4 Important Tips If You're Struggling with Mindfulness

How does your daily routine look? Is it focused on getting more things done? Is it about achieving a specific task you have set for yourself? Or is it about ticking off every item in the to-do list you prepared at the beginning of the day? 

You have a list, and the moment you get the opportunity to start the day, you rush to get it done. Because you’re so used to being in autopilot, you seldom stop or take a pause. Even when you are tired of constantly being in a hurry, you don’t take the chance to relax or take some breathing space. 

The focus is always on getting things done and making sure they are done right. The goal is to always reach for what is ten steps ahead of you. Instead of thinking about where you are at the moment, you are worried about what would become of you tomorrow. 

You never took a pause until you needed it. 

Mindfulness activities are often associated with the idea of under-performance. Because you took a pause, you missed out on the opportunity for growth. Because you spent thirty minutes meditating, you lost thirty minutes of what could have been a productive half an hour. 

If you have been moving through your days and getting things done, it may seem like you are on the right path. 

Why should you change when you have been very productive?

When being productive is the only measure of success in this life, no person will ever leave this mortal coil with comfort and ease. Have you ever thought of changing the way you measure your quality of life? Have you considered thinking about how much you enjoyed it instead of how many things you ticked off your list? 

What’s next? Should it always end with business?

Importance Of Mindfulness

Why is it important to be more mindful? If you always consider productivity to be the measure of success in life, you will never learn how to live life to the fullest.

Success does not come easy, but you don’t have to work to death to achieve it. Sometimes, all you need is to stop and listen to what’s inside of you. 

Sometimes, you will feel disappointed in yourself for forgetting to do what needs to be done. There will be times when it will be a struggle to try to start again. But all beautiful things come from things we never thought were possible. 

With all the mindfulness tips that you receive, which one do you consider the most helpful? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do the things that you want and still keep your sanity intact? 

Why then should you be more mindful? 

Being mindful will help you find inner peace 

The world is a chaotic place, but you don’t have to let it destroy you. You will struggle less by being more in touch with all the activities that come into your life.

Being mindful allows you to control the urge to do more. 

There will always be that urge to do more and be more. It is easy to give in to distraction or cravings for food or shopping, but when you are mindful, you know how to control the situation. 

Being mindful puts you in control of your situation

No matter what type of trial may come your way, you know exactly how to control yourself and not just lash out over something petty. With a consistent mindfulness practice, it is much easier to see that some problems are not really a big deal. 

Being mindful makes you more compassionate to yourself and others 

When someone mistreats you, you can easily see beyond their adverse action. You will be more willing to extend your patience and let others feel compassion and care through you. 

Being mindful helps you realize the value in every situation

When you live in the present, you can see how you can be grateful each day. Instead of allowing others to slip away from your life, you will realize that you should not take anyone for granted. 

You have your own reasons why you want to drown yourself in work. Maybe it is a pain and hurt, or perhaps it could be some sort of longing. Whatever your struggles may be, you will see the actual value of mindfulness living when you give it a try. 

Find it within you to want to try living a more mindful life. At this point, the small discomforts can turn into life lessons you keep for life.   

How To Be More Mindful

Becoming more mindful does not happen overnight. It takes several practices, meditation techniques, and a whole lot of patience with yourself. The beginning is always tricky, but the best way to get through it is to get started. 

Starting a mindful health journey is easy; making the practice last long is a different story. So how do you begin to be more mindful? Here are some helpful tips for doing it:

Slow down 

Yes, there will always be more important things to do. Moving too fast may help you do all things you need to do, but it also opens the doors for mistakes. When you experience something in a rush means not experiencing it at all. Slow down and pay more careful attention to what you are doing. Not only will you get it done, but you will enjoy the whole experience of it too. 


When was the last time you stopped in your tracks to breathe? Mindfulness breathing is one of the most important aspects of living a mindful life. Not only does it help regulate your heart rate, but it could help reduce anxiety and stress altogether. 

Be more aware

Stop and look at the people around you. Breathe in the air. Smell the flowers. Listen to the sound of the birds. All these may seem simple, but they lead you right where you need to be.


The simple act of finding some quiet is one of the most powerful ways to gain control of your life. It also allows you to make sense of the chaos inside your head. This doesn’t have to take long. A good thirty minutes, to start, will do great. Some meditation tips are to take it slowly, don’t worry about your mind wandering, and always bring your attention back to your breath.

The need to get things done leaves you stressed out and anxious. When you change the way you measure your day, you will see how much more valuable your day becomes. Right then and there, you will realize what it means to truly live. 

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