Spirit Science ~ The Hidden Truths of Covid-19

Coronavirus has the potential to be seen as a lot of different things, something to fear, a quarantine enforcer, and even a deadly killer. This is the reality we are collectively experiencing. 

As the designers and creators of our collective reality, we must accept that we cannot always control the circumstances that befall us, but we can control how we respond to them. If we were to take a look at COVID-19 from a higher perspective, we might see a fascinating picture come to form. The Coronavirus Pandemic is potentially a wake-up call, a massive lesson for us, and even an opportunity for enormous change.

While the long term results of the Coronavirus Pandemic are still yet to be seen, there’s no question that it transforms life on earth as we know it by bringing to the surface SO MANY conversations that we NEED to have. Discussions such as about wet-markets, the treatment of life, quarantines, health, hygiene, and collective responsibility, and along with all of these, we have a good side order of conspiracy theories for good measure, of course! 

But the thing is, absolutely none of these conversations are the beginning nor the end of the dialogue; they are all the results and responses to the experience of this pandemic—none of these address the higher understanding of the whole thing. So let’s do that now.

We can gain a great deal of insight if we dig into the name itself - “Coronavirus.” Corona directly translates to Crown- from the Latin. By the nature of the name itself, what we are dealing with here is a crown-virus, which was named after its characteristic crown-like protein spikes. The significance of the name crown here relates distinctly with two essential areas of focus - the spiritual crown and the physical crown, which correlate with the top-most and zenith aspects of a system. We also see the word corona relating to a particular part of the sun - and we’ll look at this soon.

In these systems, the word Crown generally relates to the organizing leadership of the higher-order. In the physical systems, Crown was the name for the headdress that was a powerful symbol of authority, and the name symbolically then was primarily given to those in power - like the king or queen, and while it’s not used by democratic systems today - crown still mostly relates with the topmost of a social network. 

In spiritual systems, we see the word Crown being used to describe the Godhead - the sacred link between the apex of human consciousness and the Supreme Oneness. In both the Chakras and the Tree of Life - the first sphere is called The Crown. These systems describe that this critical point on the human body - the top of the head - is the place through which we connect with a higher understanding, which allows us to develop greater wisdom and the inner knowing that all things are connected, no matter how separate and isolated words may appear. This is especially interesting, given that isolation becomes one of our most valuable tools in combating the spread of the virus.

The ancient wisdom describes that when the crown is blocked or unable to connect with the higher expression of our interconnected nature, we create a reality of duality consciousness and live our lives as if everything is separate—this one hidden lesson we find with COVID-19. 

What we believe to be true today is that the virus itself probably began within Wet-markets in Wuhan. Some theories suggest alternatives to this, but for now - as this is the leading theory - let us continue with this idea. Investigating Wet-Markets will reveal quite a lot. These are filthy environments for selling both live and dead animals, and these environments are places that bacteria and viruses can easily quickly mutate and spread. It should come as no surprise, when you keep animals jammed into cages, experiencing horrendous suffering while other animal carcasses lay slew about everywhere, it’s only logical that this is a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases to jump about from host to host, and eventually mutate its way into the very people who frequent these environments. From a spiritual perspective, please take a moment to consider how those animals are creating much fear and anxiety in the wet markets. It’s no surprise that something damaging has come out of it. 

This relates to unity consciousness because if we knew - if we KNEW that we were interconnected with all of life - we would most certainly treat these animals with significantly higher respect and create environments that would be clean and healthy for everyone and everything. 

Another lesson that comes from this shift to unity consciousness is the knowledge that it’s not exclusive to Wuhan, and it’s not right to point the finger at anyone but ourselves. In today's world, chickens, cows, pigs, fish, and every kind of animal we actively use for mass livestock are treated horribly, with deplorable living conditions. We just published a movie called Healing Your Body With Food, and I especially recommend watching it if you want to know the truth about where your food comes from. 

This conversation then fractals into every aspect of our lives, how do we treat ourselves, how do we treat each other, how do we manage the environment? We see reports now that global smog levels are at a collective all-time low. Nature is healing itself for every day that humans stay inside, demonstrating both the living vibrance of nature and how we actively kill kind through the systems and technologies that we live our lives by. Recently, there were even articles that Venice's canals are running clear water and have fish swimming through them for the first time in 60 years!

Think about that for a moment - Our collective pandemic, which has caused us into isolation, has allowed for nature to begin to thrive, day by day. How remarkable!! But what’s to stop us from going right back to our ways the moment the pandemic ends? We have to take this seriously - if we ONLY focus on ourselves and our survival during this pandemic and not everything else - like our civilization's effects on the world… Well, I’m concerned that there will only be more suffering to come until we learn these lessons.

As mentioned earlier, we see Corona not only translates to the crown but also the name for a particular aspect of the Sun. Specifically, the Sun's Corona is an aura of plasma that surrounds the Sun and other stars, extends millions of kilometers into outer space, and is most easily seen during a total solar eclipse. Now the sun may be one of those things we take for granted relatively regularly, but what we once acknowledged in ancient times, and perhaps will again one day soon - is that the Sun is essentially the crown of our solar system. It is the supreme light that bestows the planet with the necessary energy to create life itself. If not for the Sun, we’d be a ball of rock and ice in the middle of vast space. In a long, almost forgotten past, the sun was seen as the essential Soul, the visible God in the heavens, a demonstration of the power of the supreme oneness, and the great bestower of life. You might even be familiar that long ago, the Sun was given the name Sol, essentially meaning the Sun Personified. 

