How Can I Find More Happiness?

Happiness comes from within. It is not dependent upon your external reality. When you make it dependent upon your outer reality, the joy you experience is variable.

You know what activities are more enjoyable and which ones are less enjoyable. Once you can find happiness in whatever you are doing, you will more precisely be able to identify and select the things that you prefer to do.

A Spirit Science friend did a life regression several years ago that revealed a pattern of making decisions based upon the fear of a negative outcome. This is a pervasive idea. When we looked back at decisions that this person had made when they were not fearful of the results, there were ZERO regrets, and there were direct ties to the most positive parts of this person's life from their perspective at the time.

When we looked at the decisions that the person made with fear of the outcome, there was a considerable about of resistance that occurred - more obstacles that they needed to overcome internally and externally, more lessons to learn. There is nothing inherently negative about choosing fear, but there are consequences for either choice.

You can remove the fear of "what happens next" if you 1) begin to select the perspective that happiness comes from within, and 2) choose more activities that are more enjoyable to you on a daily basis.

Finally, find other happy people.

Don't give your power away by stating that, "When I am with this person, it makes me happy." But instead, look at it as a conscious selection of the people that you enjoy being with. Don't judge yourself by how many friends you have, but rather the quality of the relationships.


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