Conspiracy Theory of Everything 7 ~ The Great Reset

The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic took the earth by storm. Like other cataclysms in history, this virus has devastated our modern society today, facilitating a mass exodus from many workplaces; millions took to the indoors and video-calls to do their jobs, where millions of others lost their jobs entirely. Based on the many's reactions, often facilitated by the media, it would seem as though the pandemic was a deadly killer. Panic and fear swept through mass consciousness… But the question we begin to ask ourselves is… is the fear necessary?

When looking at the science, one might question whether Covid-19 even deserves the tag of “pandemic” at all. According to the US Centre for Disease Control, the updated age-group survival rates for Covid-19 are as follows. Ages 0-19 have a 99.997% chance of survival. Generations 20-49 have a 99.98% chance of survival. Ages 50-69 have a 99.5% chance of survival, and Ages 70+ have a 94.6% chance of survival. These mortality rates are nearly identical, only ever so slightly higher than the human toll from the seasonal flu, and significantly lower mortality rates than many other ailments for the same age groups. 

Even if we look at the US right now, with a population of 328,239,523 as of 2019 census records, basic math will tell you that the 238K deaths amount to 0.07% of the total population. Similarly, with the UK, even with its rising cases, its 49,200 deaths amount to only 0.07%. This is not intended to reduce people to a number, for, of course, the deceased meant something to someone, and many loved ones have been lost in this time.

For those looking outside of the mainstream narrative, many have questioned the authenticity of the story and fear perpetuated by the media and governments since the very beginning, with at least 1/3rd of Americans believing that covid itself was made in a lab and that the event was purposefully planned. Theories as to why include everything from being a method to quiet over-population to a means to mass-vaccinate people with a specific chemical, drug, or nano-particle that could make people more comfortable to control or even tamper with their DNA, making raising consciousness difficult or impossible. So far, almost all of the effort and attempts to discuss this outside of the mainstream narrative has been banned across nearly all social media channels. One compelling documentary and its creator is not just silenced everywhere but violently attacked by the mainstream media itself. Naturally, we are fully prepared for this video and all of our CTOE series to be removed from YT. And that’s why we created Spirit Conspiracies. A free collection of censored content hosted on a private platform. You can get free access to this by clicking the link at the top of the description.

Nevertheless, as time has gone on, a new term has been coined to describe what many believe to be the real intention behind this pandemic… The Great Reset.

In mid-August, former Australian Senator Cory Bernardi presented a piece for Sky News Australia. He claimed that the agenda behind the pandemic was for elite Davos billionaires to bring about a “great reset” that would see permanent social and economic changes. 

Bernardi described something unusual about the continuing pandemic panic, citing medical experts who now acknowledge that lockdowns don’t work and ask the audience to consider if there is another plan at work. 

To add further weight to this conversation, Bernardi then highlighted comments by Klaus Schwab, the founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, who described that Covid-19 proved the old systems of society to be inadequate, and that “Now is the historical moment not only to fight the virus but to shape the system for the post-corona era.” 

Now, the world economic forum itself is an elite gathering of businessmen, politicians, and celebrities that happens every year in Davos, Switzerland. Their mission is stated as being "committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas." To that end, many attendees use the opportunity to hold private meetings on things like investment in their countries and as a chance to do business deals. 

Interestingly, until the financial crash of 2007-08, attending Davos was considered a must for the great and good. But since then, critics have suggested it is a symbol of the "global elite," some of whom are to blame for that very same crisis. One particular Time Magazine Editor described Davos as "a family reunion for the people who broke the modern world." 

The modern definition of Conspire includes several terms. One speaks to “planning together to commit an illegal or wrongful act or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.” and another is more innocuous.. “To join our act together, combine.” 

As these billionaires, political leaders, celebrities, and other titans of the industry gather together to make private business-deals and ultimately shape society's fabric as we know it, whether for good or ill, they do fall into at least one of the definitions of conspiring. 

Speaking to the great reset, to some, this idea of a planned re-write of global systems may be just a conspiracy theory. The truth is - it’s not. It’s not a theory at all. A book and live-streamed panel published by the World Economic Forum themselves titled “COVID-19: The Great Reset” outlines their views in great detail. 

In the opening of their new book, Schwab and Malleret openly state that “even though many of us are wondering when things will return to normal, the short answer is never. Nothing will ever return to the broken sense of normalcy that prevailed before this crisis because the Coronavirus marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory….the world as we knew it in the early months of 2020 is gone, dissolved in the context of this pandemic. 

