How to Give Up Comfort in Life

Living a comfortable life seems to be the most attractive kind of life for almost all of us. However, many people are "comfortable" with the idea of living a city life where people work most of their days and retire at night with people they do not really love. 

The thought of dealing with unfamiliarity intimidates people, and this is the fear that hinders their growth. If only they could stop the fear from controlling them, people would learn to become less cautious, to break away from conformity, and to pursue the things that they've always wanted to. 

However, living a comfortable life always gets in the way. 

Most people who have lived years with someone with whom they are longer happy. And yet, they choose to stay. It is not just the comforting thought of being with someone, but it is the familiarity of the situation that makes them stay. 

If that person didn't play an important role in someone's everyday life, it would have been much easier to break up and let go. Some may call it love, but in truth, the other person they are with has become a security blanket of some sort, a safety net that saves them each day. 

Many people would rather live a comfortable life, even if it means that they will live with long-term inner unhappiness. 

What does it mean to live a life of comfort? It is living with the things and people that used to spark happiness, but they no longer feel like they are necessary. Living a life of ease is living in a monotonous routine. But does routine always mean happiness?

Living A Life Of Comfort Can Kill You

Sometimes living a life of comfort can do more harm than good. Whenever it feels like you have become too comfortable with the life you have, it puts you in a position where nothing seems risky anymore. But it also means that everything is dull and the same and will stay this way unless you do something to change the situation

Feeling too comfortable in the workplace could also be detrimental to your overall health. Too many people have become complacent in their careers that they have stopped wanting to learn more. 

Starting a new career from scratch is difficult, not to mention scary. But as they say, nothing that is ever worth it will come easy. And anything worth having is always worthy of fighting for. If you want something new to happen in your life, you need to get up and push yourself to yearn for more. 

Make your own happiness

Settling for something less only because it has become comforting is lazy. Search for something that will make you live to your heart's content. Finding contentment in something that doesn't sparkle anymore is living a life of unhappiness.

Getting overly relaxed at work could also kill you. The office can easily replace you. If you are not showing motivation for growth within the company, they can quickly get tired of you and replace you. 

As soon as you get too comfortable, that is when things will start to fall apart. What do you have to do then? How do you keep yourself from getting too comfortable?

Get comfortable at the thought of being uncomfortable

After all, that is when you truly grow. When life is unpredictable, you don't know what is going to happen next. Always be ready to embrace change

It is in change that you will find growth. When you become too complacent, you begin to lose the desire to grow and be better. Don't go into autopilot. Take the risk and thrive in an uncomfortable situation. 

How To Live Life Beyond What's Comfortable

Fear of the unknown has become an essential part of growing up. When you find yourself risking a part of your comfort, that means you are trying to improve the quality of life indicators that you have. 

What small, powerful steps can you take to live a life beyond what's comfortable?

Do not take anything for granted 

You learn a lot not by succeeding, but by suffering. Be grateful for the miseries that you have to go through. They make you stronger. They teach you valuable lessons that make you learn more about yourself and your capacity for resilience. When you avoid taking essential things for granted, you will see that it becomes harder to be complacent. 

Tweak your routine a bit

Routines make your life a bit more comfortable. When you know what you need to do, you know what to expect as well. So instead of going through the same thing every day, switch up your routine a bit. You don't have to do this every day. Perhaps reevaluate your routine every three or six months to make sure it is still serving you. The small changes that you employ open doors to new insights. They can help kickstart new project ideas that will improve both your personal and work life. 

Take a step towards conquering your fears

When you learn to embrace your fears, you expand your life. Make a personal commitment to take on new responsibilities in life. This way, you'll be making new memories, learning new lessons, and crossing boundaries you never thought possible.  

Give up the little control that you have

Take a step outside of your comfort zone. Delegate the tasks that you've been doing for a long time and take on a new one instead. Allow yourself to let loose, even just a little. When you give up control, you will see the significant change it can bring into your life. 

For some reason, people think that their personal growth is dependent on their level of personal comfort. But that isn't the goal. Comfort does not give anyone a chance to change. What then is the point of living? 

The point of every society should not be about seeking comfort. Instead, they should be seeking success. 

So go ahead and do something outside of your comfort zone. You have the power to make a difference. 

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