Dealing with the Anxiety of Uncertainty

There is nothing in this life that is certain. No matter how hard you try, life is uncertain. However, this unpredictability can make life exciting. Nobody knows what tomorrow will be. Although everyone wants to prepare for the future, all they can do is try to be ready. But when negative things do happen, you have no choice but to deal with it the best way you know how to.

Anxiety can also be triggered by comparing ourselves to others. The hyperconnectivity of people through the internet, social media platforms, and constant messaging makes us overly aware of what people are doing, and perhaps we start to feel less-than because we aren't accomplishing or doing as much. This comparative nature of humans makes it even more impossible to focus on one's self-growth. 

Sadly, technology has provided people with a platform where they can check on how others are growing faster than they are. So instead of getting themselves ready to become better, they end up wallowing in their fears. The fear of the future is always there, so is the aspiration to become better than who you are now. 

Anxiety has become a familiar feeling for almost everyone. In this day and age, when everything seems to be uncertain, anxiety and stress can only make things worse. But how do we deal with it?

While there is no one solution that will work for everyone when it comes to dealing with anxiety, there are several habits that everyone can try to not only cope up with the stress but also and thrive. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, building faith in yourself is the only thing that will keep you going. 

What Causes Anxiety?

One of the most significant causes is the uncertainty of the future. However, because no one can know precisely what is going to happen in their future, and the anxiety cycle continues to run, especially if people feel like they aren't on the right track. 

Another cause is the fear of failing. People worry about the things that they want to achieve and the time it takes them to complete it. They continuously feel unsettled and that if their situation continues, they will eventually lose control of themselves and their environment.

Although people worry about these things all the time, this fear is heightened during common negative life changes. For example: 

  • Losing a job and not knowing how to begin again 
  • Debt or an unexpected bill that puts you in financial danger
  • Sickness or addiction within yourself or a loved one
  • Death of a loved one
  • Moving to an unfamiliar place, especially if you have no support system present in this new location

You get it. The heightened emotions caused by these stressful situations often cause more anxiety. When you find yourself in the middle of such a circumstance, you begin to wonder what life would be like if everything fell apart. 

This is where the anxiety cycle starts. You find yourself in a stressful situation. You get over it. You learn a lesson or two. Then when another one hits you again, you doubt yourself, you worry, and you get over it. The cycle never ends and can be exhausting. Chronic anxiety can even lead to other health issues, including body pains, panic attacks, heart issues, and digestive issues. 

How Do You Deal With The Anxiety Of Uncertainty?

The cycle will never end until you recognize that you can do something about your anxiety. Acceptance of stress is the most significant step. When you learn to accept that you are suffering from it, the easier it will be for you to get over it. 

The key to accepting anxiety is not merely avoiding or ignoring the uncertainty of life. Instead, acknowledge that life, no matter how hard you try to plan it out, will always be uncertain. Try not make a big deal about failures or losses because it happens to everyone. When you lose, you learn. Don't focus on losing; instead, focus on the lessons. 

Remember that you might be in a difficult situation right now, but it is not the end of the world. 

Teach yourself to be resilient. Tell yourself that you are not alone in this situation and that there are people around you who genuinely care. Here are some tips to help you develop the habits you need to pull you out of the dark hole of anxiety.

Allow yourself to feel the pain

Instead of rushing to find a solution, allow yourself to feel the pain and the discomfort. Avoid wallowing, as worrying about it does not help at all. Instead, teach yourself to accept that some things happen for a reason. Getting in the habit of letting ourselves feel the stress will turn out to be a transformative one. Your anxiety will turn into strength as you become more present with yourself. Remember that if you see it as an opportunity for growth, then it will become one

Teach yourself that it's okay to feel lost sometimes

Now everyone is grounded all the time. People lose their grounding, and they feel anxious about it. There is no need to freak out. Instead, think of it as a clean slate. When you lose your footing, look for opportunities for growth and learning. You may find things you never thought of before. If you are too focused on regaining your balance, you will lose that part of you that wonders and wanders. Remember that it is vital for every person to be completely open to learning; that's when you will find real joy. 

Give yourself some love

In the middle of all this, don't forget to show yourself some love. Instead of going back to your old habits and shutting yourself down, free yourself from all the worries. Get into the habit of giving yourself the love that you deserve. The best kind of love is the one that you give yourself. Be compassionate to yourself and others. 

At the end of the day, one thing will remain certain: if you show yourself love and forgive yourself for failing sometimes, you will get everything that you desire. 

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