The Importance of Self-Care and How You Can Practice It

articles Mar 29, 2020

We often find ourselves overwhelmed when it comes to thinking about how we can better take care of our health. We think about the right kinds of food to eat, what activities can keep us healthy, and how we can practice self-care more. 

While taking some time to disconnect from social media could mean achieving a kind of quiet that you deserve, you know that there is more to life than just that. All these are ways of expressing how much you love yourself, and they are necessary and vital in our survival. 

However, there is one kind of self-care that is often neglected, and that is acknowledging self-importance. It’s one crucial detail about loving ourselves that we often overlook. More than loving others, it is a must that we love ourselves more. 

Self-love is not about words. It is about the constant daily practice of showing how much you value yourself. Think about it. You drink eight glasses of water every day because you know it is right for your health. So it only means that you also need an ample amount of self-love every day to give yourself to survive. 

Self-care Checklist

Make it a habit to remind yourself how good you are from the inside out. In everything that you do, you ought to tell yourself how much you appreciate even the smallest of things. After all, they have a significant contribution to the person you are becoming. With this self-care checklist, you can become a source of light, love, and everything beautiful in this world:

  • Tip 1: Stop and feel the world around you. Stop when it hurts. Tell yourself to take a break when it no longer feels good. Deal with the negative feelings and let go of them. Tell yourself to stop when the body starts to hurt. Your physical pain is a manifestation that you have overworked yourself yet again. It’s okay to feel the pain and the hurt but teach yourself to move on. 
  • Tip 2: Give yourself a pat on the back for surviving each day. It takes a whole lot of courage to face the truth even when it hurts. Cry if you must, but never give up. When you’ve done all of this, and you got over the pain, you know what you did was truly worth it. Try sending yourself some love. If it makes you feel good that you are showing love to the people important in your life, then it will feel double the happiness if you send some love to yourself. 
  • Tip 3: Engage yourself in activities that make you feel good. If you want, you can take on a new hobby. Perhaps you can try cooking or baking. Not only will you be able to provide sumptuous food to the people around you, but you will be able to show them some love through good food. Or perhaps you can try a new sport. Swimming helps you release stress while losing weight in the process, too. Doing something new is exciting. Teaching yourself a new skill can truly make a difference in your life. It’s the kind of boost you need to remind yourself how truly loved you are. 
  • Tip 4: Spend more time with yourself. Sometimes, your responsibilities can get in the way. It can all be too overwhelming as well. Gift yourself with some time alone. This will help you think and get things into perspective. Allow yourself some time to clear your head. Meditate if you must as this will help you reconnect with your soul. Knowing who you are and how you truly feel from the inside will help keep all those worries away. 

Benefits of Self-care

Do you often find yourself angry whenever things don’t go as planned? You feel disappointed thinking that they happened because you did not plan them so well? You are not alone with this kind of thinking. In fact, people beat themselves up the whole day just because one thing did not turn out as they envisioned it to be. 

Whenever you feel this, it can be quite hard for you to show how much you love yourself. In fact, you end up doubting yourself even more. You get distracted that you can no longer see the positive side of things. The less focused you become. Sometimes, you end up doing all the things you told yourself not to do. 

But if you give yourself some love, show forgiveness when things do not go right, you start to heal from all the hurt. Everything begins to take a shift while you deal with uncertainty and chaos every day. But with self-love, you know that you can surpass everything. You become more resilient, and that is what truly matters. 

Give yourself some love as it plays a significant act in self-care. It is much needed, yet it is rare. Give it to yourself every day and make it a habit.

Importance of Self-love

How important is it for a person to express love for themselves? Self-care is all about maintaining a healthy and loving relationship with yourself. It is not about keeping all the love and not being able to give them to people. After all, you cannot give others the love that you do not have. While some may say that self-love is the selfish kind of love, the truth is that loving yourself is the true foundation of all the love that you can give the world. 

Reinvigorate yourself and find something that you can do. Put into self-practice the idea of self-love as it is the best way to improve your well-being. Be the best version of yourself for others, and be the light that they need right now. Everyone else around you can benefit from the fact that you have a strong love for yourself. Renew that joy and boost that energy. Loving yourself is a way that you can love others as well. 

Lastly, give yourself ample time that you need every day. Despite your crazy, busy schedule, you must tell yourself that the best time to show yourself some love is right now. It is not next week or next month. The best time is always now.

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