How To Use Yoga To Increase Positive Thoughts

What do you do to help increase the positive energy that flows in your life? While every person might find an activity they like doing to increase positive thoughts, there is nothing like a good yoga practice to fill you up with overflowing positivity and happiness.

When you do meditation for positive thinking, you are aware that the practice targets precisely that. It is with positive thinking that you will feel more motivated to do the things you want to do. You enjoy living a more active lifestyle because you are full of positive thoughts. 

There are more than a handful of ways you can put this into practice. One of the best ones is to practice yoga. Yoga is all about finding the focus to achieve the right kind of balance in your life. 

Discovering The Beauty Of Yoga

Did you know that there are at least 27 different types of yoga practices? Each one has been designed to fit a particular kind of personality or lifestyle. Though distinct to its own, all of these yoga practices bring about positive energy from within.

In truth, the practice of yoga isn't all positive thoughts. Sometimes, it is about embracing the negativity and turning them into something positive to fuel the day. 

Beginners in yoga for positivity often confuse the practice of doing what they usually do. For example, some say that if yoga can bring about happy thoughts and feelings, then so does watching Netflix and not doing anything the whole day. 

While such a comparison may make sense in the beginning, doing yoga isn't just about preparing the body for happiness now. It is all about finding happiness on an everyday basis. The goal is to turn you into a more positive person.

But if you put your happiness on a cup of coffee or some Netflix, by the time Monday comes, all your positivity has gone down the drain. Because you can no longer Netflix and chill, your brain instantly makes that shift from a good mood to a not so good one. 

Dealing with negative thoughts and emotions every day can be quite a challenge, not to mention how much it could drain the energy out of you. When things are not turning out as you expect, staying positive is quite impossible. 

Luckily, with regular yoga.   

How Yoga Can Help You Stay Positive         

Positive thinking meditation always proves to be helpful in allowing people to find their peace. Sometimes, you just have to accept that it is hard to be happy. And naturally, tough times make it a whole lot harder to stay positive.

It can sometimes be challenging to smile or wear your chin up every day. This is totally okay. You don't have to stress yourself thinking of what those self-help books tell you. Instead, work on keeping your perspective always in a positive light.

But in the process, allow yourself to also be sad. Take on the negativity and face it with your head held high. You can do yoga for positivity and bring in positive energies in your life. With constant practice, you can soon embody what positive living is all about. 

But how do you begin the practice? Here are five ways to think positively. 

Tip 1: Practice yoga asanas

Asanas are the yoga poses that everyone has come to know and love. Is the crowd's favorite downward dog an asana? Yes, it is. The corpse pose is an asana movement as well. Remember that the asana is not just about stretching the body. It is about a lot more. 

The practice of yoga asanas revolves around the Nadi and the chakra. Each chakra is associated with both the mental and the physical state. As you practice the asana, make sure to put into position, not just your body, but your mind as well. Be prepared to meditate on the asana positions. This will allow the body to be at peace. 

Tip 2: Pranayama practice

This puts much importance on proper breathing. The best way to use yoga to build up positive energies in the body is to emphasize proper breathing. Pranayama refers to the technique of guiding the movement of air in your body. When practicing the poses, it is also about creating that rhythmic movement of air.

When your body is using the pranayama practice, the body is able to absorb oxygen better. This way, not only are you absorbing the air, but it also helps strengthen the mind and the brain in the process.

The next time you practice yoga, make sure to include the asanas and the pranayama practice too. 

Tip 3: Relax

The art of relaxation is not something that you can learn overnight. But over time, with continued practice, you will be able to train your mind to calm down no matter how hectic or stressful the situation may be. Feelings of anxiety and stress can all be dealt with properly with the right yoga practice.

Take a moment to appreciate the sensations that you feel in the body. Your breathing in coordination with the movements that you make with your body will help you achieve a sound mind. It will be like having that divine marriage within yourself. 

What's Your Takeaway?

The mindfulness practice of yoga all begins with the desire to clear the thoughts. Achieving clarity is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Not only will it improve your focus, but it will allow you to put careful consideration in everything that you do.

When it comes to taking care of yourself, yoga is one of the best practices you can invest in. It is a combination of mindfulness and meditation. The yoga poses will help strengthen the muscles and keep the energy flowing in your chakras. 

At the end of every day, after everything has been said and done, you will find yourself wanting to do more yoga. It is not about not having negativity in life. Rather, it is about having to embrace the positive in every negative situation. 

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