masculine and the feminine and striving together to create a new paradigm of social harmony. 

So, wrapping this whole thing up… ultimately, as Sifu Dan Lok would say it - for all of us that have struggled with money, it seems as though what we have is not a money problem, but a skill problem. If we can learn some high-income skills, especially one relative to our wealth archetype, we can completely transform our financial lives, by creating value in the world in a meaningful way, that impacts all those who your work touches! 

Now, this journey of spirituality and money has been a big part of our lives recently, as we’ve gone through a leveling up of our mindset, which ultimately led to the creation of this series. But still, there’s so much more to share, and so we’ve been working on something epic for you. If you want to go deeper, transform your relationship with money in a big way, and set yourself on the path for really living your dreams, then I’d like to invite you to come and experience our latest Spirit Mysteries workshop - Spiritual Money Mastery.

Not too long ago, we sat down on a live workshop with members of Spirit Mysteries for over 9 hours in just one sitting and explored very in-depth everything we’ve ever learned about shifting one's financial paradigms. We also provide practical spiritual money skills that you can implement today, along with a ton of bonuses like guided meditations and more, making it easy for you to pave the way for a new financial paradigm. 

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With that, thank you, and I hope to see you there! 

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