3 Things You Must Know For The June 21st Weekend's Summer Solstice & Solar Eclipse


This Summer Solstice is a special gateway because it combines the Summer Solstice with a Solar Eclipse! In this article, I'm going to be sharing three major points for you to understand the overview of the energies at hand that will be happening at this time in history so that you can have a quick, easy way of utilizing the different energies that will be streaming into the planet. 

Number 1: The Summer Solstice Is A Powerful Gateway! 

First and foremost, you need to understand that the ancients understood that the solstices and the equinoxes were very important portals and gateways into the other realms. They saw these astronomical configurations as a time when "the veils would thin" in reality. 

Maybe you have heard that phrase before, "veils thinning," but what does that mean? 

What that means is that our mind's regular habits and patterns are interrupted during these gateways. This is because, during these potent portals, our planet's usual vibrations start to shift temporarily. Cosmic frequencies start to stream into the planet because the magnetism changes. This magnetism usually provides protection from cosmic waves entering Earth. Scientists have now studied this phenomenon, but the ancients knew without needing any fancy equipment or studies. 

You might be thinking, "Okay, Jocelyn. Well, that's great scientifically, but how does that affect human beings? Can you explain it in an easily understandable way?"

These cosmic frequencies that load into the Earth have the ability to potentially change brainwave activity. 

It's important that we understand these particular astrological points on the calendar so that we can have conscious alchemy with these energies instead of getting swept up into the "undertow," if you will, of the wave of the vibrations that are happening on the planet. 

The Summer Solstice of the ancient world is still memorialized physically around our modern world. If you simply research the major points around the planet where ancient megalithic structures have been built, you will see that the ancients knew that Summer Solstice was a powerful gateway. We see this evidence in the fact that the ancients built actual physical structures to alchemize with these energies. One of these "monuments" that aligns with the Summer Solstice is the pyramids in Giza. Another one is Stonehenge, and there are many different pyramids and structures that were built by the ancients that cater to this "portal" energy.

Now, why would they do this? In my interpretation, our ancestors knew that these specific times throughout the year were portals or gateways to connect to, harvest, and, most importantly, alchemize internally (since our physical body is an incredible machine) to utilize them. 

The solar energies which are observed and honored during the Summer Solstice are about understanding the blueprint that encodes all of creation. It is the expression of penetrating the field with consciousness itself and animating all of life to create the cycles we observe on a daily basis. During the Summer Solstice, the solar frequencies are at their peak! The solar frequencies mirror the solar plexus chakra. This area in our body is about empowered self-expression! 

Before the portal starts, I use these frequencies during meditation to clear false lineage that has been unconsciously imprinted into my field that subconsciously affects my soul essence and expression. Also, I use this time to come into deeper contact with my specific soul essence to become clearer on why I am here and what I have to share with the planet. Something you can ask yourself during your own meditation is, what part of this great ecosystem are you contributing to? 

Number 2: Two Things At A Time

 Number two on our list is that this solar gateway specifically is a combination of two energies: the Summer Solstice and a Solar Eclipse. The zodiac sign they will be in is Cancer. Cancer rules the emotions, and it also is the archetypal form of the goddess or the divine feminine or the sacred feminine (whichever form you prefer to refer to balanced feminine energy). When she is in her warped expression, she is consumed by her emotions and uses victimhood to justify her entitlement. 

So what does this mean? Well, keep a lookout for any "victimhood" stories you tell about yourself. Secondly, know that emotional triggers can be entryways to healing if we choose to look inside instead of pointing the finger. We have the opportunity to access a deep internal imprint of our unique expression of the Divine Mother but (and I know this personally for my spiritual journey), if you do not do the clearing work first, these frequencies that are balanced in nature won't have the space to enter you. What I think this portal will bring up the emotions that have been unseen in our field, and specifically our lineage wounds. 

Our mothers are the ones who pass on mitochondrial DNA to all of us. It's the mother that imprints us with these memories of our ancestors (we get imprints from our father as well), but it's the mother lineage in which the majority of our DNA information comes from. What I think is happening right now in this time of history is a great lineage cleansing. And what we're seeing on the planet right now is a great opportunity for healing. This is an opportunity for upgrades to how we treat one another in the collective. This time urges each of us to be in tune with our personal piece to heal, and it is time for you to do deep inner work. 

Wounding will come up at this time, like some memories or imprints that were blocking your specific soul essence. You know the picture of who you really are outside of who everyone needs you to be. This picture is how you really want to express yourself on the planet. 

