The Connection Between Jewelry And Energy Flow

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During a wedding ceremony, the ring is the central symbol of the union. It symbolizes that the two people have become one in marital bliss all because of love. But what is about this small piece of jewelry that makes it so meaningful?

Whether it is for aesthetics or its traditional value, what people do not know is that wearing jewelry comes with spiritual benefits too. Did you know that apart from making you look more attractive, chakra jewelry can provide your body with a certain kind of protection? It endows you with the gift of divinity and prevents you from incurring all the negative energies around you. 

People have worn zen jewelry since ancient times. Today, most of them are made from different precious materials, including gold, silver, and bronze. Some may come with gems and diamonds. Sadly, most women adorned by these valuable pieces do not even realize what these accessories are for. Most of them see them as fashion pieces only and nothing more. 

Chakras And Jewelry

Jewelry pieces are created based on the part of the body where they will be attached. They are designed to connect a specific section of the body. Based on the beliefs of Kundalini, every part of the body is represented by a chakra. It is why the divine consciousness becomes activated when people wear jewelry pieces for a particular body part. 

The jewelry piece awakens the chakra of that particular body part while it purifies it in the process too. For example, the chakra located in the heart region is stimulated by the wearing of the necklace. Spiritual emotion towards the Divine being is also awakened.

The ultimate purpose of human existence is to achieve the ultimate practice of spirituality to eventually be one with God. The chakras that have been dormant for years will be activated by wearing various jewelry pieces on specific parts of your body. In the process, the spiritual aspects of each one are awakened too. 

Jewelry wearing comes with another benefit too. It is a form of acupressure therapy. The acupressure points in the body are pressed whenever a person wears jewelry for that particular part of the body. As a result, the black energies in the body are kicked out while the chi freely flows. 

Your psychological, physical, and spiritual distress can be alleviated through the added acupressure therapy provided by jewelry. 

What Does Every Jewelry Piece Mean?


While wedding rings are symbols of union and love, they also come with healing benefits. Depending on your region, women wear their ring on the left hand, while the men wear theirs on their right hand. In other regions, both spouses wear their rings on their left hands. The wearing of the wedding rings not only symbolizes that the two people are married to each other, but it also serves as protection from negative energies that could attack the body of an individual. These negative energies could significantly affect their relationship as a couple. 

As the person wears the ring, the delicate part of the finger is pressed, and this paves the way for healing to happen. As soon as the person wears the ring, the negative energies on that part of the body are removed. Its Chaitanya flows, and it brings about positive energies to the body. 

More importantly, this positive energy jewelry is charged with a blessing during the marriage, which provides a special kind of protection from the evil forces.


Ornaments worn on the ears, both by men and women, put pressure on the earlobes. It results in a spiritual remedy that is similar to acupressure therapy. The earrings that you wear creates a kind of protective sheath of Chaitanya around the ears. These are positive energies flowing through the ears that prevent negative energies from taking over the body. The movement of particular ear ornaments creates that subtle sound that calls on the spiritual remedy on the eardrum and the inner anatomy of the ear. In one way or another, it reduces the distress that a person suffers from through the ears. 


The energy necklace provides an individual with more benefits than just being an accessory. When it is worn around the neck, the abdomen going up to the neck is protected. These areas are called the Vishuddha, Anahat, and Swadhistan chakras. All these areas are provided with protection to keep them working correctly. The weight of the necklace makes a woman tend to bend her neck a bit. It is what builds the sense of humility within her. The wearing of the necklace helps her reduce her ego, allowing her to see things with utmost humility.


Anklets are worn around the feet and help provide the utmost protection from attacks of negative energies. They create a protective sheath around the woman's body to keep it from falling trap to the effects of negative energies. Acupressure therapy is administered on the feet while the anklet touches the feet. When a woman walks with the tinkling of the bells on the anklet, the air around her is purified. The sound waves from the bells help create a cleaner atmosphere for the woman to walk in. 

Every jewelry piece a person wears is an expression of artistry and craft. However, every piece also provides effective spiritual protection to the person wearing it. The chakra in the body part where the jewelry piece rests, opens up, allowing it to receive positive energy. 

The negative energies that try attacking the chakras bounce back outside of the body because of the jewelry the person is wearing. While it seems as if the jewelry is primarily designed for fashion, it comes with its spiritual usage. Its effects are one that you simply cannot deny. 

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