A Lightworker's Guide to Staying Grounded During the Coronavirus Outbreak

articles Mar 26, 2020

Before I get into the content of this article, I want you to know first of all that I am not making this article to over-exaggerate any information to gain personal benefit from the hype around the coronavirus.

I am here to offer you a practical down to Earth guide based on my blueprint to stay connected with my inner guidance as well as my most empowered state during this collective upheaval. And before I get into the practical ways, you can ground yourself and utilize this time for positive growth, and I want to explain first-first how I am gaining perspective on this situation at hand.  

This article will explore two main subjects: 

Number One: How you can start to gain a broader view of this situation, outside of the many binary and dualistic standpoints.

Number Two: How you can alchemize this situation through your mind, body, and spirit. 

So let's start with number one. It will be essential to stay open to all views. Let me explain.

There are many different theories of where the virus has been sourced. Some say it is human-made; some say this is a cycle of nature; some say this is a spiritual lesson for humanity, etc. I am not writing this article as a way to hypothesize or tell you what the virus is or how to know where it came from or even why it's here. Because the truth is there are enough wide-spread opinions and information on this subject that, with minimal effort, you can find out all of those things for yourself and come up with your viewpoint. 

In the mystery school lineages, I have studied through many various resources, the first notion that an initiate (a student dedicated to the understanding of spiritual mysteries of life) is encouraged to do is to QUESTION EVERYTHING. Not in a way that you are already assuming you know the answer prompting you to question other's truths. But more so, asking questions with the curiosity of a child to explore as many perspectives as possible. When you are not open to exploring different points of view, you most likely will end up seeing only one portion of perspective on an infinitely intelligent vast network of information.

Most of us rob ourselves from discovering more profound truths about reality because we subscribe to one theory or another instead of continuing to listen and be open to all viewpoints while still humbly asking the question to yourself: But what was missing from the story? 

When we allow ourselves to stay open and continue to not come to any conclusions, we engage in the actual scientific process of discovery. 

When we first awaken, we see the oneness within everything. This process of discovery is necessary to open our hearts to connect with how the spirit moves through all things. But the next step described in the mystery schools the deeper spiritual initiatory paths is about discernment. 

Discernment is about defining systems and patterns that emanate through the cycles of nature and throughout our greater universe. Spiritual discernment is not to be mistaken for judgment, exclusion, or discrimination, which is more about damning any reality for being incompletely or distorted. When we judge, we lose the ability to create a connection. Discernment is necessary for the process of self-development to be able to develop systems that work to sustain our health and vitality. And even the ancient ones knew that if they could identify a rhythm or an overarching system to how reality was structured, they could start to be in touch with the pulse of life that moves through all things, which would bring a greater understanding to how reality works. 

I have been using these skills to listen to many sources for almost three months now about this novel-coronavirus. What I will explore below are the main seemingly opposing views on what's going on in the world from the "spiritual" community. 

One group of people is mainly focusing on the spiritual aspect of this manifestation, saying that if we listen to the fear that is being circulated throughout society, if we feel our fear then we will end up manifesting the disease in our lives. They say that focusing on the virus at all fuels the disease-ridden paradigm. Some are even saying that humanity is in a bifurcation (splitting into two different realities) and that the ones who keep a positive state will be the ones who can enter the "New Earth" when the viral dust finally clears. 

The other group is mainly focusing on what is happening in the physical world. They are saying that all that matters is to understand the undercurrent of what is happening geopolitically. They are the preppers. They were the ones who predicted the fall of the economy way before it was even close to happening. And they have been stocking up to prepare for some time now!

But I have been using this process I described above about being open to all views. What I have been noticing in my life to be most practical is to create a balance of BOTH worlds: The Spiritual & the Physical. 

Let me explain more here, which may take a few sentences to get to my point. 

At the end of January 2020, against what all of what my "New Age" friends were saying to do (which was the look the other way and focus on a positive reality), I decided to go HEAD FIRST, into as much information I could find about this virus.

Because although I had been in many communities and heard many channelers talk about how "we create the reality, we focus on" (which I still believe to a degree). I also have learned first hand that if we suppress pure emotion, then that very disconnection from our body with reality usually manifests as disease overtime as well. 

Which brings me to the next part of my story: Boy, did my fear body get ignited majorly. 

But I allowed the fear periodically to course through my body as I continued to do my research over the coming days and weeks, not telling my body what it should or shouldn't do with the emotions but just letting them speak to me.  I allowed the utter despair of what these changes meant to the old world that was about to possibly crumble to curl my entire being into the fetal position as I writhed with grief a few nights.