Keep in mind that the next Lunar Eclipse in July, which will go deeper into the subconscious mind and lineage wounds, will be in Capricorn. Capricorn is the archetypal form in the zodiac for the divine masculine. Well, it is the divine masculine presentation in it's more balanced form. It has that capacity! But when this sign expression is in its warped state, it stands for false hierarchy and distorted authoritative roles. So we're going to see the interplay and polarity of these two in the next few months. 

But for right now, during the Summer Solstice, we're going to be focusing on clearing the mother wounds, clearing the lineage, and addressing these deep aspects that have not been digested or understood completely. You may notice these things streaming into your subconscious fields, begging to be understood. 

Number 3: This Eclipse Will Bring BIG CHANGE

**deep breaths** 

Keep in mind that there's a lot of folktales out there that will tell you that Eclipses are bad news. Although Eclipses get a bad rap, it's necessary for us to clean out the shadow to eradicate what isn't serving us so that we can bring in the new, and we can claim what is truly our highest soul expression! 

Specifically, what we're focusing on as a soul collective is dismantling false hierarchy. False hierarchy is like this: there's a king, and then all below him are working to the benefit of him alone. But a positive form of hierarchy is more like that of an ecosystem, where every being has its place in society. That ecosystem works together to create the systems that work for everyone! In balanced forms of power, it's mutually beneficial for everyone that's involved. Right? So that's the difference many of us are intuiting our planet needs. 

What I think that we're going to see is a continuation of the falling away of the old. We need to understand that in order for a new structure to come onto the planet, there is a restructuring process. Actually, in anything in nature, for there to be something new, something needs to be destroyed or severely changed. For example, when a caterpillar goes inside of its cocoon, it completely dissolves, and the caterpillar then creates with all of its little cells, this new butterfly that emerges. 

Another example is Cymatics, which is the study of vibration and how it forms physical reality. You put salt on top of a slate platform, and you load a frequency or deep sound into that structure (maybe you've seen these videos before). At first, all of the granules are all disorganized. It looks chaotic! All of the grains, sand or salt, are shake everywhere. But when we start to tune the frequency towards a pure octave, which is what's happening now in our world (we're going into different forms of vibration), then what you start to see is that those grains of salt or sand will create a beautiful geometric shape. And so that's how reality is constructed. 

We are allowing the old to fall away. This old structure is crumbling and erupting into chaos, and we are clearing away the old for this new structure of society. This new structure of consciousness is streaming into the planet. So pay attention to this energy of great upheaval because it's going to be affecting you and your life as well, not just the collective.

It's not just going to be affecting "out there," but it's going to be affecting your life. You may notice some relationships fade away or your career, or the careers of others, may restructure or dissolve. What these changes give way to is a new entry point for us to know who we are as people. 

You can use this time, this portal, to really understand what you're about and who you are as a unique soul, and start stepping into that blueprint. Start mapping out that potential. If you don't know where to even begin, just start feeling out what the new wave of connection is bringing in.

I think that there's a lot of fear around eclipses because they bring change. But if we can see the job that's falling away that we might have enjoyed on one hand but maybe something under the surface felt not so right, or maybe there's a relationship that just imploded and fell apart during this time, we can see that the universe is working for our highest good. We have the opportunity to understand that these patterns fall away so that the new expression can come in. If we can get past the taboo of change being a negative thing, then we can start to see the good and relax into it. I know that is easier said than done, but we can relax into the trust that there are a higher plan and organization that's happening on this planet, specifically for your soul essence.

If you've been connecting to yourself or feeling like something is off, then maybe this is exactly what needed to happen as we go through this portal and gateway together to claim the ultimate reality that we've all been sensing and hoping for. 

So, if you like this article, if it helped you at all if it inspired you, I have a very special thing that I'm doing this weekend of the Summer Solstice. I'm going to be leading an ancestral clearing and a deep guided connection with your soul essence inside of my online membership. 

So if you want to go check that out, click on this link. Use the code "SOLSTICE" to get half off. If you are joining the event: I am going to be doing an expansion of the overview of the energy at hand, we're going to be doing a guided meditation, and then a Q&A. So if that sounds good to you, go check it out! 

Thank you so much for reading this article. This is such a powerful time. Make sure to keep connected to your internal compass inside, your heart. That is the key. That's your navigation as we ride through these stormy conditions in creation and humanity. Make sure to hold the wheel. The secret to greater mastery in life is becoming conscious of waking up to the fact that you are the captain of the ship. We are all in this together. We are one.

About the author: Hi, my name is Jocelyn Daher, and I am a guide for empathic, super-sensitive souls who want to understand the deeper layers of reality. I also teach women about the sacred womb mysteries. If you would like to check out my work, you can find me at www.jocelyndaher.com

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