The Infinite Universe

Written by Jamie Fall

What Is Beyond The Universe?

How far does the Universe go? What is beyond the farthest galaxy? Is it just vast nothingness? I know this Universe is huge, but compared to all of the possibilities I could imagine, the way we view our Universe actually seems rather limiting. Even if it were a quadrillion-trillion lightyears of galaxies, it still doesn't seem all that vast compared with what it could be. Why is the Universe not filled with flying fish? Or galactic trees? Or alternative laws of physics? I know these ideas are absurd, but it seems odd that a thing within the Universe can imagine more possibilities than what the infinite Universe possesses. Doesn't that break the laws of logic? It feels like the Universe should be too big for me to even comprehend its possibility, considering I am just a speck in size. 

Infinite Realities 

Suppose then the Universe is infinite. I like this concept because it feels both elegant in its simplicity yet equally incomprehensible to my mind. This is sort of fitting, for if I could easily comprehend the fundamental concepts of all reality and the Universe it seems to me it probably would be incorrect. It just feels like the answer to everything should be more complicated than my simple understanding. If there indeed were an infinite number of realities, then every possible reality that could be would be. This would include a reality where gravity is reversed. Or time flows backward. Or one where we exist in a reality where there is a secret space federation of various alien races. And even one where science can be explained as a force of spirit that connects us all and influences everyone in harmony with modern technology and science (Could that be our reality? I hope so!). These realities would need to be separated in some way so that one reality does not mix with the others. Perhaps each of these realities is separated by a bubble of sorts that contains all of that reality, all floating in a sort of super-soup reality. Since the Universe we see is fairly organized, perhaps these realities are also organized into clusters of realities with similar traits. So, for example, realities with gravity and galaxies are nestled closer together, but with their bubbles of containment still keeping them separate. 

Connected Realities

Could it be possible to cross over to these other realities? While they are apart, it seems that to keep them separate, they must at least share some information about where they are located in relation to the other realities as well as what traits the other realities have (to keep them each different and perhaps organized). So, perhaps there are connections of information between these realities to serve this purpose. I imagine this like vines of information connecting the different reality bubbles. Could it be possible to cross between these realities through these tunnels of information? If the only thing shared between these realities was information, then perhaps our minds, which are designed to process information, could be a gateway for tapping into these other realities. I know these ideas are very far-out, but I'm not trying to prove any of them (I don't think you even could!). I'm more just posing some interesting thoughts for exploration.

The Infinite Paradox 

There is an elephant in the room for this theory that I think makes most people give up on it, but that I think can actually still be solved. In this theory of infinite realities, there must exist a reality where it is the only reality. How can this be? Does a set of all sets contain itself? It is a paradox. But what is a paradox, really? If you think about it, a paradox is basically attempting to hold two or more opposing views at the same time. In this case, there are infinite realities, but there is only one reality, but there is also an infinite number. This thought process has you going back and forth between two answers, creating a sort of motion of the mind as if there is more than one solution. How would you write an answer that is changing? I suppose you would need a sort of dynamic answer that morphs and changes to fit both possibilities. 

Creative Growth 

Perhaps there is an energy of creative growth that is formed from this paradox of the Universe trying to explain itself as infinity with a morphing answer of possibility. I imagine it like a vine growing and forming bubbles of reality. Each is trying to explore and answer this paradox of infinite realities. Why can't the Universe have this reality, like forming its own bubble? But then why can't the Universe have this reality, like a vine shooting out to grow a different bubble? This would mean there are trillions of bubbles growing and forming out from these connecting vines. Some parallel realities growing in bubble clusters, some realities encapsulating other bubbles (why not a reality that has multiple other realities?), some larger and some smaller, some destroying other realities that don't agree with their view, some creating strong barriers of logic and reasoning to protect themselves from opposing views of reality, and some mirroring this struggle all the way down to the very beings that inhabit the realities, creating factions and wars of ideas. Ideas of an all-powerful God, ideas of physics and mathematics, and a theory of everything. And many others. 

Shape Of Infinity 

I like this visualization of the vines and bubbles, but really all visuals of infinity are only symbolic representations of something we can't truly comprehend. You could also see the Universe as a brain trying to understand itself. Or an ultimate creative God. Or possibly a fractal falling ever deeper into itself. A different visual I like for this would be an ever-expanding sphere of everything. Of oneness. Of source. Of infinity. A reality where all realities exist. But how do you have an infinitely large sphere? As soon as you get to the edge, it is no longer infinite. It's finite. And so, it grows more to incorporate these finite points. If you zoomed in close enough to the edge of a sphere, you find specific points. Each point represents a specific idea of reality. Reaching out into the void of infinite possibility. You could see these points of specific as us. Individual souls of consciousness. Living and learning. We are necessarily separate so that we (and, in turn, the Universe) can explore specific parts of reality. But this separation is also an illusion, and we will be brought back into the infinite oneness of source because the paradox is ever in motion. 

Creative Play And Core Beliefs

I like to place these thoughts and concepts of reality in a part of my mind that allows for a lot of play and exploration, almost like a game of creative thought. Chasing ideas. Bringing new concepts into creation. Hearing other's ideas. Collaborating to create a shared reality. Sometimes destroying my incorrect concepts and redrawing them. It's all very much a creative process. But because these concepts are so fluid, I think it is good to keep certain ideas from entering this game of philosophy and hold them in a stronger place. These concepts include things such as love, relationships, empathy, joy, kindness, and many others. Perhaps holding these core values is a flaw of logic, but it's one I will gladly accept over being logical yet unloving. For me, it doesn't matter what creative design I make for a reality of infinite Universes, none of my philosophical concepts will ever sway my views on the importance of these core beliefs for love. If they are honest with themselves, I believe everyone probably holds core values that always trump logic. At first, this may seem limiting, but it is probably good that we pretty much all have similar core concepts of feeling that are stronger than any logical or conceptual philosophical argument because it helps connect us even if we have opposing views of reality (or multiple realities!).

Of course, people still disagree about concepts all the time, we still have arguments and even wars based on opposing views of our one reality that we're all sharing, but I believe if we really stepped back, we would see most people's core values of relationships and love are more similar than not. Perhaps that is part of the challenge for us in this reality. It's fun to create whatever reality you like in your mind with infinite Universes and cosmic powers, but it is also important not to forget about this reality and therefore forget how special it is. A sky full of stars, a sea full of fish, mountains, trees, people, with dreams living their lives and sharing life experiences with others. This is really an amazing reality to live in. And if the Universe truly is infinite, then anything is possible, so let's try to shape this into the best reality.

About the author: 

I'm Jamie Fall. I'm from the US. I studied fine arts in college and went back later for my teaching degree. I teach Art in China to elementary and high school students. My goal is to help my students learn to express their natural creativity and learn that they can use this creative ability to change the world positively.

I'm also an artist myself, working in various mediums, including oil paints, watercolor, digital, and others. I also enjoy game design and stories. I believe you can create art through any medium that expresses yourself creatively. For me, often, the ideas behind the art are the most important part. I've always been interested in spirituality and philosophy, as well as science and fictional stories. Oftentimes my art reflects these ideas in abstract ways. More recently, I've tried to do more formal writing on some of these ideas. I don't claim to be an expert on most of the spiritual or scientific topics I write about. Rather, I consider them more of a creative exercise in thinking. Like a journey through ideas and wondering that hopefully leads us closer to the truth. I hope you can find some inspiration in my thoughts that helps you on your own spiritual journey. 

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