What To Do When You Feel You Are Nothing

How often do we allow ourselves to wallow in the thought that we’re worthless? If you’re feeling stressed and depressed about your current situation, then know that you have the power to change it. You may not be able to change your circumstances immediately, but you can change your attitude about your situation. Feeling low at the thought that you’re nothing is something that you can conquer. You can fight it. 

Ways To Overcome The Feeling Of Worthlessness

Whenever you’re feeling sad for no reason, you know deep inside that there was something that triggered it. Was it your friend’s social media post showing off their latest luxurious escapade? Did you hear the news about your colleague at work getting a promotion? Was it seeing your neighbor drive around with their new car? There’s always something that can cause that feeling of worthlessness, and mostly it’s because we can’t help but compare ourselves to other people. We see what they have and what we don’t.

Stop making comparisons

Comparing ourselves to others is not always wrong. Sometimes, it inspires us to do more with our lives. It encourages us to strive harder and develop new goals. However, if comparing yourself with your neighbors, friends, or siblings has become a habit, then that’s where it can be harmful to you. When you routinely check on other people to see what they have, and then you feel sorry for yourself for having less, then it’s better to stop that habit. 

You may benefit from having a social media detox. You can stop cold turkey, or you can start by limiting the time you spend scrolling through your newsfeed. There are so many more productive things that you can do with the time you spend on social media. Instead of scrolling, invest your time learning something valuable. Why not try reading self-development books? That way, you can discover various strategies that can help you grow as a person. 

Start the habit of gratitude

If you look closely, you’ll see that your life is not all that bad. Some of the bad stuff in our lives gets magnified because we allow them to take precedence over the good. We choose to focus on the negative things rather than see the positive. Gratitude doesn’t mean you can no longer dream about having more or being more. It’s about appreciating what you have and hoping that you’ll achieve whatever you desire along the way. 

Whenever you feel envious of other people, stop yourself by being grateful. Instead of thinking, “I’m so jealous that they’re living such great lives,” you can say, “I’m happy that they’re living great lives, and I’ll work on making mine awesome as well.” Don’t allow yourself to get trapped in envy and negativity. Before your mind even gets the chance to compare, immediately turn the thought into something encouraging. Be inspired by other’s successes and strive harder so you can achieve your own version of success. 

Work on yourself

This isn’t to say you haven’t been working hard enough, but maybe there are some aspects of your life that you can still improve on. Are you waiting to get promoted at work, but the good news still hasn’t arrived? You can make a careful assessment of your performance, so you know how you can work on yourself

For example, you may be the best accountant in your firm, but you’re not much of a people person, and your colleagues are intimidated by you. You don’t have to change your personality to please others, but you can try to be more open and communicative. Start by greeting others with a smile instead of a cold, expressionless nod. That could make a big difference in how others perceive you. 

You may also be dealing with issues on self-confidence, making you too timid to be sociable. Try to think what’s the root cause of your insecurities. Is it because you feel that you’re too overweight and unattractive? If you think being physically fit is going to help you be more confident, start developing a plan on how you can incorporate workouts into your daily routine

When you work on yourself, you’re doing it for yourself, not other people. If it turns out that your social life blossoms as a result, then that’s a bonus. But remember that whatever it is that you’re doing will be for yourself. 

Silence the negativity

You may not notice it, but your mind can be sabotaging your positivity. We often nurture thoughts of how worthless we are, and we don’t even realize it. We become convinced that we’ll never amount to anything, that we’re not attractive, or that we’re not successful. Your mind is powerful but also often deceitful. It tells us things that are not true, but we believe in it anyway. This is a battle that you have to fight and overcome. 

When your mind starts to tell you negative things about yourself, you have the power to silence it. Prepare a counterargument so you can tell your brain to shut up because it’s wrong. It may sound crazy, but our minds can be our worst enemies and our worst critics. But we should be able to prevail and show it who’s boss. So, whenever the thought of being worthless comes to mind, challenge it with all the good things that are happening in your life. 

Final Thoughts

You may think that you’re the only one who’s experiencing this feeling that you’re nothing. However, even the most successful people have their moments of weakness whenever negative thoughts start flowing. You can be as successful as you can possibly be, but if you allow thoughts of being worthless to grow in your mind, then you’ll never be truly happy. So, we have to learn to fight these negative thoughts and feelings. Fight it with gratitude and hope. You have the power to be someone who can find value in their being. 

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