In the Hermetica, an ancient collection of writings attributed to the Greek Hermes, we see this line: 

The Cosmic Mind is an image of God.

The Cosmos is an image of the Cosmic Mind.

The Sun is an image of the Cosmos.

Man is an image of the Sun. 

This essentially means that the life-force energy that is given by the sun is found within us, moves through us, and ultimately - is one with us. We are apart of the sun's system. We see this related in many spiritualities, for even in the bible, it is said that humanity was made in the image of God. We see this further in the relationship between Jesus and the Sun. It’s not uncommon today to see the conversation about the astrological relationships hidden within Christianity, Jesus, and the 12 Disciples relating with the Sun and the 12 constellations, among a myriad of other connections too. 

Regarding the Sun's Corona - we see that it is at the Sun itself's outer edge, just like how the Tree of Life describes that the Crown - called Kether - resides at the outermost edge, containing all of the other spheres within it. So too, as with us - the Crown chakra relates with the farthest point on our auric field, the place from which our energy interacts with the strength of the rest of the cosmos.

So the fact that the sun has a Corona, matching the name with this virus, might extend our imaginations to conceive a higher spiritual lesson here. Perhaps in some way, we can begin to see ourselves as more interconnected with a higher order of the cosmos. 

There is so much fear around this virus - and I get it. The possibility of imminent death can be scary. However, the fear itself is rapid to block us from recognizing that there’s so much we can do about this just on our own. 

I think it might be valuable to see that, just like covid19 - our fear itself is also a virus and one that spreads even faster than Coronavirus. What’s worse, they go hand in hand. When we are afraid, steeped in anxiety and panic - our bodies release cortisol, the stress hormone. Too much cortisol and rapidly breaks down Vitamin C, which lowers our immune systems. In addition to being more at risk from Coronavirus, this also can lead to rapid weight changes, skin that bruises easily, muscle weakness, diabetes, and many other health problems. All of this just by living in panic and fear. 

If we can recognize this quickly - Covid19 provides all of us with a great opportunity - a time for us to use this period of isolation as a point of introspection, of self-discovery, of healing, of learning, and evolving - so that when the virus is gone, we can emerge from our homes as more muscular, wiser, and more capable than ever before. Perhaps we can even collectively learn some big lessons, no more wet-markets, no more mistreatment of animals, no more harming the environment, let’s take action about the smog levels! As mentioned, this is a great opportunity if we decide to view it as one, the collective pain and struggle we are facing can be a great motivator for us all, and I know for many. In essence, it already is, but if most people do nothing, we sit inside in fear, waiting for the virus to disappear. We miss out on the opportunity to ride the wave of healing that the planet is doing while we’re all staying inside. 

So, for now, I want to share a few things to support you in creating a healthy immune system. It should be known that a healthy immune system won’t stop you from getting the virus, so of course - wash your hands and stay inside. However, there are ways to keep your immune system functioning optimally, which can help to keep you healthy and give you a sense of control in an uncertain time. And to be precise, this list's intention is for general informational purposes only and not intended to be given as medical advice. 

Firstly, I recommend meditation or practice to calm yourself down and then stay calm. Not only will this help your immunity, but it will also help you make better choices. Instead of reacting inappropriately to panic and fear - it empowers you to respond with responsibility and maturity to what circumstances befall you. 

Second, pay attention to your diet and try eating things that help your body be more alkaline, such as eating more raw plant-based foods, drinking lemon water, eating things rich in Vitamin C, and drinking lots of water. Studies have suggested that having a more alkaline bodily PH makes it harder for the disease to penetrate your body and fighting off infection. Again, we have the healing your body with Food Movie, if you want to go more in-depth on this subject.

Third, I recommend breathwork. This is essentially a practice of deep, purposeful breathing, kind of like an active meditation that energizes your body, gets the blood flowing, and create lasting benefits in many ways. Correctly, I recommend the Wim-hof breathing technique, which has been demonstrated to boost your immune system. 

Fourth, Scientific studies have found that taking a cold shower increases the number of white blood cells in your body. These blood cells protect your body against diseases, so taking cold showers - also something you can do.

Finally, if you are able - exercise. Even if you’re quarantined and can’t go for a walk or a run, you can do push-ups or other forms of physical activity to keep your body in good shape. Not only does light to moderate exercise help your immune system, but it also allows you to stay calm and relieve stress!

Now, if you have done all of this, and you’re still feeling stuck, or you want to go even further, I might recommend going through the Seven-Day Transformation. This is a week-long transformative experience that begins at the crown chakra, opening to cosmic wisdom, and slowly brings it down into your body over the week, empowering you with new energy to create massive change in your life. To get you started, here’s a link to get Day 1 completely free, to feel into the experience, and give it a try. 

Thank you, and may you find peace and inner harmony in this time of great transition. 

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