4 Incredible Benefits of Pranayama Breathing

Breath is an essential component of living. It is the first thing that a baby does when it is born, and the last thing we do before we die. In between, people spend their lives breathing. However, what most people do not realize is that it is one of the few things that the body does without the help of the brain and the heart. 

Another fascinating thing is that our breathing is intimately connected to what we think and how we feel. Even though breath comes naturally, consciously learning how to breathe to heal helps you achieve the union between your physical body and your mind. It puts you in a position where you begin to realize who you are and what you are from deep inside. 

Are you breathing to live, or are you breathing to heal?

What is prana yoga or pranayama yoga?

If you genuinely want to understand what it means to live life, then you must explore the many benefits of prana yoga

Pranayama is a popular and effective yoga breathing technique. The term prana is a Sanskrit word, which means life-force. Yama is another Sanskrit word, which means control. When these two words are combined, it means the practice of controlling the breath or life force. 

Pranayama yoga itself means being in control of the body through meditation and mastering the art of proper breathing. This type of yoga practice can change many aspects of your life for the better. Pranayama meditation is all about living a mindful life and finding the foundation of your strength from within your life force. 

What type of Pranayama healing do you need?

There are many types of pranayama breathing techniques used in the practice of yoga. Utilizing the breath while engaging in various physical postures allows the body to heal in many ways. Although yoga can also be an excellent form of exercise to help us lose weight, the breathing techniques of yoga help us release the negative energies that are clinging to our spirits. 

The combination of pranayama, mediation, and postures can become a cornerstone of healing if you let it.

The kind of breathing that you need would have to depend on the sort of yoga that you do and the healing that your body requires. For example, holding breath benefits the body in more ways than one could imagine. It helps relieve stress allowing your body to breathe out the negative energies and breathe in only the good ones. 

How do you do pranayama breathing?

  1. Breathe out through your mouth, making a loud whoosh sound. 
  2. While breathing in through your nose, count to four. This time, do not make a sound. 
  3. At the top of your breath, hold it, and count to seven. 
  4. On the eighth count, breathe out with all of your might and make that whoosh sound again. 

Repeat this several times until you start to feel peaceful and lighter. You may also begin to feel worry-free. This lighter feeling is a result of the negative energies leaving your body.

What are the benefits of pranayama breathing?

Healing is as simple as breathing. Not everyone may understand as it sounds so simple, but that’s what Pranayama yoga is about. It is a combination of various methods of breathing, meditation, and yoga postures that will allow the body to heal on its own. Here is a list of just some of the ways that a consistent Pranayama practice can change your life.

Pranayama helps reduce stress. 

Have you been stressed at work? Have you been struggling to balance your home responsibilities? Stop and allow yourself to breathe. Everyone finds themselves at some point in their lives struggling to breathe, either figuratively or literally. Stressful thoughts can hinder you from breathing correctly, such as hyperventilating, and that’s when the practice of pranayama comes in and helps. 

Pranayama provides a boost of energy to help you survive stressful days. Take a deep breath and slowly release it. Do this repeatedly until you start to feel your body relax and your mind clear. Deep breathing brings more oxygen into the body, which in turn relieves the pressure from stress. Soon, the neck and the muscles on your upper chest will feel lighter. 

Pranayama helps you achieve a calm state of mind and body.

Have you tried taking deep breaths for thirty seconds at a time? If you have, perhaps you have experienced the calmness and ease that it provides the body and mind. Controlled breathing helps relieve the nerves in the body and let go of anxiety and muscle fatigue. 

The habit of Pranayama breathing along with yoga teaches you the pattern of proper deep breathing and being in control of your body. As a result, you will gradually feel calmer and become more aware of how you feel and think. 

Pranayama can help you lose extra weight.

Have you wanted to get rid of those bulges in the stomach area? If you think pranayama is just about breathing and meditation, think again. Although the process might be slower than the other types of exercise routines, it definitely helps the body get rid of the extra weight

Recent studies have provided proof that the continuous practice of pranayama also frees you from the urge to binge eat and helps your body crave healthier food. It also helps in the dissipation of fat cells in the body. Deep breathing and proper posture help you control your natural urges through mindfulness and general healthy habits.

Pranayama gives you a boost of energy.

As mentioned before, deep breathing helps increase the level of oxygen that goes inside the body. It helps prevent shortness of breath and allows you to engage in activities for more extended periods without experiencing breathing difficulties. When pranayama breathing is coupled with the right yoga techniques, not only does it help achieve concentration, but it also helps in producing consistently high energy.

If you’re still wondering if you should start a pranayama practice, the answer is simple: you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. 


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