Such radical changes of extreme consequence are coming that some experts are now referring to a “Before Coronavirus” (B.C) and “After Coronavirus” (AC) era.” As they explain rather eloquently, reality would likely be much more nuanced and not as black and white as a plague alone changing society. Instead, they highlight the fact that the seemingly Biblical events of 2020 will most likely accelerate many of the changes that were already taking place before it, natural setting in motion a new trajectory in the months and years to come. 

Historically, plague outbreaks have brought about changes on a worldwide scale that far exceeded just health concerns. Riots, famine, war and clashes, and the redrawing of national boundaries are all historical precedents. The Black Death signaled the final stages of the Medieval Period and gave birth to the Renaissance. The Plague of Justinian caused the Byzantine Empire to change course, and the smallpox epidemic all but wiped out the Inca and Mesoamerican empires.

The World Economic forum’s panel and book create a conceptual framework for how such a change will be brought about, dividing its events into Macro Categories like the economy, political, environmental, technological factors, and Micro Categories that focus on specific companies and industries… However, the final category relates to the personal consequences and how the events will alter who we are as humans on a fundamental level. 

To start, the financial impact alone would put the world in such a large sum of debt that future generations would be paying it off indefinitely. The essence of the 21st century, however, is interdependence. We are more connected than ever, and our world is entrenched in deep systemic connectivity… As such, any economic risk has the potential to turn into a political one, which we’ve already seen with high unemployment rates and dissatisfaction with governments sparking the fires of civil unrest. We have also seen the technical repercussions of things like the tracking apps for Covid, which have sparked a social backlash. But the Reset goes deeper. See, each risk event, like Covid, affects the other factors in its Macro, like the economy and Society, and involves the consequences of all other aspects of society. Each risk creates a kind of ricochet that provokes other risks in seemingly unrelated areas of society.

The WEF’s predictions argue that infectious diseases like Covid will undoubtedly create changes in everything from global governance failure, social instability, and unemployment to involuntary migration. Describing their plans further, they have put forth first that an increased sense of security and inclusiveness is inevitable to mitigate the social unrest and unemployment. But above that, we must move into a more sustainable method of living, as the next big Crisis waiting for us is the Climate Crisis, and we are heading straight for it. 

Speaking to this further, they plan to redefine our social contract to be more inclusive, setting up systems to leave solutions and responsibility to the next generation and our problems. Put, the social contract is the “glue” that binds society together; without it, society unravels. One of the most significant changes that are needed is in regards to Inflation. For years, the inflation rate has fallen for many goods and services, except for the three things that matter the most for many of us: housing, healthcare, and education. In all of these things, prices have only risen, creating and widening the societal gap, even as much as forcing families into debt for medical treatment or college education. 

What forms a new Social Contract will take is difficult to imagine because it depends on each country's culture and history. What makes a good change for China won’t be the same for the US. In general, though, some universals are being argued for: a broader, if not universal, provision of social assistance, including insurance and healthcare, and a move towards protecting the most vulnerable. 

Next, with the three main agreed upon consensus for how Covid will spread further into the year, Schwab argues that the world economy can never truly recover until Covid is defeated or put behind us. As such, we will need to Decarbonize the economy, that is, reduce our C02 output to avert the next “virus” that might very well be climatic. Further, we should move into a phase where there is no distinction between what is “good” for nature vs. what is good for the economy… To survive, we must move into a nature-based economy, which supposedly has been fully costed and studied by the experts at the WEF. 

The other main consequence of Covid is the increasing digitization of things and a move more into Cloud computing. Gone are the days of filing cabinets and paper documents because with Covid, offices can no longer function in the way they have been… It has appeared that in the space of the last couple of months, tech companies have almost fast-forwarded several years in terms of necessity and “remote everything.” Even our monetary exchange has changed, with many shops in the UK refusing to accept physical cash now, instead opting for a “contactless” only option with credit cards… The bottom line here is that most of the things that have defined us so far have now become e-things.

The problem ensues, however… With an increasing reliance on digital activity, how we use such things, the privacy issues surrounding them, and how we evolve with them is of paramount importance. Perhaps companies themselves will change, and our investment system will move away from shareholder capitalism toward stakeholder capitalism. If Covid has shown us anything, it’s that companies who invest in their longevity and focus more on adaptation than short term profits are the ones who will survive. 

