Give Me A Break: How to Take Time For You

Each of our bodies -physical, mental, emotional - is much different and requires a great deal of attention and intention at the pace of today to find the coherence with the heart. Overwhelming external stimuli and self-deprecating internal dialogue contribute mightily to the stress and anxiety that is commonplace.

Absent the recent events, it is hard to imagine for most people reading this a lifestyle that is so significantly slower than this would have existed as a norm just a couple of generations ago. Our collective human consciousness in the "modernized" world has brought us to a point where many people do not know how to relax even if they perceived themselves to have the time for it (or even when they are in quarantine).

Also, we have a large swath of people that are not currently admitting to themselves that they are taking poor care of their mental, physical, and emotional bodies because they believe that they are. Even if you do take care of yourself, you likely go through phases where your routines dip.  We look around us and see undeniable examples of people loving themselves more than anyone or anything, with care and compassion, but we are superficially judging them based on status. This is a real problem for individuals and for organizations given the fact that we all know that this lifestyle characterized by scarcity and competition is not sustainable nor desirable. The solution is for us to begin - one by one - to choose healthy and holistic lifestyle choices that fit and to re-prioritize self-care and decompression. Once self-care is a top priority every day, it gets done. If it is not a priority, it doesn't.

Comprehend and integrate that an investment in you is an investment in your work and family.  Many times we think like this: I don't want to take away the time for myself when I could dedicate it to someone else."  Selflessness in many ways has come to be practiced as martyrdom.  Just take a look around at those that are succeeding in relationships, in business, in health...they are putting themselves first, and because they are doing that, they are able to embody the overflowing chalice of abundance, flowing out love towards their friends and family.

Get real with what fills you up. Don't just go along with what other people are doing. We have a very "spiritual" Spirit Science friend that has a very "mainstream" way to relax - watching the Housewives of Orange County.  She does not watch much entertainment, but just felt drawn to the show and has watched each season several times. She is a very balanced and healthy person, and by removing judgment but listening to guidance, she has a fun and healthy way of decompressing from her job as a producer. 

Schedule it and make it a routine. Be flexible to allow spontaneity.  This idea is quite the balance between the masculine and the feminine.  Make it a habit AND allow for flexibility.  This requires some deep inner work to balance these aspects within you.

Get into nature without technology. EMF destroys your DNA - that's a fact.  Our eyes are open to this knowledge, yet we live in a world where we are reliant upon technology for many things.  What is not considered in this discussion is the profoundly quick healing properties of the human body when it engages directly with natural elements, fresh air and water, and negative ions.   While everything in most of our day to day lives is synthetic - device screens, screen size, electric lighting, square rooms, digital communications - a 30-minute walk in wild nature can mend a day's worth of EMF exposure.

Re-prioritize self-care and relaxation today. Go into yourself and reveal what is fun and exciting, and relaxing.

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