Setting an Intentional System for Your Work Goals

How do you set your personal goals? If you're like most people, you have dreams and aspirations that you want to achieve in your life. But goal setting is not just about thinking of what you want. It should also be about finding fulfillment in learning and the joy of the journey.

When you are setting for your goals, you should do so intentionally. This means that you put your heart and soul into it. Thinking of your goals should also mean aligning every decision with what you are passionate about. You don't want to work towards something that you hate; that is far from being mindful at all. 

Think about your values, consider your strengths, and ultimately think about your priorities in life. Take it as a journey in itself. For example, when planning a trip to your dream destination, you make a list of the different things that you need for the journey, a list of all the places you want to visit on your trip, a list of sights to see, the budget you need for each one, and the stops that you want to make. 

While it's possible to go on a trip without an outline, doing so may prevent you from experiencing it to the fullest. The vacation won't be as exciting as you'd hoped.

In a sense, setting your goals and being mindful of all your plans are critical to strike the right balance. Although having goals may not be the answer to everything, it definitely paves the way.

What Are You Doing Wrong?

Does it seem like you are not achieving the goals that you have set for yourself? If it feels as if you're unable to meet your work goals, then you might be doing something wrong. 

Sadly, the traditional way of goal management comes with a lot of flaws. Along the way, you might be taking the wrong steps. 

Here are things that you should watch out for:

You fix your sight only on your goals. 

When you set your eyes only on the goals that you have planned, it would be so much more challenging to recognize the other opportunities for growth that may come along the way. You may have a map of the road that will lead you to your heart's desire, but it isn't the only way to get there. Have a goal and stick to it. But at the same time, allow yourself to grow in the lessons that you may learn along the way. 

You get frustrated when things don't turn out as planned. 

Not all that you've planned will come out how you imagined. But this should not stop you from working towards your dreams. Things didn't turn out as planned, and any number of things could have caused this perceived failure. It could be because you got distracted. It could be because you did not work hard enough. Perhaps the timing was wrong, or your luck ran out. But then again, do not be discouraged. This is not the end game yet. You can always try again. 

When things fall apart, so do you. 

It is relatively easy to give up all your plans just because they did not turn out like you hoped they would. But how would that make you feel in the long run? If your current plan is making it impossible for you to reach your goals, then go ahead and create a new proposal from scratch. You don't have to lose heart and give up altogether. Instead, give yourself some room to grow. Take a step back, breathe, and dive back in. After your break, you may be more perceptive, or you may be able to tap into the hidden potential opportunities you were too stressed out to see.

This is not the end of the road for you. When you know the traditional way people do it, it becomes so much easier to deviate from it. Get yourself a fresh start. 

Tips To Set Your Intentional System

Having personal development goals for work will make everything else seem easy. Imagine if you knew exactly how you want things to happen, it would become easier to get working. 

When you work with the intent to learn, grow, and develop, there is no doubt that you can become more conscious of all the things that you do. 

How do you set an intentional system for goal setting and achieving? Here are some things to make it happen:

Think of your goals with an intent to learn. 

Success should come to those who work hard, but learning comes to those who work with an intent to grow. Allow your goals to direct you to the direction of education. Soon, you will be able to create a path of success for yourself. 

Think of the possibilities. 

Your goals should not be the end-all for learning. Rather, it should be a stepping stone so that you can learn more along the way. There is no fixed, successful outcome. Instead, there are opportunities for growth and development along the way. 

Live the dream. 

Set goals that are achievable in their own right. While anything is possible, make sure you're not reaching for something impossible. Remember to always ground yourself to reality. Focus yourself in the moment and think of how whatever you're doing is going to help you in the long run. Your goals should build on each other, and if you can achieve that, you will live the dream.

Check-in on yourself regularly.

Do you still love what you do? Are you happy with how things have turned out so far? Right now, you should learn to align your actions to your intentions. Learn to appreciate the opportunities the world presents to you. After all, your purpose is not just to achieve success. Live in the moment for that is all that matters. 

What is the most flexible way you can work yourself around your goals? This is relatively easy to answer. The goal isn't the most important thing in life. It is the experience. It is the lessons that you take with you along the way. Live the moment and learn as much as you can. In the long run, it will benefit you. 

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