5 Things You Should Know about the New Moon in Aquarius

Are you ready?

2020 is here and has already started with a BANG!

I know many of you are feeling uncertain, tired, and maybe a little
flustered after that recent alignment with the Full Moon / Eclipse.

That's okay and to be expected. After all, you can't drive fast with the top down and avoid getting your hair messy.


Everything always unfolds in perfect divine timing and just when you
thought you couldn't take the energy anymore, it

The New Moon coming up here on January 24th is very powerful! But
don't get me wrong; it will come to a sense of..."I got this!"

What's happening in no small degree is we're all getting exactly what
we want: Transformation, Liberation, and a better life!

It's all just coming really fast!

So the speed of change and transformation may feel like it's taxing your body, stressing out your mind, and causing you to feel intense
emotions at random and unpredictable times.

It reminds me of a Netflix show I've been watching, "Lost In Space."

Sometimes these astronauts on the show will blast off into space with
their little ships. The speed and turbulence are so extreme that the
pilots pass out on the ascent for a few seconds.

But the pilots in this show are badasses, and they eventually come
to as they knew they would.

Once they do, "it's go time!" They know exactly what to do, where to
turn, and how to navigate the complex ships.

They have the benefit and blessing of experiencing the expansive
feeling you get when you're soaring freely through outer space
among the glimmering stars.

Sound familiar?

It should because you're like that astronaut, and maybe you feel like
you're about to pass out right now! lol

That's okay because when this New Moon peaks you will start to
get a feel for the new energy.

You'll start to remember...

"Hey, I'm an experienced astronaut... I got this!"

The recognition of your real power and capability will be glorious!

So, in the meantime...

Take extra rest if your body calls for it, go for a walk in nature if your
feeling strong emotions, and remember you can trust the process.
The New Moon is bringing a very welcomed energy... (not weak) but
so strong that it's going to help shift you into the remembrance that
you are powerful beyond measure...

The New Moon is coming in at the perfect time as a friend to
remind you of who you are, what you're truly capable of, and what you
came to do here at a unique time in history.

1. BIG Life Changes (to Match your NEW Frequency)

Whenever you raise your vibrational frequency (which you all did
recently) there is a temporary period of what feels like chaos as
your life shifts itself around to match it.

Essentially, your life is in the process of drastically improving even
though it might not feel that way.

As you raise your frequency, aspects of your life that don't align will phase out and, in this case, quickly.

So there may be a period where familiar structures, methods, and
behaviors stop working for you.

When this happens, it's like...

"OMG, what's going on?"

"What's the problem?"

I know you've heard the old saying...

"Out with the old, in with the new."

That's what's playing out in a very real way.

Let it play out my friend... trust the process.

Most importantly, trust how you feel. Trust your intuition.

Your intuition knows you're in the middle of a beneficial "life
upgrade" at the moment and so long as you can play it cool like
Fonzie, all is well.

The reality is that most of us don't play it cool like Fonzie lol... and
that's okay too. You've already paid the price with your recent emotional
clearings, and your rewards are in the mail.

The choice we have is to either camp out by the mailbox day and
night, stressing and fretting or go lay out in the sun with a good book
and confidently wait.

The package (your new, improved life situation) is on the way
regardless :)

2.) Integration (& Why You Need It)

I've never been very good at this.

I would almost prefer to be battling the storms than sitting still and

I have learned however that after a big spiritual accomplishment,
personal breakthrough, or shift in frequency...

As much as I crave to continue riding that exhilarating wave of

What goes up must come down... just like a big wave in the ocean.

This recent Full Moon / Eclipse and shift into the year of 2020 was
like that epic wave at the end of the movie Point Break with Patrick

It was a "once in a lifetime" wave an absolute thrill for a surfer (or
seeker) like us.

The thing is though there are many more waves coming this year
and we need our rest.

We need to sit quietly with ourselves sometimes and reflect, journal,
or meditate.

We have an intellectual understanding of things first, but it takes our
emotions and our body a little time to catch up and fully embody the

I used to neglect this vital aspect of the process and keep
charging forward.

