The Joy Of Being Alive

articles self-care Jun 25, 2020

How do we feel truly alive? Sure, we wake each morning and go about our day to day routine. But is this all there is to living? You may be wondering the same thing. The joy of life is something that we all want to experience. Having the best feeling in the world doesn’t require you to be somewhere grand or experience something breathtaking. However, if we know how to appreciate the simple joys of our day to day life, we can feel the happiness we desire. 

If you’ve been feeling frustrated about life and how it doesn’t seem to be what you had in mind when you were younger, don’t lose hope. During our younger years, we may have thought that we’d be living an extraordinary life by now. However, if you find yourself thinking that there’s nothing special about your life, then maybe it’s time to look closer. There’s a lot that you may not notice and appreciate enough. 

How To Be More Appreciative Of Life

You may already know about meditation but have brushed it aside, thinking that it’s just some silly new-age trend. But meditation is worth a try. When you think of meditation, you may imagine monks sitting still for countless hours. Yes, that’s meditation, too, but it takes many years to build up that kind of focus and endurance. The good news is that you don’t have to sit still for many hours a day. You can enjoy the transformative power of being still, even if you just do it for five minutes daily. 

So, what does meditation have to do with being more appreciative of life? For starters, meditation gives you a chance to be still and to be present. Imagine having a moment of silence and peace where you don’t have to think of work, chores, or anything else. You can simply relax and focus on one thing, like your breathing. Does it sound boring to you? In our fast-paced world, it seems like we always have to be on the move. But you know that’s not true at all.

If you don’t have five minutes because you’re too busy, give yourself at least two. Surely you can spare a couple of minutes to sit quietly and not worry about what you have to do. This is how you can feel what it is to be alive. Living is not only about work or earning money or buying things. Living is also about cherishing the moments that you have given yourself to just be. That’s how you can start to appreciate your life. 

What To Do When There’s Nothing To Do

Meditating is not about doing nothing. It may be about being still and being quiet, but in those moments, you allow yourself to open up to everything around you. You are more aware of yourself and your surrounding environment. You will begin to notice the tiny details of your world as it is presented to you. It’s like you’re communicating with the universe because you take the time to feel it and notice it. This is your life, and this moment belongs to you. Isn’t that a beautiful thought?

Now, allow yourself to continue appreciating this moment. You are where you are because of a series of miracles and beautiful moments. You are alive because of the miracle of that moment of conception. What are the chances that the combination of your parents’ cells would form this beautiful individual? And while growing up, you faced many challenges, from the playground to the toughest classes and the meanest people in high school, yet here you are. You’re a much stronger person because of your trials. 

Life became possible because of all these miracles happening one after the next. Your job, your family, your partner, your children--all are beautiful miracles, and there’s so much more. You are alive, and you’re living an exciting life. No one has the same experience as you. And only you know how to live it the best way possible. So, for your two minutes of meditation each day, try to fill your heart with gratitude for everything that has allowed you to live the life that you have. 

Final Thoughts

Once you are more aware of the little miracles and the simple joys of your everyday life, you will experience genuine happiness and appreciation for what you have. Focus on being grateful, and try not to waste your time comparing yourself to other people. We feel miserable, frustrated, and unsatisfied with our lives because we think someone else is having it better. We don’t know their full stories and what they’re going through. So, let’s focus on ourselves and how amazing it is to be alive right now. 

There are always two options for us on how we choose to see life. We can choose to see the horrible and frightening things, or we can be more positive and see the opportunities that the universe offers. Life may throw a bunch of bad stuff at you, but how you react is what’s going to make all the difference. You can be angry and frustrated, or you can take it as a challenge and make the most out of your circumstances. 

The joy of being alive is not about having things or acquiring possessions. Most of the time, it’s simply about choosing to be alive. You can have all the fancy things that life can offer and still feel empty and dead inside. And you may have the bare necessities and appreciate how every morning is a new beginning and a unique chance to make things better. While life can be full of miracles, it’s also made up of many small choices we make every day. So, how will you choose to live your life? You have the power to make the most of it. 

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