Fear is a natural byproduct and companion of the unknown. 

What I came to find out through personal experience through this rising crisis is that fear only has a negative connotation and association in our minds for as long as we do not understand the nature of the very object that is causing the fear in the first place. There is power in understanding because understanding merges the field of separation between what is not known into becoming known and understood. 

And so, I allowed this new reality in all of its horror and possible wonder to course through every vein of my body. I wanted to know as much as I could about this new reality we were all about to step into. And I did, I stepped into so many realities that by the time everyone was waking up to the crisis, I was not scared anymore, but I was prepared. By listing to the fear, I was able to extract what I was needing to feel physically and emotionally safe in the situation. 

I was finally able to be practically and sustainably in a "higher vibration" because my primary physical needs were met to feel emotionally safe in this situation. 

I see that it is essential to address your physical needs first to be able to sustain a high vibrational state practically. See how there is a balance there? You need physical resources to maintain a certain level of health, and you need spiritual and emotional wellness to maintain a certain level of physical and emotional health for yourself. In my opinion, it is crucial to acknowledge both the material and the spiritual world. We need to balance the physical and spiritual to create a bridge between the two seemingly opposite worlds because both those worlds live within you. 

I want to state here that I am not sharing this information with some recommendation of dogmatic subscription to any particular reality. I am just sharing my personal experience and my discoveries through that process.

The intention for writing this article is to provide support for the extra-sensitives and the ones who know they have a healing mission here on this planet through a down to Earth guide on physically, emotionally, and spiritually shifting gears to interface with this new reality template. 

In my opinion, this event happening on this planet is a catalyst for our collective evolution. 

Nature works by evolving through a challenge. Right now, we have a pretty significant environmental and economic challenge; this means we as a collective and as lightworkers have a very substantial catalyst to grow exponentially spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Whether we like it or not. 

And for many of the ones that have been a part of this trippy "spiritual" or "New Age" narrative, I believe this is our time as lightworkers and healers when we are needed the most. Not to puff ourselves up or contort ourselves to be anything different than who we are but in the true fashion of the symbol of spiritual initiation to let the symbolic fires that blaze on this planet to transform each one of our lives. 

What internal voice have you not been listening to was brought to your attention once the crisis broke out? You are about to have so much time to listen to that inner voice at this time. What are you being called to transform? To let go of? To step into service? 

So without further adieu, here is the answer to the Second Point in this article: How you can alchemize this situation through your mind, body, and spirit. 

3 Dimensions to of your "Bodies" to Address

You are not just a physical body; you have an emotional body that holds and continuously digest your emotions as well as a spiritual body that informs and constructs the other two. So let's address these three different aspects of self. 


  • Stay up to date on information about the virus (Without becoming consumed by it. Make sure to take breaks to return to a stress-free space)
  • Start storing foods & common household goods by buying just a little extra if you can. (Not by hoarding or over buying) 
  • Another way to watch overspending in by cutting any unnecessary areas of spending. 
  • Plan to create a garden (raised beds, hydroponic, or container) or grow micro-greens. 
  • If you have children, start learning about homeschooling.
  • Create a rhythm for how your days will run from home. 
  • If you don't already work from home, think of creative ways you can move your career online. 
  • Build your immune system through vitamins, minerals, healthy foods, and superfoods.
  • Move your exercise routine to be sustainable at home. 
  • If you have any type of disorder that compromises your immune system has a plan for how you will remain as healthy as possible. 


  •  Physical Isolation doesn't mean you need to be emotionally isolated, join like-minded communities online that will infuse you with the necessary reminders to access your most empowered version. 
  • Allow yourself to move through the negative emotions as they arise in each moment without judgment and listen to what they are pointing to within yourself.
  • Once you have "digested" your emotions, try to notice practices that uplift your emotional well being. Do more of that! 


  • According to esoteric science viruses first, penetrate your field from the astral plane. The astral plane is a very abstract and multilayered facet of reality that I think few understand. It will be essential to do particular auric clearing practices. (I offer an auric clearing mini-course for only $33 USD)
  • This time is perfect for listening to any shifts in your sacred service to this world as a lightworker and healer.
  • Stay connected to your pathway to the Creator or how spirit speaks to you at this time!

It will be essential to open to truly tuning into the connection to all three layers of your mind, body spirit complex at this time to move with the surge of new energies entering the planet.  

You have chosen this life. You are needed as a healer, way-shower, and guide for these coming-times, but before you could ever hold another sustainably or even more extensive than that a collective, you must first master holding yourself. 

We are in this together. We are one. 

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