Finally, an increased effort for Global Communication and aid is one thing that will define us well into the future. No longer can we act as individual nations, fighting our own battles… We must work together to survive. In the early 2010s, Kishore Mahbubani, a former diplomat and academic from Singapore, captured the essence of this with his metaphor of a boat: “The 7 billion people who inhabit Earth no longer live in more than 100 separate boats. Instead, we now live in 193 separate cabins on the same boat.” 

When asked his opinion on the current crisis in 2020, Kishore responded, “If we 7.5 billion people are now stuck together on a virus-infected cruise ship, does it make sense to clean and scrub only your cabin while ignoring the corridors and air wells outside through which the virus travels? Not, but that is what we’ve been doing...since we are all now in the same boat, humanity must take care of the global boat as a whole to prevent us from sinking collectively.” 

While all of this sounds well and good on its surface, and certainly could be a bright and promising future under the right leadership, the question surfacing in many minds, especially in those who criticize the World Economic Forum's Great Reset stance, is how did this come about? Was this all planned to establish a new, unified global government? 

Questioning the mainstream narrative behind all that is happening right now often yields a mixed response. Still, the most significant danger is that that so far, the large social network giants, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and even Google themselves - have notoriously banned any content that purports differences of opinion, mainly if it includes evidence to the contrary. To many, it certainly seems as though we are at war for humanity's thoughts, minds, and consciousness...

As technology evolves, our ability to manipulate nature grows with it. We have domesticated plants and animals, can bring rain on demand, affect hurricanes, induce earthquakes, and split atoms. We can now genetically engineer viruses for purposes like manipulating agriculture or fighting illness in humans once mystic seeming forces are now well within our grasp.

Though taming the chaos of nature is an underlying aspiration of a prosperous society, at every step in our evolutionary path, our discoveries and abilities open up Pandora’s box further, and our recent history of genetically engineered viruses is no different. As efforts are exhausted to create viruses that will modify DNA and cure complex illnesses like cancer without harming the host, a failure of healing presents a potential for the chaotic spread of disease. It is not at all far-fetched to say that humans have brought to life deadly viruses. We seem to do it all the time, and scientists are growing worried that unleashing DIY plagues will only become more manageable as technology progresses.

But what about Covid? Well - Scientists at the University of North Carolina in collaboration with The Wuhan Institute for Virology, an institute which shares its city with ground zero of Covid-19, in 2015, under the intention of fighting early what horrors may await us in the future, envisioned and brought to life a chimeric virus with the spike of a bat coronavirus and the backbone of a mouse-adapted one, achieving cross-species spread from bat to human cells. Their attempts at immuno-therapy were unsuccessful.

In just four years from this research, we find ourselves in a global pandemic featuring a mutated coronavirus from Wuhan, able to infect humans. It's essential not to get too sensational just yet, though. In 2002, SARS-Covid did mutate to infect humans. It’s natural that in a place like China with an active population of wild bats and other animals carrying coronaviruses, its institutes would be concerned and involved in its research… Yet, given the nature of certain and timely coincidences, we would expect the scientific community to adhere to a more significant burden of proof that Covid-19 mutated naturally to infect humans. What we got instead were silence and censorship. 

If the scientific community doesn’t provide us with the answers, we will go looking at ourselves. For those that were silenced, we seek to listen, and on the taboos of our time, we withhold judgment. And where there is secrecy, we will explore potential motives of foul play. 

From what mainstream science has told us, covid-19 is a mutation of a bat coronavirus that can infect human cells. Apart from the circumstances above of the virus originating in the same location as a virology lab that works on coronaviruses and has collaborated in engineering, which spreads from wildlife species to human cells, the most puzzling aspect of covid-19 is just how good it is at infecting humans in particular.

You see, coronaviruses begin their infection by attaching their protein spikes (the signature coronas sticking out of it) to what’s called an ACE2 receptor found in whatever organism it finds itself in. Most coronaviruses, despite our exposure to them, do not cause pandemics because the protein spikes usually are not adapted to bind to the human receptors. But in rare instances, during typical mutation, the virus may produce a strain with the capability to infect new species of hosts. If covid-19 is a coronavirus that mutated to work on humans, what specifically did it mutate from? The answers are a bit questionable…

And it’s not just that covid-19 is good at binding to human receptors - human receptors are covid-19’s favorite receptors. You see, all species have slightly different ACE2 receptors, which affects the range of hosts that coronavirus species can infect. When scientists tested how effective covid-19 was at binding to different species’ ACE2 receptors, they discovered that its affinity to humans was more incredible than every other species tested, including a bat. 

