Powerful Meditation Herbs That Help With Mental Health And Relaxation

Finding inner peace is not something that happens overnight. Sometimes, the journey can be a long and arduous one, but you just have to think that every step you take matters to your overall journey. 

While you may not be in control of the things that could knock you off the path of wellness, there are helpful things around that can help keep you steady and grounded. Meditation is one of the most beneficial tools that you can utilize. It is very simple and brings about a sense of clarity in your day to day life, no matter how seemingly chaotic it may be. 

If you already have a daily meditation practice or if you're just getting started, did you know that certain herbs can help enhance your meditations?

Discovering The Power of Herbs And Meditation

When was the last time you had some serving of spiritual tea? Although you have had a cup of tea before, the best tea for anxiety is the one that is coupled with meditative practice. 

Plant medicine has been around for decades. Herbs and plants have been used to cure various physical and mental illnesses in the past and in the present. In truth, the ancient practices of medicines always include a list of products from nature to help fight unwanted diseases that make the body sick. 

When you put meditation and herbs together, you will discover how these two work perfectly together. They soothe the nervous system, promoting an overall sense of wellness and comfort. 

Which herbs are perfect for meditation? It does not matter which one you choose to use. As long as you give yourself enough time to slow down, breathe, and practice mindfulness meditation, you can make a huge difference. 

Which Herbs Should You Try?

There is no denying how powerful meditation can be in helping you find inner focus. However, the experience can be so much better with the right herbs in the mix. 

Slow down, breathe, and enjoy the experience. Here are some of the best herbs that will go well with your meditative practice. 

Gotu kola

Gotu kola may not be as popular as the other members of the parsley family, but it is highly regarded in India's meditation practices. It is considered as one of the most spiritual herbs, growing near the Himalayas, where yogis are known to go to improve their meditation practice.

Many believe that the gotu kola improves the crown chakra, creating a balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Its leaf is said to resemble that of the human brain. 

Gotu kola comes with mild stimulating properties that help nourish the nervous system.


Hawthorn comes with a long history of providing people comfort when grieving. Drinking it will help you connect to your heart. Several cultures, including European, Chinese, and Native Americans, use hawthorn as a form of heart tonic. Modern research shows that this herb helps strengthen the muscles of the heart. 

When you come home after a rough day, and it seems meditation is the only thing that will save you, make sure to drink tea with hawthorn herbs. Not only will the practice help lighten the load that you are feeling, but it will also help relax the heart

Ease into the moment of comfort and clarity through hawthorn and meditation. With compassion, you will be able to accept anything and everything that comes your way. 

Stinging nettle

Have you ever gone for a walk in the woods and ended up with a bristly rash on several parts of your limbs? You may have fallen victim to stinging nettle. This plant comes with stinging hairs that produce that stinging sensation. 

However, after you have processed the nettle, the stinging factor chemicals dissipate, making it safer to consume. Apart from its sting, nettle is also known for its high nutritional content. It is a great source of a wide range of vitamins, including vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, and B3. It comes with minerals like calcium and iron too. 

Nettle is known to support an individual's upper respiratory health. It promotes healthy prostate function and protects the body as it responds to allergens in the environment. 

Nettle, when used with meditation, helps bring a person's awareness of the things happening around him, including the uncomfortable side of life. When you invite this herb to be a part of your meditative practice, be more aware of what is causing you discomfort or pain. Sometimes, the most uncomfortable experience is the one that could lead you to a better form of learning. 

What's Your Takeaway?

As you incorporate herbs into your meditation, allow yourself to grow in it slowly. Be patient with your growth. Practice acceptance and take note of the emotions that arise. Whether it takes you days or weeks to achieve your desired effects, learn to forgive yourself. 

Take time and acknowledge every moment of difference. Every experience is an opportunity for you to grow. 

The list of herb benefits can be very long, but how it improves your well-being is always something personal. Whichever herb you wish to tie up with your meditative practice is always up to you.

For as long as it serves to help you find comfort and ease in yourself, then that's the herb you should keep. Herbs for the brain help it to relax, allowing you to find the focus whenever you do meditation. 

And yet, there is nothing that the herbs can do if you can't free yourself from all the negativity. When you engage in meditation and herbal therapy, make sure to give yourself some room to grow. When you recognize the good in the things that you have in your life, finding grounding and focus won't be that hard.  

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