It doesn't work. Life will force rest upon us if we don't choose it for

Now, I try to have fun with it.

I try to "celebrate my victories," as Brendon Burchard suggests...

I like to play some good music and shine my trophies, so to speak.

One good nap, a pat on your own back, might be all you need!
Think of yourself as a race car (which in this case is a perfect

Race cars need tune-ups sometimes, right?

They need to pull in, step out of the race, and get new oil, tires, or
whatever actually happens in those situations lol.

The main thing I want to get across is that it's okay and wise to do

Your life (I'm sure you can confirm this with your own experience)
unfolds in perfect timing.

If you feel like rest, then it's okay and appropriate.

You won't miss anything, I promise :)

3. Trust & Surrender

My shaman friend and I were just joking the other day about how
whenever a spiritual teacher (us included) doesn't know what to tell a
person we just say..."Trust the process."

When people say this to me at a time of stress, it's like nails on a
chalkboard! Haha

& yet, deep down, we ALL know it to be true, don't we?

How many times have things appeared a certain way that no
good could come out of your situation?

& then, our mind is humbled again... and we are reminded of its
inability to accurately forecast the future outcomes...

Something totally unforeseen plays out...

And it all CLICKS.

We laugh... and sometimes cry... in awe... as we witness, yet again,
the power, brilliance, and perfection of the universe.

Not only does everything always work out in our favor when we go
with the flow of our intuition... but we also cultivate deep trust along
the way.

This year is going to move you into your potential very quickly, and we
have the option to choose trust so that we can experience this as the
exhilarating and fascinating ride that it truly is.

4. Your Higher Self Speaking Through Other People

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever been stuck on a puzzle and then the precise answer
you've been seeking flows effortlessly out of the mouth of someone

When it happens, it's almost as if time stands still so you can fully
absorb the synchronistic wisdom.

This happened to me just the other day.

I ran a retreat recently, and there was about 20 of us gathered in a
ceremony of sorts for growth and transformation.

The whole weekend I was puzzled, I had a particular issue coming
up very strongly for me but with no resolve.

The retreat was almost over, and people all around me were having
epic breakthroughs and celebrating, but I still felt unresolved, and at
that point, a bit discouraged.

Then out of left field, I found myself locking eyes with my good friend

He started speaking to me in a tone that was almost hypnotizing.

The words he was saying (which pertained to my issue) were "soul
penetrating" and wildly helpful.

I was shocked at how much healing and release I felt just listening to
him speak.

It was like an act of grace.

I've experienced this before, and it feels as if my higher self sometimes
assists me through other people.

This is not only valuable for obvious reasons but also beautiful.

It always reminds me that we are never alone and our innate craving
for social interaction and human connection is there because as a
team, as a tribe, we are stronger, better, and grow faster!

5. Re-Birth

I say, "re-birth" for a specific reason here.

In truth, we are whole, infinite and connected to everything,

However, as we were "born" into this life, our truth has been obscured by the conditioning and beliefs we've picked up.

For years now, whether consciously, or unconsciously, we have been
experiencing a stripping away of that conditioning.

Slowly but surely we have been purging out all that doesn't align with
our light.

Now the energies have peaked in a sense to such a degree that
they are finally piercing our armor and going DEEP.

We are starting to unravel the mysteries of the universe inside of

We are finally waking up to the "core" definitions that have imprisoned us in cycles of suffering and unconsciousness.

As we start to wake up on this level and willingly cast out those old
beliefs that no longer served us...

We get to feel what it's like to be born again!

Out of the shadows, we are rising!


We are finally becoming conscious enough to more easily discern our
truth from the illusions we've been taught.

How liberating!

This New Moon represents exactly what you came for, my friend.

& Peace

Much love to each and every one of you!

Victor Oddo

Victor is a guide, coach, and mentor for people going through a spiritual awakening. He has helped thousands of awakening souls accelerate their process so that they can go off into the world and shine their light! He is most concerned with raising the collective frequency of the planet and doing his part to help heal and uplift humanity.

You can find Victor at his WebsiteYouTube or Instagram

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