It's certainly not impossible, but it’s not as likely to happen naturally. What’s stranger still is that the human-adapted coronavirus from 2002 also favored humans, but only after infecting and mutating within them for months. Covid 19 came to humans at what appeared to be a human optimized stage in evolution.

The mainstream explanation for this virus's origin is from a bat strain of coronavirus called “RaTG13,” which shares a 96% genetic identity with covid-19, and it is purported that a specific mutation allowed the virus to unlock its potential to infect humans so effectively. So what do we know about covid-19’s supposed precursor: RaTG13?

The official story isn’t all too reassuring. The scientists who linked covid-19 to RaTG13 claim to have had samples of the virus since 2013 - these same scientists being researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology who worked on genetically modifying coronaviruses in the past. Not only is the existence of RaTG13 before covid-19 dubious [[this is not known for sure seek sources]], but if RaTG13 was so near to being a deadly and super-efficient human coronavirus and known about for seven years before it mutated, why were we not more prepared? It's not like we haven’t had near misses with a mutating coronavirus before. Yet, somehow the institute most aware of this danger waited until something terrible happened to draw attention to a virus primed to mutate and cause the pandemic we are in today… 

So what are we left to believe? Our best-case scenario is that scientists most familiar with coronaviruses knew of and ignored a deadly strain just a few steps away from infecting humans. Past that, it's not crazy to imagine that the RaTG13 piece used to explain covid-19’s origin is a fabrication to conceal the genetic modification of covid, which opens up a whole new can of worms. Either scenario seems to suggest some level of knowledge in advance of this pandemic. Yet, since RaTG13 was supposedly discovered in seven years, the world became no more prepared and was caught way off guard by its close relative.

Just looking at the scientific data on different coronaviruses cannot prove or disprove that covid-19 was engineered or released on purpose by humans, although its interesting to note that SkyNews recently interviewed a former MI6 chief, who said definitively that it was made in a lab, but that its release was an accident. 

But perhaps even with all of the curious pieces of information that we’ve looked at so far, the thing that kick-started so much curiosity is that taking the position of open-mindedness or skepticism is met with harsh, institutional shame, criticism, and even censorship.

This pandemic began with panic, hoarding of food and toilet paper, and uncertainty - and was followed closely by swift and decisive action, which rippled into a mandated worldwide lockdown. Unlike other disasters with tangible effects like hurricanes, fires, or famine; a pandemic acts like a poltergeist across the world; you can’t see or physically sense it, we have to trust sources of authority to mold our understanding of how it behaves, and of course, where it came from. The best actions we can take against it... But what if those sources of authority were untrustworthy? As we go digging down the rabbit hole, we find a litany of information to suggest that this virus was definitively planned or put forth from a very high level of authority.

However, and what is genuinely upsetting here, the mainstream media and social network giants have sent an obvious message to the world… Deeper investigation or purporting specific conversations - areas we seek to go - will not be tolerated and will be flagged and removed on the spot. We have received this warning from Youtube, and so we had to ask ourselves… is it worth publishing anyway if it will just be taken down? Is it worth posting if it means the potential shutting down of our channel, which seeks to help facilitate consciousness evolution

As important as it is to share, we want to make sure that the future is one with Spirit Science in it, and so this is where this shorter, public edition will come to a close. But if you’re ready to take the red pill and discover the truth about the origins of the pandemic and the seemingly nefarious agendas behind it, please join us inside of Spirit Conspiracies, and we’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.


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Censored Sources

NOTE: I had to go into the Dark Net to get some of these, so we should put a warning to say don’t open these without TOR or a VPN/VM, cause you could get hacked/mess up your computer -Since removed Youtube clip of News Anchors speaking the same script

http://occrpweb4n2vlmih.onion/en/28-ccwatch/cc-watch-indepth/7046-documentary-explores-dodgy-financial-ties-of-trump-associate -Documentary from within the Trump administration about fraud in government -plandemic

http://tapeucwutvne7l5o.onion/epstein-suffered-from-broken-neck-bones-according-to-autopsy -autopsy report and article pertaining to the murder of Epistein

http://potatoynwcg34xyodol6p6hvi5e4xelxdeowsl5t2daxywepub32y7yd.onion/post/9-11-inside-job/ -Blog on lesser known 9-11 false flag stuff -One of the Dark Net homes of Q drops

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