Benefits Of Spirituality On Mental And Physical Health

How would you rate your spiritual wellness? People use different religions to find their path to god. They also use it to express their spirituality. While different people may have different ways to cope with life's challenges, spirituality has become one of the most popular options. 

Wellness tips always include getting spiritual help in order to increase individual wellbeing. It has been going on for years, and it should come as no surprise that spiritual and religious activities have become the primary source of ease and comfort. People have found hope in their spirituality. 

How Does Spirituality Change You?

Spiritual awareness is the first step to recognizing the value of spirituality in your life. You have to know what you believe in to be able to embrace the faith. Although nobody can say that they have seen god, those who have their spiritual life strengthened could attest to how they feel god's presence in their lives. 

And yet, spirituality is not all religious. Scientific studies show that it comes with many positive benefits on a person's mental and physical health. Their capacity to respond with enough emotional responsibility may also be due to their spiritual strength. 

Spirituality helps you find clarity

A Canadian study found that students who are active in a campus ministry were less likely to see a doctor. While their school work may require a lot from them, they find clarity in thought through their spiritual practice.

It is this clarity that allows them to think clearly of what needs to be done. No matter how many tasks there are, the students with an excellent spiritual background know what needs to come first. 

They know what to prioritize and what should take a back seat. Instead of worrying about all the things they need to do, they take it one step at a time. With clarity of thought, they know exactly what needs their attention at the moment and what they can do at a later time. 

Spirituality teaches you gratitude

There is something special about living a life full of gratitude. It is not about not having negativity. Rather, it is about facing a life full of gratitude for all the things that happen—the good and the bad. 

The good parts of life will teach you the value of hard work. If you put your heart and soul into everything you do, you can do practically anything.

On the other hand, the negative things that happen will teach you humility. This is your ability to see the positive side of things. It will allow you to focus on the learnings you got from the circumstance instead of the fact that it ended as a failure. 

Studies find older women who have a strong relationship with their spirituality are less stressed. Their spirituality allows them to practice a life of gratitude. It teaches them to see things in a positive light and that there is always something to learn from every experience. 

Compared to older men, older women tend to live a life of gratitude. This allows them to feel happy about their life, even though sometimes the circumstance isn't that ideal. 

Spirituality teaches you acceptance

This is one of the best lessons one could ever learn from being close to the spiritual aspect of their being. Learning to accept the things that you cannot change in this lifetime makes you a better person for yourself and others. 

Acceptance is the key to learning that you cannot be in control of everything in your life. There is always that part of you that will teach you the value of being there for others. It will make you realize that every person in your life serves their purpose, and you serve a purpose in their lives as well. 

When you dedicate your life to god or whatever you consider divine, you become more of who you are. The only limit is the one that you set for yourself. Whether it is meeting others' expectations of you or that of yourself, you know that acceptance is the key to seeing things differently.

If you want to grow as a person, you need to accept that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, things won't go as planned. In these situations, you know that some higher being has planned things differently for you. 

How Will Prayer Work In Your Life?

People who have found a strong sense of spirituality in their life are comforted. They are comforted by the thought that they have given it their best shot. And if things do not turn out as planned, they can focus on what they learned and improve from there. 

Prayer works for people no matter how young or old they may be. Prayer and spirituality have actually been linked to a lot of benefits. Including but not limited to:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Less hypertension
  • More positive feelings
  • Less depression
  • Greater psychological development
  • Superior ability to handle stress

Whether the thought of having god in your life inspires or comforts you, your spirituality is what gives you strength during difficult times. It is also the same source of happiness when you achieve success. 

What's Your Takeaway?

Learning how to improve spiritual health is a must. It is not just about how much you know about god or which god you believe in. The most important aspect of developing your spirituality is learning more about yourself in the process. 

No matter how stable you are physically, mentally, and emotionally, you will never be able to reach full clarity if you miss out on developing your spirituality.

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